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October 2023

Pirates Republic

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Toplitz Productions
Developer: Golden Hind Games
Release Date: 2024

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'Pirate's Dynasty' Now Called 'Pirates Republic' With Early Access Delayed Until 2024 - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Sept. 19, 2023 @ 9:59 a.m. PDT

In Pirates Republic (previously known as Pirate's Dynasty) you and your friends will go from small sailors to becoming the most notorious pirate crew of the Caribbean.

Set sail with the next installment of the successful Dynasty series, heading for previously uncharted waters in the vastness of pirate games with a unique blend.

Pirates Republic is characterized by its exciting mixture of different genres. SURVIVAL, BASE and CITY BUILDER, SHIP CONSTRUCTION combined with ROLEPLAYING and exciting NAVAL COMBAT enrich the familiar Dynasty gameplay in the intense co-op multiplayer as well as the singleplayer experience. The Caribbean adventure remains true to the successful foundation of the series, but impresses with unique additions and innovations, such as extensive ship modifications or intense combat at sea set in huge procedurally generated worlds. No playthrough will ever be the same. 

As an aspiring captain, you not only have to make a name for yourself which instills fear and respect in everyone on the high seas through diligence, skill and courage as well as tactical skill. In addition, you have to build up your pirate base, hire a powerful crew and attract denizens, keep them happy while working your way up to become the most notorious buccaneer of all time through sea battles or raids - if you don't have to walk the plank first! 

In Pirates Republic you and your friends will go from small sailors to becoming the most notorious pirate crew of the Caribbean. Fight dangerous battles on the high seas, collect valuable booty, then build and evolve your pirate's nest.Together with your crew and the inhabitants of your settlement, you will go down in the history books as the pirate of pirates! 

Black Beard, William Kidd, Francis Drake or Henry Morgan: Their names and deeds are equally known, famous and infamous alike. We know them all, love the legendary pirate stories and dreamed as a child to sail through the Caribbean as a buccaneer or being celebrated for the captured treasure in the pirate's nest!

Capsized and left to die, you and the remainder of your crew land on a seemingly deserted island in the tropical sea. Will you manage to find the other survivors and build up your pirate base to rule the open sea once again together with your friends in exciting co-op action? Or take on the dangers alone - your choice! Survive the dangers that lurk both in the water and on land, build and evolve your pirate's nest, go on raids and expand your sphere of influence. But be on your guard: dangers lurk everywhere - for both you and your shipmates.

Set sail and align your cannons! 

Arrr, me hearties! The pirates over at the helm of the development frigate Golden Hind Games and the publisher galleon Toplitz Productions be announcin' a name change for their high seas action-adventure Pirate’s Dynasty and welcomin' all aspirin' sea dogs, buccaneers or swashbucklers to Pirates Republic, when the ships set sail to explore the Bahamas in an open-world adventure like no other sometime next year. 

Lemme tell ya, wit' the name change, Pirates Republic nah only pays homage t' the key location o' New Providence, which became famous as the “Republic o' Pirates” at the beginnin' o' the 18th century. 'tis the settin' fer the procedurally generated island world the players can freely explore 'n try to colonize while becomin' the most notorious pirate ever. A different name was also needed to' better reflect the altered gameplay focus that the development took since its original announcement in 2022.

Darek Skrzypkowski, the captain of the Golden Hind, said to me: "Sometimes ye just have to set sail, follow the wind and see to what horizon it takes ye. While we started as a pirate adventure that wanted t' stay true t' the Dynasty franchise, we followed gameplay trails that led us in a different direction, where we figured that raisin' Davy Jones' locker in the Caribbean doesn’t mix well wit' family life. Lookin' fer booty ye don't 'ave time t' take care fer yer beauty 'n sprogs."

Robin Gibbels, first mate on the deck of the Toplitz Productions, got his two coins in as well: "The name might’ve changed, but the goal for our pirate adventure stays the same: To deliver a motivatin' genre-mix in an open world that ye can enjoy either alone or with ye mates. And even though ye will not have a dynasty that spans generations, ye will be able to leave a huge mark on history, when ye enter our version of New Providence. Ye can look forward to scenic locations, high-octane action with exhilaratin' ship battles, a huge map to explore as well as an extensive buildin' system."

Pirates Republic will lift anchors and be released into Early Access in 2024.

Key Features:

  • FIGHT - SURVIVE - BUILD: Become a legend in Pirate's Dynasty. 
  • CO-OP MULTIPLAYER: Roam the open seas with your friends and become the most notorious crew the Caribbean has ever seen
  • PROCEDURALLY GENERATED WORLD: Each playthrough will confront you and your crew with new dangers and exciting new adventures 
  • EXPLORE tropical islands and uncover their secrets and distinctive features - either alone or with your merry band of trusted pirate friends
  • SURVIVE and BUILD a shelter and protect yourself from nature's wrath
  • FIND more henchmen and assemble your crew
  • MODIFY your ships to your heart's content with countless options
  • FIGHT at sea, secure your booty and go down in history as a notorious buccaneer
  • CREATE your own pirate's nest and expand it into a thriving vibrant town

Pirates Republic is in development for PC (Steam), Early Access scheduled for 2024.

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