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Frostpunk 2

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X
Genre: Strategy
Developer: 11 bit studios
Release Date: 2024

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'Frostpunk 2' Kicks Off Limited Access Beta Today - Trailer

by Rainier on April 15, 2024 @ 10:00 a.m. PDT

In Frostpunk 2 you are once again tasked with playing as the leader of a resource-hungry metropolis where the expansion and search for new sources of power is an unavoidable reality.

Thirty years have passed since the vicious storm that concluded the first chapter of humankind's survival story in Frostpunk, Earth is still overwhelmed by the neverending frost and harsh, icy climate. But the apocalyptic world has moved on. After the age of coal, conquering Frostland for the oil extraction industry is expected to be the new salvation of what’s left of humanity.

The City, settled around the Generator and its life-giving warmth, grew and progressed as the years ticked on. Years of whiteouts have changed the world, giving it a clean slate with which to write a new post-apocalyptic part of its story. Despite the noose of oppression again starting to tighten on a society that is struggling for life-preserving supplies—and increasingly bothered by inner squabbles after recent events—the world is once again facing an era of possibly prolific expansion.

Most notably, however, people changed. And once they feel like they’ve tamed the frost, and the bonding survival instinct has faded, their human nature will come into play, driven by ambition that could spiral The City into the fall.

However, change does not come easily, and not everyone in this new multi-layered society will welcome this new direction.

11 bit studios and the Frostpunk 2 development team are excited to invite players back to the unforgiving Frostlands for an exclusive peek at the sequel.

Today, players who have pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition of the game gain access to a week-long Beta featuring a portion of the sandbox mode known as the Utopia Builder Preview. Additionally, fans can delve deeper into the game with a new developer commentary video, where Frostpunk 2's co-

With the weather somewhat tamed, citizens and factions contemplate various visions for the future. As the new Steward, players must build a council representative of these factions. The ideological conflict is also present in the Utopia Builder Preview mode, where players must reconcile conflicting interests and navigate societal complexities.

Ultimately, human nature can lead to the city's downfall, where one's utopia may become another's dystopia.

While Frostpunk 2 is significantly larger in scale than the original game in every aspect, this Preview offers a glimpse of approximately 40 percent of the full experience awaiting players upon the game's release on July 25, 2024, on PC and via PC Game Pass. Anticipate additional factions, expansive maps and colonies, increased exploration, dramatic occurrences, and a robust narrative campaign mode. The game will also become available on consoles at a later date and will be included with Xbox Game Pass.

You can play the Beta in English and Simplified Chinese only. All the other languages listed on the store page will be available upon the game's full release.

Below you can find the minimum and recommended system requirements for the seven-day Frostpunk 2 beta in April, available for those who purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition.

Minimum System Requirements

  • OS Version: Windows 10/11 (64-bit)
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 / Intel Core i5 2.5 GHz
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: AMD RX 550 4 GB VRAM / NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti 4 GB VRAM / Intel ARC A310 4GB VRAM
  • DirectX Version: 12
  • Disk Space: 30 GB SSD Available Space
  • Additional notes: SSD required, Ultrawide sceen not fully suported during beta

Recommended System Requirements

  • OS Version: Windows 10/11 (64-bit)
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 / Intel Core i7 2.8 GHz
  • Memory: 16 GB RAM
  • Graphics: AMD RX 5700 8 GB VRAM / NVIDIA 2060 RTX 8 GB VRAM / Intel ARC A770 8GB VRAM
  • DirectX Version: 12
  • Disk Space: 30 GB SSD Available Space
  • Additional notes: SSD required, Ultrawide screen not fully supported during beta

The Digital Deluxe edition—also available for pre-order today—offers access to a seven-day beta in April, that consists of part of the game’s sandbox mode.

The Digital Deluxe edition of the game includes:

  • Base game
  • Seven-day beta access to part of the Sandbox mode in April
  • Three paid post-release DLCs
  • Exclusive access to the story mode 72 hours before the official release
  • “Warm Flesh” digital novella, an enticing excerpt from the upcoming Frostpunk book anthology
  • Digital artbook & soundtrack

Frostpunk 2 is coming to PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG) and PC Game Pass on July 25, 2024, followed by PS5 and Xbox Series X|S at a later time.

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