Wrestle Story

Platform(s): PC
Genre: RPG/Strategy
Developer: Tic Toc Games

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'Wrestle Story' Is A Heroic Turn-Based RPG Coming To PC - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on March 23, 2023 @ 4:41 p.m. PDT

Wrestle Story is an epic pro wrestling adventure featuring hard-hitting turn-based RPG combat.

In a world where EVERYTHING is wrestling, a tenacious underdog must vie for victory in their beloved sport that’s been taken over by a gang of no-good heels. Take on quests and recruit talented allies to tag-team up with on the journey. Master might move and flaunt flamboyant finishers to take down enemies in classic turn-based grandeur. Triumphantly rise as the next reigning champion while saving the integrity of wrestling.

Gold and glory beckon just over the horizon in the world of the Five Territories. Embrace the fiery spirit of a fearless underdog attempting to topple a corrupt network that seeks to control the sport you love. Turn the tables on each of the so-called “champs” by unleashing brutal timed-based attacks and — of course — flashy finishers ensuring a clean win to make crowds go wild!

Of course, victory wouldn't be as sweet without your loyal crew. Recruit allies on the path to greatness and nurture strong bonds to create an unstoppable force. Customize and level up each member with specialty gear, perks, abilities, entrance music, and more to exploit weaknesses and overwhelm scheming minions with a destructive tag team blitz. 

Create and deck out your own wrestler with cool tattoos, slick hairdos, and more to impact the wrestling world your way. Unravel deep narratives across the globe and master diverse styles from king's road to lucha libre, all to make enemy wrestlers shamefully fall to their knees!

Study increasingly powerful moves and boost stats to stay on top as the enemy stables get tougher. When all the babyfaces are down for the count, it’ll take a true hero to rise up and rescue the wrestling world from its dishonorable invaders.

“As a lifelong wrestling fan and gamer, I always wanted to make a wrestling game that lived up to the emotional heights of an amazing pro-wrestling storyline,” said Steve Jimenez, lead dev at Tic Toc Games. “We looked to the epic JRPGs we grew up playing and saw a ton of amazing parallels with wrestling; the over-the-top characters, the fully realized fantasy world, the huge finishing moves. After that, things just started to fall into place in the best way.” 

Key Features:

  • LIVE YOUR STORY!: Customize your characters' looks, backstory, and ring entrance music!
  • EXPLORE!: Travel the expansive, vibrant, and unexpected world of the Five Territories in style with your Pinnebago!
  • GO FOR THE PIN!: Defeat dozens of enemies with powerful finishers and tag-team combos!
  • MASTER TIMING!: Use action-based attacks to boost damage and find your flow in the ring!
  • GEAR UP!: Level up, equip stat-boosting ring gear, and unlock dozens of powerful new ring skills!
  • BOND WITH YOUR FACTION!: Recruit 6 unique tag-team partners and increase their bond level to unlock powerful new techniques, in and out of the ring!
  • SAVE WRESTLING!: Stop the mysterious forces behind a conspiracy that threatens the integrity of the sport you love!

Wrestle Story is coming to PC/Mac (Steam).

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