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Evercore Heroes

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Developer: Vela Games

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'Evercore Heroes' Reborn As A 3-player Team Action Roguelite, Early Access Later This Year - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on April 9, 2024 @ 11:34 a.m. PDT

Set in an original science fantasy world, Evercore Heroes is a 3-player team action roguelite that combines intense real-time combat with dynamic teamplay and deep progression.

Set in a beautiful science-fantasy universe overflowing with unique heroes, potent magical abilities, and formidable enemies, each game offers a fresh challenge. Unlock new heroes and powers as you progress to unleash wild new ways to play!

You are one of the Luum Sentinels, a team of powerful heroes defending Lumerea from chaos. The sinister Fate's Blade has shattered the Evercore and disrupted the world's balance of magic. Only by teaming up can the heroes recover the scattered fragments and restore the Evercore before the Fate's Blade corrupts Lumerea's magic forever!

The only way to survive each trial of devious monsters and challenges is to play together as a team. Coordinate your attacks, play your roles, have each other's backs, and you can achieve glorious victory!

Strike out from your home base in Castle Everae to take on one of several highly-replayable missions. Each randomly-selected mission offers you a fresh gauntlet of challenges, monsters, rewards, and one terrifying boss in a tight ~30 minute adventure.

Vela Games today revealed the evolution of Evercore Heroes into an all-new 3-Player Team Action Roguelite coming to Steam.

The new direction will come with deeper storytelling! The sinister Fate's Blade has shattered the Evercore, disrupting the natural flow of magic and causing chaos to spread across the lands.

Follow the story of Lotus and Kaine, former rivals who are teaming up to lead a new band of heroes called the Luum Sentinels. 

They're the only ones who can stop the Fate's Blade army and rebuild the magical treasure known as the Evercore!

Will you be able to save the world or will you let it shatter?

“After our closed beta in 2023, we really listened to all of the amazing feedback we received from our players,” said Vela Games CEO and Co-Founder, Travis George. “Despite some big changes at Vela, our team took that feedback and made an all-new game from the best parts of Evercore Heroes. We really took it back to its roots, focusing on cooperative action and true teamplay with an exciting roster of heroes, which is the kind of fun multiplayer experience Vela has wanted to bring players from day one. I think players will be surprised with just how much has changed for the better. For example, we built a new real-time combat system from the ground up and added full controller support! This makes each of our heroes unique and exciting to play in a way that feels really satisfying. I also want to highlight our amazing community, who has been with us through every stage of development,” added George, “and to show our continued gratitude, everyone who was a Founder in our closed beta will receive a free version of the new game, plus some fun bonus content.”

Unlock a wide roster of powerful Sentinels and discover their unique abilities, customizable upgrades, and diverse personalities.

Each Sentinel is inspired by one of the classic playstyles: Tank, Damage, and Support, yet each hero brings their own twist to these familiar favorites. Some Sentinels will be quite challenging to master!

By collecting powerful Shards, you can redefine your Tank, Damage, or Support role to twist your Sentinel's abilities, create new hybrid roles, and form new team synergies.

Each hero can be customized in every run with hundreds of shards, attribute upgrades, talents, and other modifiers earned by successfully completing challenges. Make meaningful choices as you explore each mission and prepare your Sentinel for the final challenge!

Toss convention aside and discover your meta by experimenting with team compositions, hero builds, and playstyle!

Develop your mastery with every mission. Every encounter with enemies, challenges, and bosses helps you hone in your strategy and skills.

Choose how to allocate your rewards back at the castle to permanently power up your base stats, add new options to your gameplay style, and craft consumable items to help you fight harder and survive longer.

Learn about the Five Realms of Lumerea and their unique cultures and stories. From the wintery peaks of Kru to the jungle nation of Moxy, a rich science-fantasy world is waiting to be discovered.

Follow the narrative campaign and uncover the story of Lotus and Kaine, two heroes tied together through magic, power, and fate. Can they come together to lead their Luum Sentinels against the sinister Fate's Blade army, who seek to corrupt the world's magic?

Evercore Heroes is coming to PC (Steam), with early access planned for later this year.

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