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Genshin Impact

Platform(s): Android, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, iOS
Genre: Action/Adventure
Developer: MiHoYo
Release Date: Sept. 28, 2020

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'Genshin Impact' v4.6 Update Later This Month, Adds A New Character, Underwater Empire, A Rock Music Festival And More - Trailer

by Rainier on April 12, 2024 @ 1:46 p.m. PDT

As an open world action title, Genshin Impact highlights its feature as freely explorable world, multiple playable characters, an in-depth elemental combo-based combat system and an engaging story.

Genshin Impact aims to offer an immersive adventure experience with vast, breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, an engaging element-based combat system, a diverse cast of characters with richly developed stories, and offers both the classic single-player mode and the cross-platform co-op mode for up to four players.

Players will take on the role of the mysterious "Traveler", setting off the voyage of finding their lost sibling, and ultimately unravels the mysteries of themselves and the world.

Joined by a lively companion called Paimon, players will explore the land filled with varied landscapes, culturally – diverse towns, and treacherous dungeons. By mastering the power of the seven elements with a custom party of up to 4 characters, players will overcome merciless foes and fiendish puzzles.

As a free-to-play online title, Genshin Impact enables players to explore Mondstadt and Liyue Harbor – two of the seven major cities in Teyvat – each with unique cultural ambience, stories, vast surrounding landscapes full of diverse creatures and enemies, mysteries, and hidden treasures. Furthermore, the game will continue to expand with more cities, following stories, new characters and seasonal events through live-service updates to enrich the gameplay and expedition in the continent of Teyvat.

HoYoverse announced that v4.6 of Genshin Impact, "Two Worlds Aflame, the Crimson Night Fades," will arrive on April 24, 2024, bringing you Arlecchino, a submerged empire, a rock music festival, and more surprises.

Players can anticipate Arlecchino, the fourth Fatui Harbinger emerging as a recruitable team member and a Weekly Boss. Across the world of Teyvat, a new explorable area with a long-lost underwater empire will finally be revealing itself in Fontaine, while a music festival and a new rhythm game event are set to rock participants in Inazuma.

Arlecchino, known as the "Knave" and Fourth of the Fatui Harbingers, will meet players again as a playable 5-star Pyro polearm wielder and a new Weekly Boss. As a teammate, Arlecchino's combat skills are centered around "Bond of Life," a mechanic that is supposed to prevent its victim from being healed, but that Arlecchino manages to take advantage of to enhance her attack power. Arlecchino may gain a "Bond of Life" bar above her health bar, and when the Bond is equal to or greater than a certain percentage of her health, she will take on an offensive state, granting her Normal Attacks greater strength and non-overridable Pyro damage by consuming her Bond of Life. To maintain sufficient Bond of Life, Arlecchino can impose and collect Blood-Debt Directives on her enemies. Meanwhile, due to her unique Talent, her Elemental Burst will be the only way that she can receive healing effects during combat.

As a new Weekly Boss, Arlecchino will impose a Blood-Debt Directive on players who challenge her. Players who have had a Blood-Debt Directive imposed upon them will suffer from the Bond of Life effect, taking more damage from her attacks and being unable to be healed. Those who manage to repay the Debt will be rewarded with a boost to their Charged Attack. In addition, Arlecchino is also called "Father" by children in the House of the Hearth. More about the House and Arlecchino will be revealed in her Story Quest "Ignis Purgatorius."

Arlecchino will join the first half of the Version 4.6 Event Wishes alongside Lyney's rerun, followed by Wanderer and Baizhu in the second half. The new 5-star polearm "Crimson Moon's Semblance" will also feature in the first half of Version 4.6, focusing on combat abilities revolving around Bond of Life.

For adventure seekers, Version 4.6 also ushers in a new area with a large mysterious underwater empire waiting to be explored. Deep in the Sea of Bygone Eras lies the remains of Remuria, an empire whose heyday and subsequent destruction predates the birth of the Court of Fontaine. Learning its "Symphony" will be key to reactivating certain mechanics and millennia-old devices. As the adventure goes on, players may even meet a certain special dragon, as well as confront the new Boss Enemy "Legatus Golem."

On Inazuma's Watatsumi Island, players will be able to help Itto prepare for the "Iridescent Arataki Rockin' for Life Tour de Force of Awesomeness," as well as enjoy a new rhythm game event. Players will also be able to edit their own rhythm games and invite friends to challenge them via sharing codes. As a reward, they will stand a chance of getting their hands on the brand-new instrument "Nightwind Horn."

Supporting cross-save across all -platforms, Genshin Impact is currently available for PS4, PS5, PC, iOS and Android.

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