Friends vs Friends

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Raw Fury
Developer: Brainwash Gang
Release Date: May 30, 2023

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'Friends vs Friends' Reveals New Map & First Expansion, Free To Play On Steam This Weekend - Trailer

by Rainier on Sept. 15, 2023 @ 10:55 a.m. PDT

Friends vs Friends is a fast-paced and chaotic online PvP shooter that combines FPS combat and deck building.

Choose a character, build your deck with crazy cards and remember - you’re always just a friend away from a good time!

Play quick 1v1 or 2v2 online matches with fast-paced, card-based, combat! Level up, get new cards, improve the ones you already have, and unlock new characters with their own unique skill. Playing with friends, randoms or AI, players will enter into matches with a chosen character and a deck of cards containing weapons, buffs, and nerfs. At the start of each round you are dealt a hand of cards, with unused ones carrying over to the next round; choosing when to play these cards is part of the strategy. Fighting in a selection of small-scale arenas, the first to eliminate their opponent(s) in 3-of-5 rounds wins the match.

Unlock new characters and cards by earning experience through matches to create even more possible deck combinations. Tweak what cards you can have available during your match to emphasize a certain playstyle or build around countering another. Become a titan, invoke a friendly turret, leach health with vampire bullets, and make them have a big freaking head!

No microtransactions for progression. EVER.

Developer Brainwash Gang and publisher Raw Fury are ecstatic to share that Friends vs Friends is hosting a Steam Free Weekend starting today through Sept. 18!

And there’s no better time to grab some mates and hop in: Friends vs Friends’ newest map – Gas Station – is now live, plus you can grab the base game for 50% off – its greatest discount yet – all throughout the weekend!

Brainwash Gang and Raw Fury kicked off the Friends vs Friends Steam Free Weekend with a the above trailer revealing the first details for “Wired Wrecks,” the game’s first premium expansion, coming this October. “Wired Wrecks” will introduce a brand-new area – Racco’s Workshop – as well as 10 card backs, 10 hama chains and five new skins. This will also launch alongside a free update which includes a brand-new character free for all players, KlustR Jr., plus five new cards.

New and returning players can fill ‘er up today with Friends vs Friends’ latest free map: Gas Station. Set against looming billboards and an abandoned car wash, the Fossil Gas Station is the perfect battleground for all-out warfare. Use rooftops to get a sniper’s advantage, weave in between buildings to duck for cover, and keep an eye out for the skylight to swoop down on unsuspecting adversaries. Gas Station joins the recently added Island to bring the total number of standard maps in the game to six.

In addition, there are fresh in-game cosmetics to grab today for badass Dobermann Donnie B, including a new skin, card back and keychain, free for all players.

New updates have also been added today to enhance the overall Friends vs Friends experience for all players. An improved matchmaking system adds grading to the post-match screen and gives players an overall ranking, displayed on their player portrait. New anti-cheat protections have also been implemented to detect potential exploits. On top of all this, the development team continues to deliver a variety of balance changes and fixes to the game based on community feedback to help ensure a fun and fair experience for everyone.

Key Features:

  • Friends vs Friends: Matchmake with players worldwide in 1v1 or 2v2 combat, or host private matches with your friends. Need Support? Invite your friends to spectate!
  • A Game with Character: Choose from a stylish cast of characters, each with their own abilities that improve the synergies of your deck.
  • Low Price + High Quality = How?!: In order to keep the crew together, we made sure to level the playing field on cost so jumping in is a big-brain move.
  • Progress to Impress: Level up and get new cards through matched bouts and timed challenges.
  • Stack Your Deck: Collect weapon, trap, and curse cards, then level them up to increase their power.
  • Updates and Seasonal Content: Expect post-launch content including new unique characters, cards, maps, and upgrades to your home base.
  • Play Dress-up: Unlock cool cosmetics like skins and card design variants for bragging rights!
  • Practice, Practice, Practice: Go up against bots to try out new card combos and improve your skills for when it counts.

Currently available for PC (Steam), Friends vs Friends is coming to consoles later on.

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