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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Blizzard
Developer: Blizzard
Release Date: 2014

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'Hearthstone' Will Add 38-card Festival of Legend Audiopocalypse Mini-Set Next Week, Diablo Returns In June

by Rainier on May 25, 2023 @ 12:00 p.m. PDT

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a free-to-play strategy card game where players build card decks centered around one of nine iconic Warcraft character classes and duel each other for fun, glory, and the chance to win awesome new cards.

Deceptively simple in design but epically engaging, Hearthstone will be instantly accessible to players regardless of their familiarity with Warcraft or collectible card games. Whether players prefer to wield magic or arms in battle, strike from the shadows or head on—or have never given any of that much thought—they’ll be able to jump right in, create a deck, and get in on the card-slinging action.

In addition to honing their skills in practice matches against the computer and taking on their buddies via their friends list, players can challenge each other in two competitive game modes. “Play Mode” features traditional head-to-head battles, with players facing off for a chance to increase their medal ranking and earn card packs along the way. And for a different type of challenge, players can enter “The Forge,” where they start each match by building a deck from a new set of cards, and then use that deck to duel other Forge participants. Aside from winning new cards, players will be able to round out their collections by purchasing new card packs or disenchanting some of their existing cards to craft the ones they’re missing.

With hundreds of cards to choose from, featuring a wide range of colorful Warcraft spells, weapons, and characters, players will have limitless possibilities for developing and fine-tuning their deck-building strategies.

The Audiopocalypse is nigh! On May 31, Hearthstone releases 38 all-new cards in the Festival of Legend Mini-Set, Audiopocalypse. E.T.C. himself takes the stage, along with new dual-class combinations and a guest appearance from a demonic favorite in the Tavern Brawl and Battlegrounds. 

The Festival of Legends has rocked on. And on... And on. For weeks! The local Grimtotem Tauren can’t sleep, they can’t think, and they have had enough! Now, they want to destroy all music to make sure this never happens again. This could be the end of music on Azeroth; this is the Audiopocalypse!

Audiopocalypse, launching on May 31, consists of 38 new cards: 4 Legendary cards, 1 Epic card, 17 Rare cards, and 16 common cards. Those new cards can either be opened in Festival of Legends packs or purchased as a complete 72-card set.* Normal versions of the Mini-Set can be purchased for $14.99 or 2000 Gold. The all-Golden version can be purchased for $69.99 or 10,000 Gold. The Golden Mini-Set option also includes a bonus Diamond Legendary!

Includes one copy of each Legendary card and two copies of each other card.

The Fate of all Music is in Your Hands... and Decks!

E.T.C. is rallying the Festival of Legends lineup to work together in new and exciting ways to defeat the Grimtotems’ deafening assault. Explore genre-bending sounds with new dual-class combinations and freestyle with new Remixed cards that change each turn. This Mini-Set is full of new instruments to explore in your compositions.


  • The Eternal Conflict has spilled over into the Tavern! Diablo himself will be returning as a hero to the Battlegrounds from June 5-7. Plus, check out the Diablo-themed Tavern Brawl, running two weeks in a row from June 7-21. Test your bravery against the mysterious Dark Wanderer in this epic boss battle (where progression is saved across each run!) and earn a sinfully awesome cardback reward. 


  • Show off your bookish side with new classical story-themed cosmetics. There’s something for everyone, including the studious Bookworm Elise, the stately Gargoyle Guldan, and the handsome Frog Prince Thrall. Available in the shop!

Hearthstone is available for Android, iOS and PC.

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