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The Cycle: Frontier

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action/Adventure
Developer: Yager
Release Date: June 8, 2022

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'The Cycle: Frontier' Season 3 Coming In March, Will Introduce New New PvE Monster, Quests And More - Trailer

by Rainier on Feb. 2, 2023 @ 4:57 p.m. PST

The Cycle: Frontier is a match-based FPS where you compete to fulfill contracts (quests) during a match that lasts approximately 20 mins. Staying on the planet for longer than that is bad for your health.

Prospect for resources and other riches on an abandoned alien world ravaged by a deadly storm, inhabited by monsters, and frequently raided by other ambitious Prospectors.

Welcome to Fortuna III, a treacherous world of alien beauty where the stakes are high and the rewards even higher.

Drop down onto the surface and fill your pockets with treasures and resources. Be wary though, only those who make it out alive are allowed to keep their spoils. Keep an eye out for bloodthirsty beasts and greedy players – or set out to actively hunt those and steal their hard-earned prizes for yourself.

Secure a seat on the nearest evac ship to safeguard your loot. Upgrade your gear, purchase new equipment and complete faction-based contracts to increase your gains and unlock new combat options. Prospecting is a risky venture, but greed is sometimes rewarded by the promise of glory. After all, fortune favors the bold in the eye of the storm.

The Cycle: Frontier’s third season is heading to Steam and Epic Games Store on March 29, 2023, with fresh content and new features. Today YAGER is sharing the first look at the game's upcoming PvE monster, the Howler. As the first flying enemy to land on Fortuna III, this massive winged beast will make the planet that much more dangerous and hostile as Prospectors battle for survival.

The flapping wings and chilling screams of the Howler can be heard from a safe distance, but Prospectors are never truly safe from this terror of the sky. If they aren't careful, a Prospector can attract the Howler’s attention and be forced to face off with a massive airborne challenge. Only one Howler can be active on the map at a time, but even the most vigilant Prospectors can become its unwitting prey.

If you're unfortunate enough to face the Howler, take precautions because, at 50% health, this monster is known to use its special Howl Attack, which will affect everyone in line of sight before turning into an even more reckless and aggressive foe. If a team can defeat the winged creature, they will be rewarded with valuable items like Howler Darts, Howler Honey, and, if they are super lucky, Howler Syrinx.

Season 2 of The Cycle: Frontier is currently underway with “The Depths of Tharis Island,” including new campaign missions, gear perks, the New Fortuna Pass, and a variety of general game, balance and anti-cheat improvements.

Season 3 will arrive on March 29 featuring new changes including improvements to the matchmaking system, new campaign quests to investigate the Howler, and free loadout runs. Free loadout runs let Prospectors drop down to the surface with free basic gear provided by the faction of their choice, then let them keep everything as long as they safely evacuate.

Season 3 has much more that will be announced soon. Stay tuned!

The life of a Prospector is full of danger, but any extra peril is sure to be worth it. You can go it alone or team up but be wary, the more valuable your haul the bigger the risk. Tread recklessly and risk attracting the attention of a pack of sneaky Striders or a monstrous Crusher. Cause too much noise fending off the wildlife and you may give away your position to another trigger-happy player. Remember, losers come home empty-handed, so watch your back.

Fortuna III is a lush, mysterious planet on the edge of the galaxy. Once prized for its natural resources, it was ravaged by the Cycle, a radioactive storm that quickly wiped-out civilization, leaving behind ghost settlements and forcing survivors to retreat to the orbiting station. The storm is still a threat and yet the surface is full of spoils and treasures. Will you hunker down to survive the stormy night or use this risky opportunity to look for rare materials?

Returning to the relative safety of Prospect Station will allow you to secure your spoils and turn in your completed contracts. Use your newfound resources to improve your personal quarters with permanent upgrades and purchase new equipment. Tune up your favorite weapons with a neat array of mods and gear up with the perfect tools for your next drop. This may not be a corner of paradise but it’s home. Your home.

The Cycle: Frontier is available for PC (Steam/Epic Games Store).

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