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May 2024

Life Is Feudal: MMO

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Long Tale Games
Developer: Bitbox

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'Life is Feudal: MMO' Comes to Steam Later This Week With Event and Balance Restoration Campaign

by Rainier on April 15, 2024 @ 2:07 p.m. PDT

Life is Feudal: MMO is a multiplayer sandbox RPG set in medieval times, featuring free terraforming, a rich crafting system, preset and modular building construction, engaging survival aspects and no-target physics-based combat, and a unique formation system.

Life is Feudal: MMO is an open-world survival masterpiece that takes its players on an epic journey—from being stranded alone to building a community and dominating an empire. It incorporates deep crafting mechanics alongside the ability to build towns, castles, and fortresses, establish alliances with other players or antagonize enemies, as well as terraform the world of Abella.

The game starts off with the player character awakening in a strange land with no knowledge of their past. From there, the players are offered the chance to explore the lush, intricate, and dangerous open world, be it through hunting, gathering, or finding allies. Encounters with distinct tribes will encourage interactions, whether friendly or aggressive, as the players shape the evolving world to fit their own medieval feudal vision.

Life is Feudal: MMO is a large-scale group-focused RPG, that places players in a highly realistic, zero-magic, medieval world where danger lurks around every corner. It's up to players to work together to find resources, craft tools and team up to build a fully functioning feudal society in an unforgiving archaic world. Players may find a place in society as a vassal, a knight, a farmer or even royalty, as their guild builds and expands their medieval societies.

While players may start their adventure in Life is Feudal: MMO alone, as they gather and craft supplies needed to make it to the next day, they will quickly meet up with others to form groups, then guilds, and finally work their way up to complete medieval societies and nation-states. Life is Feudal: MMO is a realistic social experience, where the best way to thrive in the world is to work together and build a fully functioning society, where everyone has a place, from the most basic hunters and gatherers, to farmers, soldiers and civic leaders. There's a place for everyone in Life is Feudal: MMO, and a world ready for them to explore!

Long Tale Games announced the Steam relaunch of "Life is Feudal: MMO" on April 18, 2024. To show appreciation to the game's community, the publisher is launching a special event aimed at the game's original players, the Balance Restoration Campaign. Players who have made any purchases during the previous "Life is Feudal: MMO" round will receive special LiF Coins that can be exchanged for a subscription to the game.

Since the relaunch in June 2023, "Life is Feudal: MMO" has transitioned to a subscription-based model, removing all pay-to-win features. This shift ensures a level playing field for all players, fostering fairness as success in the game now fully depends on the player's skill and effort, creating a more engaging environment. Until now, the game has only been distributed through the publisher's ( own personal gaming platform. However, with this launch, it is now expanding its presence to other stores, starting with Steam.

Evgenii Romin, Publishing Director of Long Tale Games, shared his excitement about the upcoming relaunch and the campaign, stating: "We are incredibly excited to bring 'Life is Feudal: MMO' to a wider audience through Steam and to give back to our community with the balance restoration campaign. This initiative shows our appreciation for our players' support and aligns with our commitment to provide a fair and rewarding gaming experience for everyone."

Since its relaunch, "Life is Feudal: MMO" has undergone extensive development, rebalancing, and bug fixes while fostering a close relationship with the community, paying special attention to the modders. Extensive changes to the game’s balance include over 150 updates to game items, new buildings, professions, and mechanics and the introduction of highly requested features such as an in-game voice chat, anti-cheat, and additional content.

These improvements and popular events like the King of the Hill competition enhanced the gaming experience.

Looking ahead, the roadmap for "Life is Feudal: MMO" includes major updates directly inspired by the community's feedback, such as a new map and many game improvements scheduled for mid-2024. This strategy underscores LTG's commitment to developing "Life is Feudal: MMO" in close cooperation with the community.

Key Features:

  • Terraforming & Construction: deform terrain - Dig tunnels, raise or level hills, and build structures like stone towers, castles and more.
  • Battle formation system: Players can be grouped up into battle formations to fight better together and gain damage bonuses.
  • Crafting: Create tools, weapons and more from resources found within the world.
  • Realistic Player Damage: Combat damage depends on weapons used, armor worn, your character's current physical condition, etc.
  • Full weather effects: There are five climate zones with distinct weather and length of seasons. Weather and climate have a real and meaningful impact. For example, trees grow better in colder temperatures and farming is best in warmer climate zones.
  • Survival gameplay: Players must take into account things like hunger, blood loss, frostbite, and wild animals.
  • Complex food and cooking system: Multiple ingredients when mixed with cooking skills create recipes to help keep players strong. Higher quality food equals better skill bonuses. It pays to keep a cooking master in the group, since their meals can provide bonuses to everyone.
  • Double health and stamina bars: One HP bar measures physical health and the other consciousness. Lose all soft HP and you pass out, but lose all hard HP and you die. The Hard Stamina bar determines how long you can run long distance, while the Soft Bar measures sprinting and short duration activity.
  • A huge persistent world: Explore a massive, no-loading screen world that spans 49 servers and would take several hours to cross on foot.
  • Private property/land claims: Players and groups can lay claim to territory, which will protect it and buildings on it from random looters.

Life is Feudal: MMO is available for $14.99 monthly subscription, with a 7-day free trial for new users and 30 days for owners of the original Life is Feudal: MMO on Steam.

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