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Steam Next Fest Is On Now, Hundreds Of Demos Available - Day #3

by Rainier on Feb. 7, 2024 @ 2:05 p.m. PST

The February 2024 edition of Steam Next Fest is officially underway, with hundreds of free demos just waiting to be played!

The first Steam Next Fest of 2024 has begun, kicking off a full week of free demos on upcoming games on Steam. You'll also find loads of developer livestreams (check out the schedule for the week on the front page!) plus the official livestream today (February 5) around 11am PT!

Spend the week exploring demos of all kinds, and wishlist the ones you like - that way you'll be notified when the full game officially launches.

The February edition of Steam Next Fest is on now through February 12th at 10am PT. See you there!

  • Animal Trainer Simulator: Become a real-life animal trainer! Manage and develop your animal training center, create a safe and happy place for them! Train different types of animals, and give them a lot of attention and they will surely become calmer and more cooperative with their owners.
  • ASMR Food Experience:
  • Demon Spore: Blast your way out of tentacle hell as a failed lab experiment gives birth to a rapidly growing viral horror in this intense action rogue-lite inspired by 80s Monster movies. Use the lab to your advantage and improvise an escape plan before this constantly evolving life form spreads out of control.
  • Gym Manager: Gym Manager is a simulation game where you can build, expand and manage your own gym. To attract more customers, invest in new equipment and sabotage your competition. But beware: the town's shady streets provide opportunities for illegal business ventures.
  • Hollow Survivors: Battle through hordes of horrific creatures as you hack and slash your way to the top of the Tower in this rogue-like dungeon crawler game. Choose from a variety of upgrades, unlock new weapons, discover powerful synergies, and save the Tower from the evil Soulbinders.
  • Last Whisper: The only way to play the Last Whisper game is to survive. The more you explore the open world, the more you will need to acquire better gear as everything in the game wants you dead
  • Moduwar: Moduwar is a unique take on Real-Time Strategy. Take control of a Modu - an alien creature with an ability to grow different organs, split and merge them, depending on your playstyle. Take on mysterious creatures, and explore unique strategies in both single-player and multiplayer modes.
  • Noble's Life: Kingdom Reborn:
  • Outcast - A New Beginning: Explore the breathtaking alien world of Adelpha, support the local Talans in their struggles and fight your way through fast-paced battles against invading robot forces in this 3rd-person, open world, action adventure sequel to the 1999 cult classic.
  • Pet Shop Simulator: Run your own pet shop in Pet Shop Simulator! Find new homes for pets, thus fulfilling the dreams of your customers. Take care of the needs of animals by selling the right items and get involved in matters related to the pets' home life!
  • Photography Simulator: Learn and explore the world of a professional photography. Join adventure of the wild life. Hunt and shoot best pictures. Sell your photos to magazines, buy and upgrade your gear, and whenever you get tired of waiting for a perfect shot there are ways to brighten your day waiting for you.
  • Rally Mechanic Simulator: Take your opportunity as a real Rally Mechanic. Overcome all the obstacles that the reckless racers throw at you - including unrepairable parts, time limitations and more. Take good care of your rally cars so that on the next special they will perform as good as if they came out of the factory.
  • Restaurant Builder: Equipped with a high-pressure washer, jackhammer, and a highly addictive spray gun, you face the construction of a restaurant the world has never seen. Tear down walls, build, destroy, paint, and decorate, utilizing real physics, and dynamic lighting to bring empty space to life.
  • Solar Expanse: Explore the Solar System. Mine and drop asteroids. Colonize and terraform. Lead the space race and compete with other corporations on your way to profit. Watch the expansion of human race over the centuries. Then go beyond and conquer the galaxy!
  • Used Cars Simulator: Used Cars Simulator - trade used or stolen cars, fix and customize them, drive around, and explore the open world! Grow your business, complete quests, and have fun with a physics-based sandbox!
  • Viking Frontiers: Survival of your people - that's the only thing that matters. Become the leader of a newly founded Viking settlement and lead it to safety and glory. Gather, build, craft, hunt, raid and follow your Gods to endure hardships of nature and fend off hostile Christian zealots.
  • Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Complete Edition: Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty follows the dramatic, action-packed story of a nameless militia soldier fighting for survival in a dark fantasy version of the Later Han Dynasty where demons plague the Three Kingdoms.
  • Yet Another Fantasy Title: Become a rogue in a fantasy action adventure game filled with absurd humor. Go on a quest to kill the dragon - and realize this is only the beginning. Learn spells from a wizard and brawling from an orc. Save the kingdom, destroy a ring, fight a monstrous beaver!
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