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June 2024

Free Stars: Children Of Infinity

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action/Adventure
Developer: Pistol Shrimp Games

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'Free Stars: Children Of Infinity' Returns To The Golden Age of Sci-Fi, Kickstarter Campaign Soon - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on April 4, 2024 @ 10:37 a.m. PDT

The original creators of the science-fiction action/adventure game Free Stars: The Ur-Quan Masters are back in the starship for the epic space saga’s long-awaited continuation: Free Stars: Children Of Infinity.

Free Stars: Children of Infinity is a direct sequel to The Ur-Quan Masters — the sci-fi cult classic that’s been titled “one of the greatest games of all time” and inspired countless other creators in the video game industry, including the visionaries behind celebrated space games such as Mass EffectNo Man’s Sky, and Stellaris.

Set three years after the defeat of the Ur-Quan hierarchy and its Sa-Matra battle platform, a new discovery draws the captain into an old mystery. Hope and conflict continue to be at odds in the universe, and a new threat surfaces that may change everything.

As the newest captain in the Alliance of Free Stars, players will load up their starmap and explore a massive, living universe with hundreds of star systems and thousands of planets. As they navigate these many worlds, they’ll meet alien species whom they can befriend (or offend due to their human ignorance), uncover untold aspects of the story with each new discovery, and collect resources to upgrade their starships and fleets. Players needn't face the various hazards and creatures of the galaxy alone; Free Stars: Children of Infinity will support online cooperative play among friends, plus competitive PvP Super Melee matches.

Free Stars: Children of Infinity heads to Kickstarter on April 16, 2024, to fund its continued development.

Free Stars: Children of Infinity continues the legacy of Free Stars: The Ur-Quan Masters, allowing fans to finally witness a galaxy liberated by the eclectic Alliance of Free Stars.

Developer Pistol Shrimp Games’ founding members Paul Reiche III and Fred Ford (the original founders of Toys for Bob) return to the wondrous galaxy they created to bring a classic space-faring adventure to the modern era — with a retro aesthetic, arcade-style space combat, and a rich player-driven story. 

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