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April 2024

Where Winds Meet

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action/Adventure
Developer: Everstone Studio

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'Where Winds Meet' Closed Beta Test Planned For Later This Month, Accepting Sign-ups - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on April 3, 2024 @ 9:38 a.m. PDT

Where Winds Meet is an open-world action/adventure RPG, where players will be able to forge their own destiny in the final days of the Ten Kingdoms era of Chinese history.

Experience an epic story, take part in fast-paced martial arts battles, experience different occupations with their own quests, and explore a massive game world that is both beautiful to behold and filled with secrets waiting to be discovered.

Where Winds Meet takes place during the twilight of the Ten Kingdoms - the era in Chinese history when an entire dynasty could crumble in a blink of an eye. The melody of “The Beautiful Lady Yu” heralded the end of the road for the last emperor of the Southern Tang Dynasty. Li Yu ruled the world as the emperor but was better known as the Immortal King of Poetry. It was his love for poetry, not power, that eventually lost him the war and saw him become a prisoner of Song. During the three years of incarceration, Li yearned for his country and lover incessantly. After realizing his fate lay in a cup of poisoned wine, he turned those longings into the masterpiece called “The Beautiful Lady Yu”.

Where Winds Meet is set during the beginning of the Northern Song Dynasty, during an era of war and conflict. The player takes on the role of a wandering swordsman, who grew up during this brutal age, and used their martial arts and sword fighting skills to survive against countless foes. The player is thrust into this ruthless world, and they must choose between upholding their code of morals, in order to protect the innocent and fight for justice or live only for themselves and risk the land slipping further into chaos and despair.

In Where Winds Meet, the swordsman is a master of the blade. The combat involves fast-paced Wuxia-style battles, where the player can counter enemy blows, use Tai Chi to reflect their attacks, or use acrobatics to slip through their guard and strike them from all angles. The player also has access to a number of martial arts skills and ranged weapons, allowing them to break free from one fighting style and use a mixture of abilities to defeat their enemies, creating their own approach to combat. The world of Where Winds Meet is also home to different wild animals and supernatural creatures, who will require their own unique approach in battle. The swordsman’s martial arts skills can also be used to explore the beautiful world of Where Winds Meet, allowing them to scale walls, leap across rooftops, and sprint across the waves. The player also has their trusty steed, which will swiftly carry him across the gorgeous landscape.

Everstone Studio announced that Where Winds Meet will be commencing a limited beta test this month, and will start actively recruiting PC players in North America for the first time.

Players based in the United States and Canada with access to a gaming PC are invited to sign up to participate in the first ever overseas Closed Beta Test. The recruitment period will close on April 18. From April 15 a pre-download will be made available, and on April the 19 the closed beta test itself will begin. To participate in the Closed Beta Test, players will need to fill in the following survey.

Addressing the players who wish to join for the first beta test of Where Winds Meet, Beralt Lyu, Producer from Everstone Studio says: “Recruitment is currently ongoing, and we are excited to embark on this thrilling oriental Wuxia adventure journey with you. Your feedback will be crucial to help us in optimizing and refining the game, so thank you for your attention and support, and we look forward to meeting you!”

Combat is an important part of Where Winds Meet, but there is far more to the game that just trading blows with enemies. The player can have their version of the swordsman take on different roles in the game world, such as becoming a doctor who saves lives, or becoming a merchant earning as much gold as possible. Where Winds Meet also has an expansive free-construction system, with over 600 authentic components that allow the player to build structures in the world and make it their own. The player can also choose to live freely and eschew these side-activities, in order to pursue the main story and face the most dangerous enemies in the realm.

Where Winds Meet offers an immersive open-world sandbox experience that has never been seen before, as the player chooses their own path to their destiny against the backdrop of ancient China. This is a tale of bloodshed, struggle, and sacrifice, but there is also hope, as the player can become the one who can bring about change in society. Where Winds Meet is all about giving players the freedom to tell their own story within its beautiful game world.

Key Features:

  • Creating Legends in a Time of Unrest, a true stage for swordsmen. Players assume the role of a hero forged in a time of chaos, exploring the way of chivalry on an unknown path dominated by blade and blood. They can also broaden their experience to increase their chances of survival. They could choose to be a doctor saving lives in the chaotic world, or a merchant accumulating wealth or play as an NPC traveling the ancient Kaifeng City. Whichever choice you make, you can demonstrate your own unique style - stay true to the original aspiration till the last drop of your blood drains; sacrifice yourself to lay a foundation for a prosperous world; or if you don’t care for fame or wealth, remain free and unfettered.
  • Triumph, Your Way, and cast off the restrictions of Martial Arts Schools. Ch’ing Kung (wall-walking, Running on Water, climbing), acupuncture, Lion’s Roar…… Combat is a key part of Where Winds Meet, with Wuxia skills, attacks, and counter attacks playing a major role. You can even use a Tai chi skill to turn the enemy’s attacks back onto himself. You have the freedom to define your combat style and write your own chapter of martial legend.
  • Open-ended Sandbox role-playing. The free construction system with 600 authentic antique components and the environment system, allow players to interact with the whole world. Exploring the vast landscape of in an unprecedented way. There is wind in the steppe, gentle sunlight through bamboo and enormous, mysterious buildings and stone figures. Taking in the spectacular views of mountains and rivers, you have complete freedom to explore and reveal the secrets and treasures hidden in Jianghu, and freely participate in this “living” history.

Where Winds Meet is in development for PC.

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