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I Witness

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: StoryTale Studios
Developer: StoryTale Studios
Release Date: 2024

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'I Witness' Is A Co-Operative Psychological Horror Game, Coming To PC In 2024 - SCreens & Trailer

by Rainier on April 12, 2024 @ 1:20 a.m. PDT

I Witness is a 2-player online co-op psychological horror game, follows a pair of siblings, Emma and Ethan Lovejoy, on an investigation in the 1986 American suburban town.

In 1986, two siblings, Emma and Ethan Lovejoy, moved to a small and quiet American suburban town where they lived in a house across from a seemingly strange male neighbor. After a missing child case that went wild in their town, they were sure that their neighbor was the perpetrator, compelling them to investigate their neighbor in secret. Their investigation revealed many mysteries, leading to the belief that the neighbor was a serial killer. Invoked by their curiosity of each other, the three of them took part in a cat-and-mouse game until finally it was revealed that the missing child case wasn’t that simple, and the neighbor was hiding a more twisted dark desire the entire time.

Each day brings new events that lead players to uncover the secrets of their mysterious neighbor, who is suspected of being a serial killer. This psychological horror narrative with a twist weaves together co-operative exploration, puzzles, and stealth gameplay, with sound playing a pivotal role.

Players must strategically use walkie-talkies for communication and proximity chat in order to go far in their investigation, and their survival depends on how well they navigate the soundscape. Any sound, from footsteps to thrown objects, can either distract or alert the neighbor, turning the game into a nerve-wracking cat-and-mouse chase.

As the siblings piece together the puzzle, they unexpectedly become entangled in a dangerous game that leads to a disturbing revelation about the neighbor.

I Witness is a game where elements of horror, drama, and psychological thriller blend together. Every sound, decision, and movement brings the player either closer to uncovering the truth, or into their own demise.

From a thrilling investigation of a seemingly creepy and disturbing neighbor, a sound-sensitive cat-and-mouse game with the alleged serial killer, to strategies and combinations of each other's abilities to collect evidence, 'I Witness' will offer you and your co-op partner a new twist of psychological horror adventure experience.

Utilizing Storytale's proven track record of making immersive investigation and atmospheric horror experiences through Pamali: Indonesian Folklore Horror and combining them with Stellar Horizon's high quality graphic-making experience, 'I Witness' will be a merge of story, environment, graphic, and gameplay where both players influence each other's gaming experience.

Key Features:

  • Cooperative Gameplay: Two-player online co-op with characters Emma and Ethan, each with unique abilities.Strategic communication essential, using walkie-talkies and proximity chat for coordination.
  • Character-Specific Abilities: Emma, a teacher, gathers evidence through note-taking, adding depth to the narrative. Ethan, a photographer, captures photographic evidence crucial to the investigation.
  • Stealth and Puzzle-Solving: Gameplay emphasizing stealth to avoid detection by the neighbor. Interactive environment for solving puzzles and creating strategic distractions.
  • Sound-Based Interaction: Integral sound mechanics for stalking, distracting, or evading the neighbor. Walkie-talkie and proximity chat affects gameplay dynamics, enhancing suspense and strategy.
  • Mission-Driven Narrative: Objective to prove the neighbor is a serial killer, with evidence submitted to the police. Story unfolds in the 1986 American suburban town, with each day offering new challenges.
  • Psychological Horror Atmosphere: A tense and eerie atmosphere set in 1986, blending drama, psychological horror, and thriller. The unfolding mystery and the neighbor's dark secrets heighten the psychological tension.

I Witness is in development for PC (Steam), scheduled for 2024.

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