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Fast Travel Games Updating Several VR Titles For Meta Quest 3

by Rainier on Sept. 27, 2023 @ 1:23 p.m. PDT

Fast Travel Games announced major enhancements to three titles for the upcoming Meta Quest 3 headset.

Players will be able to enjoy improved performance and visual fidelity in blockbuster games like Guardians Frontline and Apex Construct as well as all-new features in hit multiplayer title, Broken Edge, when the powerful standalone VR device launches on October 10th. 

With improved power and comfort, Meta Quest 3 allows for the best versions of Fast Travel Games' titles on any Meta Quest platform to date. Updates to each title will be provided free of charge for those that already own the respective game on the Quest platform.

Meta Quest 3 owners can expect the following upgrades to their games when the headset launches on October 10th:

Guardians Frontline

Developed by VirtualAge and published by Fast Travel Games, Guardians Frontline blends the action-packed gameplay of FPS shooters with real-time strategy and tactics, allowing players to take on the roles of both soldier and general. The Quest 3 version of the game will feature vastly improved visuals through the addition of environmental effects, reflections, improved shaders, realtime shadows, procedural vegetation & much more.

Broken Edge

TREBUCHET's Broken Edge, originally published by Fast Travel Games last year, is a hit 1v1 sword fighting game. Quest 3 users will also be able to enjoy support for color mixed reality, allowing fighters to cross blades whilst viewing their real-world environment. MR mode is ideal for taking on opponents whilst staying aware of your surroundings, and the perfect way to check out the game's recent Ronin update.

Apex Construct

Apex Construct is Fast Travel Games' original single-player adventure game and one of the key launch titles for the original Meta Quest. The Quest 3 update brings 90fps support to the game along with improved water, foliage and environmental effects among other upgrades. Some of these visual benefits will also be added to the Quest 2 version of the game.

“The launch of the Meta Quest 3 represents a major moment for the VR industry, and these updates are the perfect way to welcome its arrival,” said Oskar Burman, CEO, Fast Travel Games. “FTG has a proud history of making our games the best they can be on each of their respective platforms, and Quest 3 will be no different. We also look forward to supporting the device with our upcoming releases, including Vampire: The Masquerade - Justice on November 2, and Mannequin in 2024.”

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