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Final Factory

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Never Games
Developer: Never Games
Release Date: 2025

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'Final Factory' Comes to Steam Early Access In April - Trailer

by Rainier on March 14, 2024 @ 7:00 a.m. PDT

Final Factory is a sci-fi management sim that blends real-time strategy gameplay and bullet hell combat.

It’s time to look to the vast reaches of space for resources in sci-fi management automation sim Final Factory.

Final Factory will have players creating a massive network of space stations and commanding an impressive fleet to take over the cosmos and eventually travel through a black hole.

In Final Factory, players will be able to create a space-faring empire as vast as the cosmos. From interconnected space stations to massive combat fleets players will take over the stars all while managing and automating every aspect of their mega structures. Discovering new technologies and implementing them will be key to players evolving their space stations. Delve into a branching skill tree to discover ways to improve your fleet or smooth out automation. 

It's not all base building and resource management in Final Factory, as you are not alone amongst the stars and the other inhabitants aren’t happy about your presence. Defend your empire against swarms of hostile aliens in fleet gameplay that blends RTS and bullet hell combat. Direct your ships to thwart enemy onslaught to keep your factory and space stations running and primed for expansion. As you defeat enemies, you’ll learn valuable research and gain access to upgrades for your ship and ancient portals for fast travel; keep exploring the universe to get random loot drops that will benefit your factory.

The vastness of space gets a little less empty on April 9th when Final Factory arrives on Steam Early Access, and will remain so for about 18 months.

After an anticipation-building demo where players started on intergalactic manufacturing lines and mega factories to whet their appetites for efficiency in the endless bound, Final Factory is stepping forward with an official early access launch to bring conquest through the means of production to excited space managers everywhere on April 9th.

“We take Early Access very seriously. The game in its current form has a 30-50 hour campaign and endless automation game replayability. We have high standards for stability and performance. Players can expect a production ready game, with some bugs sprinkled about, but nothing game breaking. The game allows for the construction of huge factories and performs well on average gaming computers throughout the game's campaign. Please see the description below for more information.”

“We think the game with be in a 1.0 state with the following additions:

  • Multiplayer co-op
  • Logistics Bots
  • Even better performance
  • One more major content update, including the heat management rework
  • UX improvements around blueprints and the tech tree

Players looking to see what kind of cosmic automation empire they can create early can download the demo on Steam now.

Key Features:

  • Automate Everything: Set up automation to make all aspects of your stations run like clockwork. Design space stations and connect them through careful logistical planning. Automate the production of a massive fleet of ships that will grant you special abilities and help you defend your base against the local aliens.
  • Design Sprawling Space Ships: Every station in Final Factory can move! Slap a rocket onto anything to make it go faster. Design huge battleships that can house their own fleets for battle. Or design and program cargo haulers to carry items to different parts of your factory.
  • Build Massive Scale Mega Structures: Create mega structures like Dyson Spheres and Dark Star Gates to supercharge your factory and delve deeper into the unexplored reaches of space. Scale your structure across an infinite map.
  • Command Your Fleet: The local aliens aren't happy about your presence in the system. Command a great fleet to defend your factory and expand. Gain access to new abilities depending on your fleet composition and take on your enemies in bullet-hell style combat. Or play the game on pacifist mode for a relaxed experience!

Final Factory is coming to PC (Steam) in 2025.

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