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May 2024

Smite 2

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Hi-Rez Studios
Developer: Titan Forge Games

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'Smite 2' Reveals Ascension Passes And God Mastery Details - Trailer

by Rainier on April 19, 2024 @ 9:43 a.m. PDT

Smite 2 transforms the third-person MOBA landscape with advanced Unreal Engine 5 technology and enhanced gameplay.

Smite 2 takes everything players love about SMITE 1 and wraps it in state of the art visuals, animations and gameplay. With a refined user interface, updated audio, clearer spell effects and fresh physics-based abilities for Gods such as Ymir, everything in the game has been improved. The move to a new backend technology also brings state of the art cross-play, a ranked rework that contains new tiers and structures, alongside improved matchmaking.

Newcomers and veterans will discover new God pantheons, kit refinements, gameplay changes and overhauled Relic and Item systems for deeper strategy, and more impactful combat. As well as a vision control slot and new dynamic map objectives, Smite 2 introduces dual power sources – Strength and Intelligence – to diversify each God's abilities and offer more nuanced and varied playstyles. The reimagined Item Store simplifies item building and will improve new-player learning curves.

Titan Forge Games has released information detailing Ascension Passes and God Mastery systems in Smite 2.

When players complete a game of Smite 2, they’ll earn Worshippers for the God they played. Accumulate enough Worshippers, and players will gain God Mastery Levels which unlock rewards to show off their prowess with that God.

All players will have the ability to work towards free cosmetics for each God.  Ascension Pass holders will unlock even more rewards, including a permanent Worshipper Boost, additional skins, and trackers for the Ascended God. Ascension Passes for the first 11 Gods can be obtained via the Deluxe Founders Edition, and the buyers of the Ultimate Founder’s Edition will have access to passes for the first 23 Gods in SMITE 2.

SMITE 2 God Mastery and NEW Ascension Passes

  • God Mastery
    • Play games of SMITE 2 to earn Worshipers. 
    • Gain Mastery Levels as you reach specific milestones of Worshipers.
    • Earn Cosmetic Rewards when you reach certain Mastery Levels.
    • Many Mastery Levels will provide Cosmetic Rewards for free as you level up.
    • Unlock the Ascension Pass to earn additional Cosmetic Rewards as you level up.
  • Individual God Progress
    • All Mastery and Ascension progress is tracked individually per god.
    • Playing games as a specific god in SMITE 2 will earn Worshipers for that god, which earn progress toward Mastery Levels for that god.
    • Ascension Passes must also be unlocked per god. 
    • Ascend anytime and claim the Ascension Rewards, even if you already reached God Mastery Level 10 on that god.

Free and Ascended Mastery Rewards

  • Free Mastery Rewards 
    • Unlocked Through Mastery Levels
      • 1 Skin
      • Clap Emote
      • Wave Emote
      • God Kill Tracker (New Item Type!)
      • God Assist Tracker (New Item Type!)
      • God Mastery Level 10 Badge (New Item Type!)
      • Mastery Emblem 
      • Mastery Emblem Stars for Levels 11+
  • Ascended Mastery Rewards available after an Ascension Pass is unlocked
    • Unlocked Immediately 
      • Permanent Worshiper Boost for the Ascended God
      • 1 Skin
      • 1 Advanced Tracker (New Item Type!)
      • God Mastery Emote 
    • Unlocked Through Mastery Levels
      • 2 more Skins
      • 1 more Advanced Tracker (New Item Type!)
      • 1 Global Emote
      • 1 Title
      • Additional Loading Screen Cosmetics 

The first 11 Gods that you'll receive Ascension Passes for via the Deluxe Founder's Edition will be Zeus, Anubis, Bellona, Chaac, Ymir, Bacchus, Neith, Anhur, Loki, Cernunnos, and Hecate!

To honour 40+ million SMITE players, a Divine Legacy program has been added. It will reward players for their time and accomplishments over 10 years of SMITE 1, and will honour player spending. Every gem players have previously spent will be converted into Legacy Gems in Smite 2, that can be spent on new purchases. The Divine Legacy program will offer 11 unique skins, badges, Gold Mastery levels, and cross-generation skins that work across both games. Beginning in 2024, all new gem-purchasable skins in Smite will be cross-generation.

Titan Forge Games is committed to supporting both Smite 1 and Smite 2 simultaneously, with Smite 1 servers remaining active once the sequel launches. Players will be able to continue to enjoy their journey in the original game while exploring the new horizons of Smite 2.

Founder’s Edition buyers will enjoy exclusive early access to the SMITE 2 battleground during the pre-launch Alpha Weekend Events, starting this spring. Access will be granted only on the hardware platform the Founder’s Edition is purchased on. Pre-ordering will also grant the exclusive SMITE 2 Cacodemon Ymir Skin. In addition, Founders will receive the 2x Legacy Gems Booster, a special avatar in SMITE, and a badge in SMITE 2, as well as a cross-gen Mega Fan title for both games. The purchase of the Founder’s Edition will also permanently unlock all current and future SMITE 2 Gods.

The Deluxe Founder's Edition includes all of the above and unleashes even more epic content with the new Cross-Gen Nightstalker Neith Skin and Ascension Passes for the first 11 alpha launch Gods. Ascension Passes are God specific progression tracks, which will allow players to unlock special rewards as they complete games in SMITE 2.

Those who purchase the Ultimate Founder's Edition will get the ultimate SMITE experience, unlocking Ascension Passes for the first 23 alpha Gods and a special cross-gen avatar, title, and badge on top of the Deluxe Founder’s Edition content. Additionally, the Ultimate Founder's Edition includes the all new Tier 5 Cross-Gen The Fallen Zeus Skin.

Smite 2 is coming to PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC (Steam/Epic Games Store), and interested fans can register for alpha test access at or Steam Playtest

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