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October 2023

Galactic Civilizations IV: Supernova

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Developer: Stardock
Release Date: 2023

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'Galactic Civilizations IV: Supernova' Leaving Early Access, Gets October Release Date - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Sept. 19, 2023 @ 10:00 a.m. PDT

Galactic Civilizations IV: Supernova is the latest installment in the GalCiv franchise, adding an array of new features and improvements such as brand-new civilizations, Terror Star Units, improved systems, and much more.

Galactic Civilizations IV: Supernova sees the player as the ruler of a united home world that has just discovered faster-than-light travel.

In this space-based strategy game set in the 24th century, players take on the role of a leader of a spacefaring civilization, tasked with exploring and colonizing the known universe. With an array of new features and improvements, Supernova offers an unparalleled 4X strategy experience for players of all skill levels.

Your mission is to spread your civilization across the known universe.

Make the galaxy yours!

Some of the new and improved features of Supernova include an updated combat system, Terror Stars that can destroy entire stars and the surrounding planets and ships with a single shot, new alien civilizations to play as or against, a new culture progression system, and a new research system with breakthrough technologies.

Stardock announced the release date of Galactic Civilizations IV: Supernova Edition will be October 19, 2023, and will coincide with Stardock’s 30-year anniversary.

Currently in Early Access on the Steam and Epic Store, the game is currently available for purchase at a discount over the final release price.

Galactic Civilizations IV: Supernova Edition on Steam is the integration of the Epic version of Galactic Civilizations IV with the Supernova Expansion pack, currently in development.

“Supernova is, by far, the biggest expansion Stardock has ever made,” said Brad Wardell, founder of Stardock who returned to the design chair for Supernova.  “It doesn’t just add a lot of new content but transforms the gameplay in ways not seen in a 4X game before.”

Amongst the new innovations in Supernova is AlienGPT, a technology that allows players to describe their own custom civilization and then uses generative AI to create it. Other new features include the Civilization Vault, Cultural Progression, a story-driven campaign, several new canon alien civilizations, a new starship designer, a new battle system, and much more.

In addition, Supernova also features an improved diplomacy system with more complex negotiations and alliances, a streamlined galaxy setup system, enhanced modding capabilities, and an improved graphics engine for stunning visuals.

Currently available for PC in early access (Steam and Epic), Galactic Civilizations IV: Supernova is launching on October 19, 2023.

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