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December 2023

The Lamplighters League and the Tower at the End of the World

Platform(s): PC, Xbox Series X
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Paradox Interactive
Developer: Harebrained Schemes
Release Date: Oct. 3, 2023

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'The Lamplighters League' Soundtrack By Jon Everest, Playable Demo Coming Tomorrow - Trailer

by Rainier on Sept. 27, 2023 @ 4:16 p.m. PDT

The Lamplighters League and the Tower at the End of the World is a tactical turn-based strategy game.

Sneak, steal, and shoot your way through a world of pulp adventure in The Lamplighters League! Globetrot across a variety of exciting locales around the world and outwit your enemies in strategic turn-based combat - and, if you play your cards right, you might just save the world.

In this stylish pulp adventure set in an alternate 1933, players master the art of strategy and outsmart the opposition using a diverse lineup of characters and abilities

Players' choices directly determine the world's fate – for better or worse.

Harebrained Schemes, the creators of The Shadowrun Trilogy and BATTLETECH, bring you an all-new world set in an alternate 1930s, where a tyrannical cult called the Banished Court stands on the cusp of world domination. For millennia, all that stood between this sinister cabal and their plans was a band of heroic scholars known as the Lamplighters League.

Unfortunately, the best of the best are all gone, so now it's up to the best of the worst.

Recruit a team of misfits and scoundrels with unique abilities and unforgettable personalities, and chase the Banished Court to the ends of the earth in a mix of real-time infiltration, turn-based tactical combat, and a character-driven story of adventure and intrigue.

Paradox Interactive and Harebrained Schemes released the main theme song and special behind-the-scenes videos exploring the creation of the soundtrack behind The Lamplighters League.

Composed by the award-winning Jon Everest, known for his work on the BattleTech and Shadowrun: Hong Kong scores, The Lamplighters League’s captivating soundtrack amplifies the retro atmosphere and jazz-infused thrill players will experience throughout the game. Jon and his talented team brought the soundtrack to life at the renowned Abbey Road Studios, a premiere destination for film-scoring, including Raiders of the Lost ArkThe Lord of the RingsStar WarsHarry Potter, and many more.

Eager Agents can get a feel for the game ahead of launch by jumping into the free demo tomorrow on Steam and Epic.

Key Features:

  • Control a team of unique, dynamic characters and get to know their signature tactical abilities and roles in the team. Learn their stories and the world they inhabit by taking them on missions - every misfit brings their own style to the fight through unique moves that can turn the tide of combat.
  • Explore a variety of thrilling locales and survey the battlefield before things heat up: sneak past enemies in real-time infiltration gameplay, pick off the stragglers quickly and quietly, and position your squad to get an edge for the fight.
  • Use every advantage and dirty trick your agents have up their sleeves in exciting, turn-based combat. Add advanced abilities, gear, and augmentations to your agents to keep pace with the growing threat of the Banished Court!
  • Chase the Banished Court through an alternate-history world of the 1930s, from dockyards and deserts to jungles both urban and wild. Manage your choices at a global level and try to prevent your enemy from advancing their twisted schemes!
  • Recruit new allies from the best of the worst: scour the globe for outlaws and outcasts and bring them onto your side before the Banished Court catches them first!
  • Every mission earns your team new resources and grows their abilities - but be careful, stress and injury can take their toll!

The Lamplighters League and the Tower at the End of the World is coming to Xbox Series X|S and PC (Steam) on October 3, 2023.

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