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June 2023

Lost In The Open

Platform(s): PC
Genre: RPG/Strategy
Developer: Black Voyage Games
Release Date: 2024

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'Lost In The Open' Is A Tactical RPG Coming To Steam Early Access In Q4 2023 - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on May 25, 2023 @ 3:05 p.m. PDT

Lost In The Open is a challenging turn-based roguelike RPG where you scramble to escape an assassination attempt in a low-fantasy, procedurally generated medieval world.

You lead your party as Nrvesk, the ruler of Ruedome. His reign was bloody, oppressive, and unjust. Nrvesk’s past crimes have caught up with him, and consequently, he is now the target of an assassination attempt by his former allies in the royal court of Stratha. Miraculously, however, he manages to escape their castle through a backdoor.

After narrowly avoiding the assassination, Nrvesk and two of his loyal guards find themselves lost in no man’s land between Stratha and Ruedome. You’ll need to guide the party through forests, mountains, and swamps. Trade blows with bandits, royal guardsmen, and even worse enemies while negotiating with trade merchants and hiring wandering recruits in an attempt to survive the unlikely journey back to Ruedome.

Combat in Lost In The Open happens on a turn-based system over a tile-based grid created to give a plethora of tactical options. Your units can gain up to five abilities each, which you can improve throughout the game with character levels and skill progression.

Lost In The Open is designed to be a challenging experience. Enemies will pull you out of position, lure you into traps and work as a team to flank you. Position your units to create an impenetrable frontline, but remember to protect your flanks and, most importantly, your king!

Be warned, your party's health does not regenerate between combat. You’ll need to plan every action on the battlefield to ensure your warband remains strong enough to survive the open, even if that means sacrificing one of your loyal guards.


Maledrom, the no man’s land between Stratha and Ruedome, is an unforgiving place. Furthermore, the unanimous hatred against Nrvesk for his past crimes makes the people even less likely to come to your aid.

Defeating enemies, aiding strangers, and trading with merchants will allow you to unlock new traits and abilities and upgrade your equipment. Flank your enemies with devastating blows, slash through multiple foes at once, or provide your battlefield allies with a powerful buff. You’ll need to forge the ragtag group of recruits found in the wilds into hardened, loyal bodyguards to survive the brutal lands of Maledrom.

The lands of Maledrom are harsh and punishing. Starting in the fallen forest, you’ll need to navigate the perfect path to grow both the size and strength of your party while not being caught by the Strathan royal guards, who are in constant pursuit.

Each node you encounter will offer a narrative choice; do you engage in combat to find new equipment but risk taking damage or losing a recruit? Do you help a stranger with a chance for a random reward? Should you traverse a long path to trade with the lonely merchant surrounded by elite patrols?

It’s not only the combat decisions that have a lasting effect in Lost In The Open. Navigating Maledrom and its unforgiving land is a challenge in its own regard.

Key Features:

  • Upgrade your weapons and armor. If your units survive against the odds, they’ll find themselves leveling up and acquiring powerful skills and perks.
  • Defeat enemies, aid strangers, and trade with merchants. Unlock new perks and abilities, upgrade your equipment, and recruit wandering souls to aid you on your quest for survival.
  • Plan your route. Choose from over half a dozen locations to go to at every juncture, each one affecting your short-term and long-term plans.
  • The odds are stacked against you. Face-off against a variety of enemies. From the military experiments of The Deformed to the powerful The Righteous. Almost everyone is your enemy in Lost in the Open.

Lost In The Open will release into Steam Early Access in Q4 2023.

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