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EA Sports PGA Tour

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X
Genre: Sports
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: EA Tiburon
Release Date: April 7, 2023

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'EA Sports PGA Tour' Outlines Upcoming Game Improvements & Fixes

by Rainier on April 12, 2023 @ 5:32 p.m. PDT

In EA Sports PGA Tour, golf fans will be able to build their virtual career and experience the sights, sounds, and thrills of the PGA TOUR including The Players Championship, FedExCup Playoffs and more unforgettable events.

EA Sports PGA Tour will also feature many of the world’s most famous courses, where fans will have the option to play against and as some of the biggest names in professional golf.

During its longstanding relationship with the PGA Tour, EA Sports has entertained tens of millions of players around the world with its golf franchise. Now, through a new, long-term deal, signed this year with the PGA Tour, EA Sports will expand its history in golf with the next-gen PGA Tour experience.

The game will be built on the EA Frostbite engine and leveraging next-gen technology, promises stunning fidelity, breathtaking immersive environments, and approachable, dynamic gameplay.

EA SPORTS PGA TOUR launched last Friday, and the team has been listening to audience feedback and taking notes! The game has already undergone several changes, including fixing issues with claiming tournament awards, game crashes, compatibility and more. 

Today EA Sports revealed its plans for future improvements and fixes, many of which will be implemented in the coming weeks. These include the following (and more!):

  • 3-Click Swing - The game’s initial swing animation was designed to accurately replicate golfer motion and was a design choice to elevate the game’s realism. To enhance the experience further, the team will be adding later this month the 3-click swing, a staple on golf games for decades.
  • Career Mode Options - The team has heard player feedback about wanting more options outside of Quick Play and Full Rounds during Career Mode and are exploring ways to provide you with more choice in this area.
  • Camera Angle and Zoom Issues - The team has been investigating ways to improve the pre-shot zoom camera, focusing on improvements for players who don’t use the putting grid and need lower camera angles to manually read greens.
  • And More including Putting Grid, Cup Physics and Online Matchmaking tweaks, a “Fast Play” presentation option and more Online Game Formats

We are continually evaluating community feedback and will implement additional adjustments as needed.

3-Click Swing

A staple on golf games for decades, this popular community request will be making a return in an update later this month. Stay tuned to our channels for updates and previews on this new addition in the coming weeks.

Updates to Putting Grids

We have received comments and posts discussing or showing instances where the putting grid bead lines are running in the opposite direction of the break. This has been observed in testing and a fix for this issue will be implemented in an upcoming update.

There will also be an upcoming visual update ensuring the green grid fades away after you hit your putt. This was a popular piece of community feedback and we agree after testing putting grid fading that this implementation enhances immersion.

Online Game Formats

We will be providing updates to online game formats in the live service window. We’ll share more details about these game formats in the future, but we want to assure you that the team has heard the feedback and is working hard to bring you more online choices.

Camera Angle and Zoom Issues

We have been investigating the various reports of certain camera angles sometimes obscuring gameplay; we will be implementing improvements to remedy those issues in future updates. 

We are also looking into ways to improve the pre-shot zoom camera with an area of focus being improvements for players who play without the putting grid and need lower camera angles to manually read greens.We will share more on this in the near future.

Career Mode Options

In previous versions of pre-release builds, players had an option for 1 round tournaments which we later had to remove in order to avoid issues with commentary, quests, statistics, and general bugs that were found in pre-release testing. We have heard your feedback around wanting more options outside of Quick Play and Full Rounds during Career Mode and are exploring ways to provide you with more choice in this area.

Cup Physics

As a result of feedback received during early access and launch, we fixed an issue where the visual representation of the cup was slightly larger than its actual size in physics. This resulted in instances where it appeared that the ball rolled over the edge of the cup when it should have lipped in. This fix will be implemented in an upcoming update. 

Fast Play

We are aware of a variety of community feedback around the frequency in which golfer reactions are shown following a shot and various other presentation elements. In response, we will be looking to implement a presentation package called “Fast Play” which allows players to enable/disable an alternative presentation package that skips certain cinematics, such as player reactions, for a fast-paced gameplay experience. We aim to have this new presentation option available in an upcoming update.

Putt Meter and Button Hints

We recognize players have asked for more options to disable shot aids and visual feedback for a more immersive simulation experience. In response to this feedback we will be adding two additional settings to provide further choice in this area, “Putt Meter” and “Button Hints” settings. The "Putt Meter" setting removes the putt meter that's on the ground while putting and the "Button Hints" setting removes the button hints in the bottom of the screen during gameplay.

We aim to have this available in an upcoming update.

Online Matchmaking

We're aware of the challenges some players have had finding opponents and getting into fuller sessions when using online matchmaking. We've already made multiple updates to our matchmaking algorithms to improve how we're grouping players together to get fuller matches and made updates to our matchmaking mode offerings to group players together more effectively. Rest assured that we're exploring all options and are using data to make informed decisions while we continue iterating to get matchmaking into a better state.

Updates Already Implemented as a Result of Community Feedback

We made a variety of changes that made their way into the last pre-launch update, which replaced the Day 0 patch. One of the main changes that came about as a result of community feedback was the removal of text pop-ups or Hole Out VFX over the hole for all games. You now have the option to enable or disable this text.

