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April 2024

Autopsy Simulator

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Simulation
Publisher: Team17
Developer: Woodland Games
Release Date: May 9, 2024

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'Autopsy Simulator' Re-Surfaces, Scheduled For PC Launch In 2024 - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Feb. 27, 2024 @ 2:40 p.m. PST

Players will utilize medically authentic tools and procedures, to undertake accurate autopsies and uncover the mysteries that Autopsy Simulator has to offer.

Autopsy Simulator is a first-person medical-horror experience where players take on the role of a practice pathologist and study realistic case files, created in collaboration with real-world forensic doctors, to help guide their examination and dissection of anatomically accurate bodies and determine each subject's cause of death.

Alongside their powers of deduction, players use a variety of medically authentic tools and procedures, certified by a real-world pathologist, to learn more about each body as they peel back the layers of individual cases and unravel the mysteries surrounding each death.

Autopsy Simulator also includes Autopsy Simulator: Dead Memories, a self-contained, narrative-driven psychological horror experience set in 1990s New Orleans that follows the story of Jack, a middle-aged pathologist whose life has taken a turn for the worse after a personal tragedy. Players unravel a gripping mystery as Jack battles his inner demons while performing a range of medically accurate post-mortem procedures.

Originally announced in 2020, the first-person horror experience will give players control of a forensic doctor battling his inner demons while undertaking autopsies in the 1990s.

Key Features 

  • Gruesome anatomical detail and medically certified autopsy procedures: Dissect anatomically accurate bodies using a range of autopsy procedures and tools authentic to real-world practice.
  • Realistic true crime scenarios: Study a range of case files designed by real-life pathomorphologists and forensic doctors, then use what you learn to guide each autopsy.
  • Narrative-driven story mode with simulation gameplay: In Autopsy Simulator: Dead Memories, follow a gripping personal mystery while performing medically accurate autopsy procedures vetted by a certified pathologist.

Autopsy Simulator is coming to the PC (Steam) in 2024.

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