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May 2024

The Whims Of The Gods

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: PJ Games
Developer: PJ Games
Release Date: Q3 2024

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'The Whims Of The Gods' Is A Co-Op City-Builder, Coming To Steam Early Access In Q4 - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on April 22, 2024 @ 3:54 p.m. PDT

Take part in a strategic cooperative adventure for two players as together you will build and protect the city of an ancient civilization, facing terrifying enemies and the ultimate challenge of survival.

Start an alliance instead of invading your enemy’s base. Share tasks with your ally instead of juggling them all on your own. Join forces for double the firepower and face a common enemy together instead of jumping at each other’s throats, much to said enemy’s joy. The Whims of the Gods will make you forget all you thought you knew about city-builders.

The Whims Of The Gods is a city-builder game set in ancient times, offering a core gameplay mechanic built around online co-op for two players. As a result, the game will encourage gamers to completely change their way of thinking and the play styles they’ve developed in the past. Instead of competing, players will need to cooperate for mutual benefits. Instead of attacking each other's cities, they’ll defend themselves together against the impending attack of their adversaries. Only together will they be able to face the ultimate challenge of survival.

An ancient civilization is living a seemingly peaceful and carefree life in the heart of a jungle. Receiving from Mother Nature all that’s needed to survive, one could say the natives live in a paradise. But their fate is determined by whimsical deities, and their lives are constantly threatened by ferocious foes emerging from the heart of the volcano. The gods, however, while pulling all the strings, also have one important weakness – vanity. They want praise in the form of gifts and prayers in their temples. And you’re about to use it to your advantage.

Trade with them and buy yourself some time while simultaneously building your empire and growing in power. You’d have no chance all alone, but you’ve lasted this long because you understood quickly that there’s strength in numbers. So you’ve allied with a fellow tribe, and now together you are about to kick some monstrous butts, showing those puppet masters that the disastrous future they’ve planned for you isn’t the only scenario on the table.

 The Whims Of The Gods is coming to PC (Steam Early Access) in Q3 2024, and will remain so for about 3 months.

“Because of the high level of gameplay complexity and the multitude of parameters, the game requires extensive testing to enhance the final gaming experience. There may be various types of errors present in the game. Early Access aims to catch and eliminate them due to our community feedback. We are reviewing the possibility of adding new game endings based on the dev team and community ideas. In the future, we plan a single-player campaign and a proper tutorial.”

“We plan to introduce improved resource management balance, human needs, and the overall city builder layer. We want to enhance the balance of the auto-battler and add refined unit statistics and changes to their abilities. There's a plan to add Quality of Life solutions and a larger map. The Whims of the Gods should be a better-optimized game.”

Key Features:

  • City of Dreams. Build your city and watch it grow. Become the leader of an emerging civilization!: Build a vibrant ancient metropolis, meet the needs of its inhabitants, and efficiently process all acquired resources. Building simple houses or warehouses for food doesn’t seem like much of a challenge, but building complex production systems, growing plants, and breeding animals could be demanding, even for experienced players.
  • A mountain full of dangers. Battle terrifying enemies crawling from the heart of the mountain. Defend your city at all costs!: Make the most out of auto-battler mechanics to defend your city against a growing threat. Activate special abilities while on the battlefield, such as mass healing or dealing increased damage to opponents, all depending on the technological advancements you’ve previously developed and the buildings placed in your village.
  • Chronicle of Destiny. Explore the mystical calendar that shapes your fate, revealing upcoming events!: Prepare your city for what’s coming and try to predict the unpredictable to avoid severe consequences. Sometimes you will need to build hospitals for sick residents, and sometimes warehouses to accommodate exceptionally fertile crops. You’ll never know what the whimsical deities have prepared for you next, but they sure aren’t here to make your life any easier.
  • The anger of the volcano. Face the relentless fury of an impending volcanic eruption!: The destruction of your fledgling civilization is approaching, and faster than you think. Try satisfying the whims of the gods by trading with them to buy yourself more time before the cataclysm strikes. Gain the trust of the deities or cleverly outsmart them. Use the extensive religion mode to your advantage and turn to the gods to receive their blessings. In the end, who said that a disastrous future couldn’t be avoided?
  • Destiny Duos. Take part in a cooperative game with another player. Join forces to create a thriving metropolis!: The Whims of the Gods offers a unique cooperation system. Instead of competing, cooperate. Use the system of key decisions to determine your role in the city's development and how you will progress technologically.
  • The weight of decision-making. Choose your next step carefully – it’ll shape your future!: There are many different ways your city may develop and different paths you can take to reach victory, or fail and vanish, lost to time. Different game endings will unlock depending on your choices, so think twice before you take your next step – the wrong one may cost you dearly.

The Whims Of The Gods is coming to PC (Steam) in 2024.

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