We also added four new formats, one of each gameplay style to private match, responding to feedback that players wanted the ability to control the difficulty level for their group when playing in a private match. 

 Below is a list of hotfixes which have gone live:

  • Hot fixes which have gone live
    • Fixed an issue that was putting players into a repeating loop when trying to claim tournament rewards.
    • Fixed an issue in Career Mode that was causing some users' game to crash when resuming a round of playoffs.
    • Fixed a compatibility issue related to certain monitors and TV’s with Dolby Vision HDR that was causing the game to crash.
    • Fixed an issue that would cause a crash if players changed menu tabs too quickly while tooltips were enabled.

We appreciate your continued support for EA Sports PGA Tour and will continue working closely with the community to identify gameplay enhancements and player feedback in future updates. As mentioned above, this list, based on community feedback, is not comprehensive of everything planned for EA Sports PGA Tour so stay tuned.

EA Sports PGA Tour is the exclusive home of all four of golf’s major championships: Masters Tournament, PGA Championship, U.S. Open Championship, and The Open. In addition to playing the major championships, golf fans can build a legendary career as they authentically compete at THE PLAYERS Championship in addition to the FedExCup Playoffs, while experiencing the unique atmosphere and venues of each tournament. Players will also be able to compete at The Amundi Evian Championship, one of the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) Tour’s five major championships and will have the opportunity to play as several female athletes as well as create a female golfer of their own in the newly overhauled Create-A-Player feature.

In close collaboration with Augusta National, EA Sports has worked meticulously to capture the course and traditions of the Masters. Inspired by Augusta National’s own mission of innovation and improvement, EA Sports employed first of its kind aerial scanning to collect millions of data points, previously inaccessible in golf games, to recreate the unparalleled beauty of Augusta National authentically in the game. At launch, the game’s exciting 'Road to the Masters' content will deliver players the prestige of competing in the Masters Tournament, plus additional experiences exclusive to Augusta National.

Key Features:

  • World Famous Courses - The tee is yours at 30 courses, including some of the world’s most  prominent venues such as Augusta National Golf Club, Pebble Beach Golf Links, Southern Hills Country Club, The Old Course at St Andrews Links, The Country Club, Kiawah Island Golf Resort’s Ocean Course, Torrey Pines, Evian Resort Golf Club in Évian-les-Bains, France, East Lake Golf Club, TPC Southwind, The Los Angeles Country Club, Wilmington Country Club and more. EA Sports PGA Tour will also feature the past major host courses in 2021 and 2022 as well as the new 2023 majors courses releasing post-launch.
  • Your Career, Your Way - EA Sports PGA Tour provides players with an RPG-like progression system on the Road to the Masters. As their golf game improves, the closer they’ll be to becoming a major champion. Players will be able to create and customize a golfer, develop their skills and master each course to attack every hole like a pro. With 20 shot types available as players progress in the game, they can enhance their skill set for driving, approach, short game, or putting, depending on their style. Players will be able to compete to become a major champion, and take on the PGA TOUR's best events in the season-long chase for the FedExCup, as well as conquer the top Amateur Championships including the Augusta National Women's Amateur, the U.S. Amateur, and other elite international amateur events.
  • THE PLAYERS Championship and FedExCup Playoffs - The PLAYERS Championship and all three events of the FedExCup Playoffs will be in the game, and players can earn in-game FedExCup points in Career Mode for the opportunity to compete in the FedExCup Playoffs. As part of the Career mode, top golfers at the end of the year will be given the opportunity to win the FedExCup.
  • Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) and The Amundi Evian Championship - In partnership with the LPGA, EA Sports PGA Tour allows fans to compete at The Amundi Evian Championship, one of the LPGA Tour’s five major championships, and have the opportunity to play as several female athletes as well as create a female golfer in the overhauled Create-A-Player feature. Players will also be able to participate in a series of LPGA-themed challenges and other events. Iona Stephen will be joining the EA commentary team as the first female on-course commentator in-game, bringing her experienced insights from both playing professionally and working in golf broadcasting. 
  • True-to-Life Course Visuals - EA Sports PGA Tour will also present the most realistic visuals in any golf game utilizing EA’s Frostbite engine. Using state-of-the-art equipment such as drone technology, custom LiDAR flight helicopters and more to develop terrain maps, EA SPORTS PGA TOUR depicts courses exactly as they appear in real life. The photogrammetry and scanners were also applied to create precise renderings of clubhouses, iconic vegetation, bridges, tee markers, rock formations, and other on-course elements offering players life-like visual experiences of their favorite courses.
  • ShotLink - Utilizing ShotLink powered by CDW, the PGA TOUR’s proprietary real-time scoring system since 2001, golfers will authentically be replicated with accurate player ratings, skills and magnified true-to-life in-game events. 
  • TrackMan Data - Insights implemented from TrackMan, a world leader in 3D ball flight measurement and swing analysis, is a critical component to authentic gameplay utilizing a myriad of stats including club tuning, flight trajectory, landing position and much more.

EA Sports PGA Tour is available for PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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