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May 2024

Hotel Architect

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Management
Publisher: Wired Productions
Developer: Pathos Interactive

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'Hotel Architect' Comes To Steam Early Access Later This Year - Trailer

by Rainier on April 24, 2024 @ 1:48 p.m. PDT

Design a wide variety of hotels and serve different clienteles in different locations. As manager you optimize logistics, layout, staff, and amenities. Solve crazy problems and spoil your guests to impress even the harshest critic.

Transform empty property lots to packed profitable hotels! With excellent architecture and management skills, the stars will soon start flooding into your hotels.

Create your hotel from scratch! Design the layout and hire a construction firm that sends its workers to lay the foundation and rise your walls. You can then choose freely which activities to be conducted in certain parts of your establishment. Install amenities, place decorations and choose between different wallpapers and flooring. When your wallet is big enough, you are able to expand your hotel by buying new property lots. Prices may vary between lots depending on their location - lots directly adjecent to historic sites or other tourist attractions tend to be expensive.

Hotel Architect plays out on different locations all over the world, such as England, Paris, Amazonas, Egypt and Las Vegas. Each location has its own challenges with different guest archetypes. Knowing the costumers better than they know themselves is the key here. By adjusting the type of services provided you can effectively integrate into any environment.

Wired Productions and Pathos Interactive are proud to reveal Hotel Architect will be coming to Steam Early Access in 2024.

The hotel-y anticipated builder will feature a host of unique zones as players become building experts and hospitality gurus. It's up to them to build their very own dream hotel from the ground up or rejuvenate dilapidated lots in need of love, designing each and every room to perfection, all while trying to keep their staff happy and the construction line moving.

Leo Zullo, Managing Director of Publisher Wired Productions said, “The Pathos team are a pleasure to work with and the journey into Early Access will be a unique one for Wired, but we really encourage the community to join and help shape the game even more. I know I can't wait to add a nightclub with banging music into the hotels.“

"After several years of silent development, we are thrilled to finally show what we've been working on! Everyone at Pathos has done a great job in getting all systems and content in place, making Hotel Architect the five-star hotel game we have always envisioned," said Accel Sjöström, CEO & Co-founder at Pathos Interactive. "But the journey doesn't end here! There are many fun ways in which we can expand our hotel concept, and the best way of doing this is with the help of a great player community. Therefore, I believe an early access release will suit Hotel Architect perfectly."

Certain actions must go through one of your three advisors - Accountant, Manager and Lawyer. Your advisors are your loyal servants, but may become unavailable if their influence is too badly damaged from failing your risky requests. Asking for illegal actions can limit their ability to do their job and cost them their freedom.

  • Accountant: The Accountant may apply for loans and guide you on how to increase your credit rating by making some magic with the financial reports. Used properly, her economic wizardry sways the banks in your favor.
  • Manager: The Manager helps you adopt new policies which can improve the service offered by your hotel. He can also seek business partners, acquiring new sources of income.
  • Lawyer: The Lawyer is covering your back and he will launch into a full-scale court battle at the faintest whiff of allegations against you. Your partners may lend him services, should they pursue a risky path. He is also an expert at negotiating subsidies with your local friendly politicians.

Logistics is all about balance! Optimize the number of facilities, appliances, and staff needed to accommodate the stream of guests. Every action in the logistic chains plays out before your eyes. No clean plates and utensils in the kitchen? Then the waitress will have to wait for the plates to be cleaned in order to be able to serve the guests their food. Perhaps you need more personell to handle the cleaning of the plates, or maybe add a dishwasher?

You are not your own harshest critic. The culinary and hospitality reviewers will look in every nook and cranny of your hotels. Maybe a chocolate on the bed and whole lot of luck can save you? When getting higher critics and user reviews, you attract more guests that are willing to pay better for your services. Squeeze them for every penny, and you are on your way of creating a magnificent hotel empire!

Key Features:

  • Endless Sandbox Gameplay: Choose freely between all unlocked locations and configure a custom setup (guests types, etc). Start off with an emtpy lot, and build up your hotel from scratch. Let your imagination run wild by experimenting with everything from layout, wallpapers and objects-skins.
  • 100% Observable Logistics: Every action in the logostic chain plays out before your eyes. No clean plates and utensils in the kitchen? Then the waitress will have to wait for the plates to be cleaned in order to be able to serve the guests their food. More personell to handel the cleaning of the plates or maybe add a dishwasher?
  • Dynamic Guests & Preferences: Your guests constantly rate everything from waiting time to the quality of the service and atmosphere. Depending on which type of guest type it is they will prefer different activities. So, in theory a Backpacker type could be completely satisfied while an Upper Crust guest will disapprove. Your reviews and critic ratings are correlated but not necessarily the same.

Hotel Architect is in development for PC (Steam).

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