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Remnant II

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Gearbox Publishing
Developer: Gunfire Games
Release Date: July 25, 2023

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'Remnant II' Gives An Introduction to the World of Remnant - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on June 7, 2023 @ 4:56 p.m. PDT

Remnant II is a a third-person action-survival shooter that pits survivors of humanity against new deadly creatures and god-like bosses across terrifying worlds.

Remnant II evolves the co-op survival shooter with new unseen worlds filled with deadly surprises and encounters, pitting survivors of humanity against new deadly creatures and god-like bosses across terrifying worlds.

Join the battle to save humanity in a dynamically generated world filled with branching quest lines, unique loot, and overwhelming odds that encourage exploration and replayability either alone or in three-person co-op. Players will define their own playstyle with an expanded Archetype class system and a wide assortment of guns, armor, and special augmentations as they overcome hard-fought challenges to stave off humanity’s extinction.

Remnant II plunges players deeper into a devastated world requiring a mix of methodical and frenetic ranged and melee combat against cunning enemies and punishing boss battles. Enter the fray as a lone-wolf or even the odds by teaming up with two friends to overcome daunting challenges. Each time players start a new playthrough of Remnant II they will be brought into a new world built from a wide pool of locations, enemies, NPCs, bosses, and weapons. These dynamically built levels allow for unique experiences as elements are woven organically into the world and narrative. 

New to Remnant 2? Don’t worry, Founder Ford will get you up to speed so you can get out there and save what’s left of humanity before it’s too late.

Take on deadly creatures and god-like bosses with two other friends to stop an evil from destroying reality itself and stave off humanity’s extinction.

The new trailer emphasizes that the victory humanity gained in Remnant: From The Ashes wasn’t long-lasting peace, but rather time to lick our wounds and prepare for the next fight. As long as the Root exists, we will always be hunted.

In Remnant II, life has returned to the once barren wasteland of Earth. The inhabitants of Ward 13 emerged from behind its walls and created a sanctuary of safety and hope. Meanwhile, the Labyrinth continues to collapse, causing abnormal aberrations to appear on other worlds.

In the aftermath of the Root's reign of terror, the inhabitants of Ward 13 have finally emerged from its fortified walls, and life has returned to the once barren wasteland. Here, amidst the abandoned industrial structures, the survivors have created a sanctuary of safety and hope. Yet, despite the passage of two decades since Harsgaard's defeat, the town still echoes with the memories of the Dreamer project and the enigmatic World Stone. Locked away in the depths of the old bunker, the legendary artifact remains shrouded in mystery, its secrets known only to a select few who still remember the tales of its incredible power to open portals to other worlds.

The desolate and ever-changing Labyrinth acted as a bridge between worlds. The Labyrinth had no inhabitants, only manifestations of its formidable Guardian. These protectors took on various forms and played an offensive role in protecting the Labyrinth from invaders like the Root. While Andrew Ford used the Labyrinth to explore other worlds freely, seeking a way to stop the Root on Earth, the Hero of Chronos faced heavy resistance when attempting to slay the Labyrinth’s Guardian.

After the death of the Labyrinth's Guardian, the Keeper returned to the Labyrinth. But his return came too late—the Root had already begun exploiting the Labyrinth to travel to vulnerable worlds. The Keeper used every bit of his power to reinitialize the Labyrinth and expel the Root, but this came too late for the countless worlds the Root had already invaded... and at a great cost. In his weakened state, the Keeper could no longer maintain the Labyrinth’s visual appearance, and the Labyrinth continues to collapse, causing abnormal aberrations to appear on other worlds.

Key Features:

  • Intense Remnant Combat Experience: A mix of methodical and frenetic ranged/melee combat returns with cunning enemies and large scale boss battles. Choose specific gear and weapons to optimize for the different biomes and battles ahead. Bosses will bring high-level players to team up to overcome the challenge and try to obtain the biggest rewards
  • New Worlds to Explore: Players can travel alone or with friends as a team through strange new worlds and beyond, overrun by mythical creatures and deadly foes while trying to stay alive. There are multiple worlds to explore with different types of creatures, weapons, and items. Utilize and upgrade discovered items to take on tougher challenges
  • Endless Replayability: Branching quest lines, augments, crafting, and loot rewards will test the resolve of even the most hardened players in dynamically generated dungeons and areas. Playthroughs will feel challenging, varied, and rewarding as players succeed against unrelenting odds. Various stories are woven throughout the different worlds, encouraging exploration and multiple revisits.
  • New Archetypical Progression: An expanded Archetype system gives players more flexibility to their play style and lets groups better sync unique passive abilities and stunning powers together in co-op play. Multiple Archetypes can be unlocked, leveled up, and equipped together for a wider variety of play styles.
  • Play solo or co-op with two other friends to explore the depths of the unknown to stop an evil from destroying reality itself. To succeed, players will need to rely on their own skills and those of their team to overcome the toughest challenges and to stave off humanity’s extinction.

Remnant II is coming to PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC in Summer 2023. 

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