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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Developer: Starlance Studios

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'ZeroSpace' Is A Cinematic Real-time Strategy Game By StarCraft Pro Players, Launches Kickstarter Campaign - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Aug. 18, 2023 @ 4:59 p.m. PDT

ZeroSpace is a cinematic real-time strategy game with an epic sci-fi story where your decisions determine the fate of the galaxy.

Set in the Orion arm of the Milky Way in 4050, ZeroSpace thrusts you into a universe where diverse alien and human factions vie for dominance. The fragile peace, upheld by the inter-species Keeper Council, is on the brink, threatened by enigmatic events. As the human Prefect of the Protectorate, you're summoned to join the Council and unravel a cosmic mystery, encountering unknown aliens and journeying through uncharted space.

No two games of ZeroSpace play the same, thanks to nearly limitless combinations of Factions, Mercenary units and Heroes, introducing unparalleled strategic depth and player expression to the genre.

The game’s single player campaign puts player choices at the center, with hours of interactive cinematics, and narrative design inspiration from epic sci-fi RPGs like Mass Effect.

The ZeroSpace development team includes several prominent pro players, commentators, and leading voices in the RTS community. Their insight and experience has shaped an RTS that any gamer can approach and enjoy thanks to clever and intuitive interface design, while still giving hardcore RTS competitors a limitless ladder of skill expression to master.

Dive into a world teeming with mystery and danger. Traverse diverse planets aboard your upgradable mothership, guided by a choice-driven RPG system. Face moral quandaries: do you save a once-hostile planet or leave it to perish against formidable forces? As you journey, enhance your vessel, recruit heroes, and navigate complex relationships. Will your allies admire or despise you? Are you ready to lead mankind?

Build deep relationships with your crew and the heroes you enlist during the campaign. Navigate an expansive galaxy map, brimming with dialogue opportunities and regions to explore or dominate.

Cooperative missions is a mode where 3 players fight against AI in campaign-like missions. This open-ended mode is inspired by the success and replayability found in StarCraft II Co-op.

Galactic Warfare (kickstarter stretch goal) takes your role beyond a traditional commander. Join guilds, form alliances, and partake in a galactic sized tug of war that is set on a persistent galaxy map that hosts thousands of players. Conquer space stations, planets, and more in either co-op or competitive style battles!


Powered by legendary pros and creators in the StarCraft community, ZeroSpace is available to support on Kickstarter, hoping to raise $100,000.

“I grew up having my mind blown by RTSs like Starcraft, and that inspiration brought me to the games industry,” said Marvin Gouw, founder and CEO of Starlance Studios. “But I haven’t yet had the chance to build my dream game: an RTS truly worthy of pro players and newcomers to the genre alike. That’s what we hope ZeroSpace will be, and we’re so thankful to you for considering supporting the return of the RTS on Kickstarter.”

“I was already excited the first time I got to play ZeroSpace at how good it already felt, and it's been improving quickly ever since,” said Sasha “Scarlett” Hostyn, lead balance designer at Starlance Games, and the first woman to win a major StarCraft II tournament. “Since joining the team I can see it's because everyone is passionate about RTS and have a no compromises approach to making the best game possible. Can't wait until everyone gets to play it and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.”

“I go to bed thinking about this game, I usually dream about this game, and I wake up still thinking about this game,” said Paulo “CatZ” Vizcarra, lead versus designer at Starlance Games, StarCraft II commentator, and former pro player. “Working on ZeroSpace makes me feel driven in a way I haven’t since my earliest days as a pro StarCraft II player, when there was still a lot of experimentation and creative problem solving. This team is working so hard to make the best RTS for the community, and we’d love for you to join us in making that dream possible.”

“I’m so optimistic about ZeroSpace’s potential mostly because of its unparalleled level of player agency and customization,” said Grant Purtle, lead campaign designer at Starlance Games, and creator of the GiantGrantGames YouTube channel. “Historically, RTSs have constrained players to a set of rigid tools the developer has constructed, but ZeroSpace's mix-and-match system for Factions, Mercenaries and Heroes brings near limitless levels of player expression and personalization.”

The core multiplayer philosophies revolve around player expression, match up variation, multiple avenues of engagement, streamlined gameplay, and well-paced game volatility. The developers are building a game with lots of strategic depth - like mixing primary factions with a second faction and special hero to craft something unique to your play style - to make sure no match ever feels the same or meta-gamed.

Versus is set to be ZeroSpace's primary competitive mode with the aim of releasing two major game-transforming updates annually, with periodic balance tweaks as needed. Right from the outset, players can expect comprehensive ranking systems and leaderboards. For the hardest of the hardcore RTS veterans, we've ensured fully customizable hotkeys and adaptable in-game menus tailored to meet your preferences.

Key Features:

  • An open world campaign with 13 main story missions, 14 hero loyalty missions, and 40 side story arcs.
  • 3 hours of cinematic cutscenes and interactive dialogs where your choices dictate the game’s outcome.
  • 4 main factions, with 10 units and 9 buildings each. (base-game)
  • 6 mercenary factions, with 4-5 units each. (base-game)
  • 14 heroes from various factions in campaign mode, or select one to lead your multiplayer games. (base-game)
  • 1v1 and 3v3 ranked versus matches, or play against AI . (base-game)
  • A truly unique cooperative multiplayer (base-game) mode that includes a shared, persistent galaxy for an entirely new massively multiplayer experience. 

ZeroSpace is in development for PC (Steam).

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