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December 2023

Unicorn Overlord

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X
Genre: Role-Playing
Publisher: Atlus
Developer: Vanillaware
Release Date: March 8, 2024

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'Unicorn Overlord' Reveals More Details About Story, World, Characters,Gameplay And More - Screens

by Rainier on Sept. 20, 2023 @ 4:14 p.m. PDT

Unicorn Overlord is a timeless RPG where you fight against fate and embark on a royal adventure to regain your reign.

From the creators of 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, Dragon’s Crown, and Odin Sphere, Unicorn Overlord shines in combining overworld exploration and an innovative battle system in the iconic Vanillaware style.

Traverse the vibrant world, cultivate a grand army with over 60 uniquely designed characters, and grow your renown throughout the five nations in this unique epic fantasy experience!

Liberate your kingdom and reclaim your destiny! 


ATLUS and Vanillaware revealed new details today about the title in the attached press packet, providing an overview of the game’s story, world, characters, gameplay, and more.

A fallen prince shall rise again, ring of legend lighting his path…

The story takes place on the continent of Fevrith, a land home to five nations—Cornia, Drakenhold, Elheim, Bastorias, and Albion—inhabited not only by humans, but also by other races such as elves, angels, and a race of beastfolk known as bestrals.

After Cornia’s General Valmore rebels against his nation’s royal family, he starts a war that will soon tear the entire​ continent apart. Alain, the protagonist of the game and prince of Cornia, flees from his home during this uprising and is​ chosen to lead the Liberation Army that will free all subjugated lands of Fevrith. Ten years have passed, and with the​ legendary Ring of the Unicorn in hand, Alain raises the flag of rebellion to lead his people to freedom.


The Protaganist

  • Alain: Crown prince of the fallen kingdom of Cornia,​ and son of its queen, Ilenia. After losing his mother​ at a young age amidst Cornian general Valmore's rebellion,​ he was ushered to the island of Palevia by the knight Josef,​ who taught him sword and strategy alike until the age of 17.

Protagonist’s Ally

  • Scarlett: A priestess of the Palevian Orthodoxy who, after training​ tirelessly from a young age, now tends to the cathedral​ on the island of Palevia. In the end, she opts to leave​ the island and join Alain on his journey.
  • Lex: A childhood friend of Alain’s, born on the island​ of Palevia to a local fisherman. After studying under Josef, he resolves to join the quest to liberate Fevrith.
  • Josef: A holy knight of the fallen kingdom of Cornia,​ he fled to Palevia with Alain ten years ago at​ Ilenia's behest. He has made great strides toward​ forming the Liberation Army ever since.

Protagonist’s Mother

  • Illenia: The queen of Cornia who ruled with both a keen​ military mind and a steady hand. Upon realizing​ there was no quelling the tide of rebellion, she​ entrusted her son Alain to her loyal retainer, Josef.

Protagonist’s Enemy

  • Galerius: Emperor of the reborn Zenoiran Empire, and once​ a renowned Cornian general by the name of Valmore. After leading a successful rebellion against the Cornian​ royal family, he claimed all of Fevrith as his own.

Freely traverse an expansive world, gather new allies, forge your bonds, and lead the Liberation to glorious victory. Cultivate a grand army with over 60 unique characters, from humans and elves to massive beasts and heavenly angels. Traverse a vast overworld to liberate Fevrith from the Zenorain Empire’s rule. Reclaim towns and rebuild them with materials you’ve gathered, train your allies, and gather your strength to face ever more powerful foes!

Players can use characters as they see fit, forming powerful units to take into battle.​ It’s up to you, the commander of the Liberation Army, to decide who to send forth and what tactics to employ!

Explore and battle in any order you want. Players can freely traverse an overworld map to meet and recruit new allies,​ fight enemies, and liberate and rebuild cities in any order they want.Where you’ll go next, which routes you’ll take,​ and which battles you’ll fight are entirely up to you!

Upon defeating the Zenoiran forces in control​ of towns and fortresses, law and order will be​ restored to the land and you’ll gain access to​ facilities such as armorers and provisioners.​ Wandering enemies are also defeated, making​ future exploration even easier.

Battle - Command your troops, defend your command post, and strike at enemy lines. Within each battle stage, both sides will fight to take each other’s command posts in thrilling real-time combat. You, the commander, must keep a close eye on the situation​ and make critical decisions like which units to send when or where. Victory is secured​ once you’ve clear certain conditions, such as defeating the enemy general.

Individual battles begin when your units make contact with the enemy during a battle stage. Coordinate a unit’s tactics in advance with​ conditions that determine how and when skills will automatically be used. Balance your allies’ classes and skills to form the strongest​ units for the situation and watch the battle unfold as your characters automatically engage in combat! Adapt and improve your tactics as you learn from the results of each battle.

Online Mode

In the coliseum, you can also partake in PvP battles​ against other players’ units! Assemble your best team,​ and aim for the top!

In addition to a Standard edition, a Collector’s edition of Unicorn Overlord will include the physical Unicorn Overlord game, a Premium Edition Box, 16-bit BGM Soundtrack CD (two discs with ten tracks on each), a 132-page artbook and an original card game featuring 239 cards, tokens and markers.

The Collector’s edition will also include the ATLUS X Vanillaware Heraldry Pack, a pre-order DLC, which lets you customize the Liberation Army’s flag with emblem designs from Odin Sphere, Dragon’s Crown and 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim. 

Unicorn Overlord is coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4 (digital only), PS5, and Xbox Series X|S on March 8, 2024.

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