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Miasma Chronicles

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: 505 Games
Developer: The Bearded Ladies Consulting
Release Date: May 23, 2023

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'Miasma Chronicles' Gets PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC Release Date, Shows Gameplay - Trailer

by Rainier on March 21, 2023 @ 10:29 a.m. PDT

Miasma Chronicles is a tactical adventure where you embark on a quest across a post-apocalyptic wasteland, torn apart by a savage force known only as the “Miasma”, and unlock the dark secrets that are ravaging the world.

In the not-too-distant future. America has been torn apart by a savage force known only as the ‘Miasma’.

Meet Elvis, a young man brought to the mining town of Sedentary as a baby. Left by his mother in the care of a robotic older ‘brother’ and given a mysterious glove with which he can control the Miasma. Join the brothers on a quest across a post-apocalyptic wasteland to find the answers they crave. Answers which may change the course of human history forever.

The tactical adventure sees players take on the role of Elvis, a young man abandoned by his mother in the wastelands of America, with only his robot ‘brother’ Diggs for company. Together they must unravel the mystery of the Miasma, a mysterious entity that threatens the last vestiges of humanity and turns all who come in contact with it into barbaric corruptions of their former selves.

Armed with a mysterious glove that can control the ‘Miasma’, Elvis and Diggs will be joined by a fellowship of outlandish characters on their quest as they roam stunningly rendered environments with dangers lurking around every corner. Employ turn-based tactics in intense combat in a real-time world while searching for the truth behind the Miasma… all while Elvis learns the devastating power behind his mysterious Miasma-controlling glove.

Miasma Chronicles launches digitally on May 23rd, 2023 for PC (Steam and EPIC), PS5, and Xbox Series X|S for $49.99 MSRP. 

A retail version of the game will also be available from 9th June, 2023 in Europe and from 20th June, 2023 in North America.

Key Features:

  • Realtime exploration gameplay meets tactical, turn-based combat with RPG elements
  • Explore rich beautiful environments meeting outlandish characters
  • Upgradable weapons and abilities give your heroes the edge in combat
  • An involving fantasy story through which you learn the truth behind the Miasma

Miasma Chronicles is coming to PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC on May 23, 2023.

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