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October 2023

Silent Slayer: Vault Of The Vampire

Platform(s): Meta Quest 2
Genre: Action/Adventure
Developer: Schell Games
Release Date: 2023

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'Silent Slayer: Vault Of The Vampire' Is A VR Horror Game Coming To Meta Quest 2 - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on June 1, 2023 @ 4:12 p.m. PDT

Silent Slayer: Vault Of The Vampire is a horror VR game where players must use skill and precision when they come face-to-face with vampires who must be slain while sleeping.

Behold, Slayer! Your quest is only now unfolding ... but do take heed — silence is key, but a stake through the heart is the only way to end it.

Introducing Silent Slayer: Vault of the Vampire. This is just the beginning …

Vanquish an ancient vampiric council in this suspenseful single-player jumpscare VR horror game. You are a vampire slayer on a mythic quest to destroy these powerful sleeping monsters — an endeavor undertaken by only the bravest souls. Dismantle the vampires’ coffins by carefully disarming their devious ritual traps with the help of your guide — a mystical book.

“As virtual reality games continue to grow in presence and popularity, we’re grateful for partners like Meta who provide opportunities for developers to innovate and showcase their experiences,” said Jesse Schell, CEO of Schell Games. “Our team is passionate about developing fantastic virtual reality experiences. Whether it’s exterminating deadly vampires in Silent Slayer or saving the world one mission at a time in the I Expect You To Die (IEYTD) series, we strive to immerse players in unforgettable virtual worlds.”

In this game, you are a vampire slayer who has been guided to the crypt of a vampire clan, enacting a ritual that will bring them incredible power. During this ritual, they are vulnerable while they’re sleeping in their coffins, so it is the perfect time to strike. A mystical book is able to teleport players into the vampires’ sanctum, but their coffins are heavily guarded with all manner of traps. You must disarm and stake the vampires one-by-one to stop the ritual before the clan becomes all-powerful.

You’ll have many tools within reach, but a stake through the heart is the only way to end it. Tension is building with each move and your silence and precision are key as you avoid awakening the beasts who will drain your life instantly. Annihilate them, Slayer!

Silent Slayer: Vault of the Vampire is coming to Meta Quest 2 in 2023.

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