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June 2023

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch
Genre: Action/Adventure
Developer: Spike Chunsoft
Release Date: June 30, 2023

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'Master Detective Archives: Rain Code' Reveals More Game Details - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on March 30, 2023 @ 5:15 p.m. PDT

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code is an all-new dark fantasy mystery game developed by the team that created the Danganronpa game series.

Yuma, an amnesiac detective-in-training, and Shinigami, the spirit haunting him, tackle unsolved mysteries in a strange city caged by unending rain.

A city of rain is gripped by innumerable unsolved mysteries, under the complete control of a megacorporation. Master Detectives from around the world, each possessing unique powers, must rise to the challenge of uncovering the truth. With Shinigami by his side, Yuma joins the investigation as a trainee of the detective agency. Travel freely within the fully 3D environment of the city to gather evidence and testimonies.

As the investigation progresses, a realm known as the Mystery Labyrinth will appear, creating a path toward the truth. Once inside, however, the mysteries shrouding the case materialize as gimmicks and traps, lying in wait to consume Yuma. The rules of reality don't apply here: delve into the ever-changing Mystery Labyrinth and get to the heart of the case.

Spike Chunsoft released new details about their lucid-noir detective adventure Master Detective Archives: Rain Code. Revealed are areas players will visit early in the game, mystery-solving elements, and the basics of the Reasoning Death Match.

Areas to Explore in Kanai Ward Early On

Kamasaki District: The liveliest, most bustling area in Kanai Ward. Many people reside here, and a variety of shops and stalls line the streets. It’s characterized by a very large number of stairs and pedestrian bridges, making it look like a multi-story structure. There’s also an underground passage leading to the riverbank.

Riverbank: A riverbank of the large river running through Kanai Ward. Due to Amaterasu Corporation’s business practices, the water itself is terribly polluted. The Nocturnal Detective Agency is currently located here after being evicted from a building in Kamasaki District.

Ginma District: The high-class commercial district. It looks orderly compared to Kamasaki District, and the blue lighting creates a calm atmosphere. There are cafes and restaurants, as well as landmarks like the art gallery with two dinosaur fossils in the public square, and the clocktower.

Challenge the Mystery Labyrinth Where Mysteries Are Materialized

Structure of the Mystery Labyrinth & Solving Various Puzzles: The design of a Labyrinth is influenced by the case being investigated, so the atmosphere will differ drastically each case. If the culprit sets up misleads and traps to prevent the case being solved, these will also be reflected in the Labyrinth, making it even more complex. In addition to the Reasoning Death Match against the Mystery Phantoms, questions that need to be answered will manifest into different puzzles. Multiple choice questions, solving a mystery with the correct Solution Key, as well as action-oriented sequences all appear.

Basic Reasoning Death Match Action: The Reasoning Death Match is a direct confrontation with the Mystery Phantoms trying to prevent the mystery from being solved. The Reasoning Death Match will appear many times until the Labyrinth is conquered. If it’s a complex case involving various agendas, multiple Mystery Phantoms may appear. Although several mechanics are added as the game progresses, the following are the four basics of the Death Match. It seems action-packed at first glance, but has simple controls.

Dodge: The Phantom’s statements will approach in various shapes and movements. Dodge the statements by moving left and right, crouching, and jumping.

Select Solution Key: The Solution Keys obtained during the investigation are critical to victory in a Death Match. Find the contradiction among the Mystery Phantom’s statements and set the Solution Key disproving it onto the Solution Blade.

Rebuttal: Point out the contradiction and slash through it with the Solution Blade while the Solution Key is set. Successfully doing so advances the story.

Slash Noise: Noise (pink statements) unrelated to the main topic can sometimes get in the way. Get rid of them with “Slash Noise.”

Q: Although the Phantom is modeled after the person involved in the real world case, it is only a materialization by Qs, strange beings which appear in the Mystery Labyrinth, and has no direct connection to said person.

But that's not all! Monstrous Mystery Phantoms will do whatever it takes to prevent Yuma from reaching the truth. Dodge their barrage of lies and slash the contradictions to pieces with the Solution Blade!

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code, previously called Enigma Archives: Rain Code, is coming to Nintendo Switch on June 30, 2023 for $59.99.

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