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June 2023

Alone In The Dark

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: THQ Nordic
Developer: Pieces Interactive
Release Date: Oct. 25, 2023

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'Alone In The Dark' Gets Release Date, Playable Prologue, Introduces Actors Jodie Comer and David Harbour As Protagonists - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on May 25, 2023 @ 5:00 p.m. PDT

This re-imagination of the original trilogy aims to scare you to the bone and returns to infamous locations with a whole new story and mythical places to explore.

Psychological Horror meets Southern Gothic in this reimagination of the classic survival horror game, Alone in the Dark

This love letter to the ground-breaking original lets you experience a haunting story through the eyes of one of two protagonists. Play as either Edward Carnby or Emily Hartwood and explore your environments, fight monsters, solve puzzles and uncover the uneasy truth of Derceto Manor…

Deep in the 1920’s south, Emily Hartwood’s uncle has gone missing. Together with private investigator Edward Carnby, she embarks on a journey to Derceto Manor, a home for the mentally ill where something is lurking. You’ll encounter strange residents, nightmarish realms, dangerous monsters and ultimately uncover a plot of rising evil. At the intersection of reality, mystery, and insanity, an adventure waits that will challenge your core beliefs.

Who can you trust, what will you believe, and what will you do next?  

In the upcoming Alone in the Dark, players can choose between two protagonists to experience the haunting story: Emily Hartwood and Edward Carnby. To bring these two iconic characters to life, the developers partnered up with famous actors Jodie Comer (Killing Eve, Free Guy) and David Harbour (Stranger Things, Black Widow), who will lend their voices, their appearance, and their formidable acting skills to the protagonists. Depending on who you play, you will get a different take on the same story.

You can see both of them in action in the above spotlight video, showcasing a ton of gameplay.

Alone in the Dark is launching on October 25th, 2023 for PC, Xbox Series S/X, and PS5, and will be available at an SRP of €59.99 / $59.99 / £49.99.

The digital pre-order kicks off today, available for Xbox and PS5.

Are you caught in an endless cycle of indecision, feeling like you're trapped in a haunted house where each door leads to more confusion?

Questions like, "Should I pre-order?" or "How's the atmosphere like?" may be haunting your thoughts.

Well, fear not, as we have a solution to illuminate your path through the darkness.

You can now download the playable prologue of Alone in the Dark (on PC, PlayStation or Xbox) and personally experience what the game has to offer, without any spoilers for the main story.

Key Features:

  • Explore Derceto Manor in this reimagination of Alone in the Dark, a love letter to the 90’s cult classic horror game.
  • Return to the roots of psychological horror and experience an atmospheric journey worthy of the game that started the genre.
  • Dive into a world full of sounds that make your skin crawl with a haunting, yet mesmerizing doom jazz soundtrack.
  • Enjoy the thrill of desperate survival in a world where reality starts to crumble, evil lurks in every shadow and ammunition is scarce.
  • Experience this nightmare from either Emily Hartwood’s or Edward Carnby’s perspective and unearth the dark secrets of a gothic mansion.
  • Immerse yourself in a deep psychological story that goes beyond the realms of the imaginable, by Mikael Hedberg, cult horror writer of SOMA and Amnesia.

Alone in the Dark is coming to PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC (Steam) on October 25, 2023 at €59.99 / $59.99 / £49.99.

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