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March 2024

Unrailed 2: Back On Track

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Developer: Indoor Astronaut
Release Date: 2025

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'Unrailed 2: Back On Track' Announced, Early Access In 2024 - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Nov. 30, 2023 @ 4:50 p.m. PST

Unrailed is back on track with more co-op railroad construction chaos as you choose your path in a new world packed with bold biomes and bosses.

Featuring chaotic online and couch co-op multiplayer mayhem, players will gather resources, craft tracks, upgrade their trains and overcome the wild world’s wicked challenges to reach the next station or risk becoming a total trainwreck. Each journey through diverse biomes is unique with procedurally generated maps and branching paths across exciting landscapes, or players can even challenge their friends with brand-new user generated maps using the Terrain Conductor tool to create truly frantic and one-of-a-kind game worlds.

In Unrailed 2: Back on Track, players will be able to customize their train and characters in a variety of ways, meaning no two excursions will ever be the same. As the train’s wheels keep on rolling, do you purchase upgrades like a Cannon Cart to blast helpful building components across the map to your waiting teammates, or do you set up a series of costly Conveyor-Belt-Transporters to automate the process? Feeling too lazy to walk? Learn to lob your items across the map or upgrade your stamina to sprint that little bit further and help your fellow conductors. The possibilities are endless. 

Players will be able to freely explore a vast world of interconnected and diverse biomes, unlocking new regions as starting points to continue their journeys on. Additionally, players will keep certain upgrades between runs, so each locomotive loss is an opportunity to rebuild and get back on track with new abilities and perks.

Unrailed 2: Back On Track is coming to Steam Early Access in 2024.

“At launch there'll be six new to Biomes to build a track through, each with their own unique boss level and a different kinds of shops and wacky characters to meet on your way. We've also added a bunch of new wagons and even "Cartridges" to unlock, that allow players themselves to pick up new abilities. Finally, we'll introduce the "Terrain Conductor", a level editor that allows you to create your own unique Unrailed-map to play and share with your friends!”

“We plan to add new biomes, wagons, player abilities and even game modes, adding a ton of replayability over time. More importantly however, we want to add what you think would take Unrailed 2 to the next level via community feedback.”

Key Features

  • CHOOSE YOUR TRACK: Now featuring a story spread across new environments, on branching paths for you to choose, so no two runs will feel the same. In these biomes you’ll now be able encounter new points of interests, side quests, daunting bosses and as well as other random encounters, so adapt quickly on your feet! New unlockable cosmetics also let you add your personal touch to your characters’ story.
  • YOUR JOURNEY GETS BETTER AND BETTER: Every excursion your crew undertakes feels increasingly meaningful, with new rewards and permanent upgrades granting you character with gameplay-modifying abilities, as well as new train engines, wagons and extensions to unlock, giving you the tools to build a multitude of train configurations to play and experiment with. Each locomotive loss is an opportunity to rebuild and get… back on track!
  • CREATE, SHARE AND PLAY WITH THE COMMUNITY: The all-new Terrain Conductor mode allows you unleash your imagination to create your very own custom maps and share these with the Unrailed community – with highlights being featured by the developers. Or if creating isn’t your thing, browse the limitless creations other players have built, so the frantic fun never ends!
  • CO-OPERATE TO COMPETE: Fulfill your burning competitive urge – manically duke it out in against another team in the new 8-player Vs Mode. Test your team’s prowess in online leaderboards with action replays and see who can achieve the highest scores.

Unrailed 2: Back On Track is coming to PC (Steam) in 2025.

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