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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action/Adventure
Developer: Blinkmoon Games
Release Date: 2024

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'Necromantic' Is A Survivors-Like Bullet Heaven Game, Coming To Steam Early Access This Spring - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on April 22, 2024 @ 3:25 p.m. PDT

Necromantic is a dark fantasy bullet heaven featuring fast-paced survivors-like gameplay that will have you slaughtering hordes of monsters.

Welcome to Valorborn Academy for Adventurers, where you’ll start as a freshman and try to get noticed. Raise your grades, learn about your fellow classmates, attempt to impress the upperclassmen or your crush, perfect your weapon skills and abilities, complete assignments, and upgrade your standing in the Hall of Records. Gaining infamy and surviving hordes of enemies with all your limbs intact will take studying, going to class, and completing assignments to upgrade and master your skills. Become the coolest kid in school, or die trying.

Necromantic isn’t all about keeping your nose in a book, though. Use a variety of over 40 weapons and abilities that all come from the various classes. Raise your grades in a variety of ways to upgrade your skills and become more adept. After class and long into the night, you’ll explore nearby Kathedril, teaming with undead hordes. Do battle, collect gems and other rewards, then choose wisely in order to level up. Enter the Necromantic realms either as a solo adventurer or together in co-op mode.

Additionally, you can collect textbooks, which can be given as gifts to other students. Learn about your fellow students’ preferences through the yearbook, biographies, and casual conversations in the courtyard, where you’ll discuss lore, life, and love. Dive into this rich new fantasy world and see if you're capable of the challenges that await.

Prepare to enroll in Necromantic, coming to Steam Early Access later this spring and will remain so for about 5 months.

When Necromantic comes out in Early Access, we will be at the Pre-Beta stage, and will include:

  • 3 Hero Characters
  • 3 Playable Maps
  • 8 Upgradeable Weapons
  • 24 Upgradeable Abilities
  • Over 50 Enemy types including Elites and Bosses

“Early access will give our gaming audience the core experience and gameplay 'heart' of what makes Necromantic special. We plan to publish a roadmap that details the characters, weapons, abilities, new hordes, maps, environments and many other additions we are going to add. Multiplayer additions, meta features, extra content are all scheduled as we roll out Necromantic toward full launch.”

Key Features:

  • Dive Into a Bullet Heaven Battleground: Master the art of survival against overwhelming odds in a beautifully dark world.
  • Brave the Dangers and Grow in Infamy: Begin as lowly freshmen growing to to impress your legendary parents by mastering your curriculum.
  • Embrace Cooperation or Solo Prowess: Complete Assignments in the town of Kathedril on your own or with a random player to help you out.
  • Hit the Books, Hit Them Hard: Achieve greatness by hitting the books, unlocking powerful weapons and abilities that unlock new builds to leverage.

Necromantic is coming to PC (Steam) in 2024.

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