Fort Solis

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 5
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Dear Villagers
Developer: Fallen Leaf Studio
Release Date: Aug. 22, 2023

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'Fort Solis' Also Comes To PS5, Shows Off Gameplay, Scheduled For This Summer - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on March 23, 2023 @ 4:01 p.m. PDT

Fort Solis is a single-player, third-person thriller set over one long night on the far side of Mars.

Engineer Jack Leary responds to a routine alarm. Upon arriving at a dormant Fort Solis he becomes unnerved by the lack of any staff at the base. With storm warnings imminent he heads inside to make contact. As the night grows longer, events escalate, spiral out of control and the mystery of what happened to the crew begins to reveal itself. The storms arrive, limiting Jack’s escape as he looks to hold out until morning arrives.

Utilizing the power of Unreal Engine 5, Fort Solis looks to deliver a high-fidelity experience designed to completely immerse the player in the cast and their long night. With performances from Roger Clark, Troy Baker and Julia Brown, Fort Solis looks to deliver emotion, fear, empathy and much more with every chapter.

Supporting the core narrative are additional instances of story such as audio logs, surveillance footage or past of present events. Accompanying those are video logs recorded by all crew detailing the events before and perhaps even after that night the alarm was triggered at Fort Solis…

The skeleton of Fort Solis is built above and below ground. The base contains a variety of locations each with their own surface and sub surface levels. Players will be able to explore the isolated storm bearing surface, the creepy service tunnels absent of any light or the multiple departments that help Fort Solis function on a day-to-day basis such as Engineering, Medical and Communications.

As the story unfolds locations can easily be revisited for additional story context or continue to serve as a backdrop to the fate that awaits Jack with each passing hour.

Can Jack escape with what he has discovered and more importantly, his life?

Developer Fallen Leaf in partnership with Dear Villagers are proud to reveal that their upcoming cinematic sci-fi adventure Fort Solis is coming to PlayStation 5, in addition to PC, this Summer.

To commemorate this occasion, Fallen Leaf has revealed an all new gameplay trailer, teasing the setting and story as you assume the role of engineer Jack Leary responding to a maintenance request on an isolated mining base on Mars.

Nothing is as it seems at Fort Solis, with its crew missing, ominous sounds just out of sight, and a crimson sandstorm engulfing the seemingly abandoned base.

"Fort Solis takes after the psychological sci-fi films like Moon, Sunshine, and Solaris,” said James Tinsdale, Game Director at Fallen Leaf. “We wanted to capture a feeling of being alone, unsafe, and unsure of what’s going on. We hope this trailer offers a taste of the eerie tone we’re aiming for ahead of Fort Solis’ release this Summer.”

"When we first saw Fort Solis we knew Fallen Leaf was making something special,” said Guillaume Jamet, Head of Publishing for Dear Villagers. “It really stood apart from other sci-fi horror games with its brilliant script, classy presentation, environmental storytelling, and narratively open-ended game design. We can’t wait to hear the discourse around it!”

Key Features:

  • Key Sequences: Huge narrative moments that are fully playable with multiple outcomes. Each containing actions that have story-changing consequences.
  • Immersive Storytelling: High fidelity world aiming to be as immersive and captivating as the performances of our cast.
  • Explore Fort Solis: One large base location encompassing over 9 individual structures, all containing surface and sub-surface levels. Players can play on the surface of Mars or simply progress by remaining below the surface. The choice is theirs!

 Fort Solis comes to PS5 and PC (Steam) in Summer 2023.

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