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June 2024

Amber Isle

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Team17
Developer: Ambertail Games

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'Amber Isle' Is A Dino-centric Shop Management Sim Coming To Nintendo Switch And PC - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on April 9, 2024 @ 5:49 p.m. PDT

Amber Isle is a shop management/social sim set in a quaint, friendly world of prehistoric animal islanders called Paleofolk!

Amber Isle welcomes players to the eponymous Amber Isle, a friendly village fit to bursting with an eclectic mix of prehistoric animals (Paleofolk).

As the new (and only) shopkeep on Amber Isle, it falls to players to stock their store with everything their Paleo-pals might need.

Craft and sell items, upgrade your shop, befriend your Paleofolk neighbours and customise the island to bring the village back to life and welcome even more prehistoric pals! Does the microraptor need a micro-chair? The plesiosaur some water-proof paper?

Each customer has their own unique needs and behaviours, so players will need to haggle, pawn, and counter-offer to get the best price possible, making their shop a resounding success and saving Amber Isle from the brink of fossilisation.

Whittled down to its last remaining residents, Amber Isle has well and truly seen better days, and a last-ditch effort to save it sees the grumpy iguanodon Mayor Clawsworth cast a keen yet cynical eye over the new venture, hopeful that Amber Isle can return to its glory days. After designing their own Paleo-character, players will adventure out into the world of Amber Isle, spending their days maintaining their shop, befriending the locals, and improving the village enough to convince other Paleofolk to return and take up residence permanently.

Did you know: Tyrannosaurus rex is closer in time to us humans today than it was to Stegosaurus? T.rex lived 66 million years ago, but Stegosaurus lived 80mil+ years before T.rex existed! Luckily for us, this isn't how things work on Amber Isle- Our Paleofolk consist of prehistoric animals from a range of different geological eras, all waiting to live happily side by side on your island!

Key Features:

  • Open Shop:  Customise, name, and run your shop your way – use the profits to unlock new shop décor, walls, floors, and more, making the space uniquely yours.
  • Rebuild the Island: Rebuild, decorate, and unlock new areas to explore on Amber Isle, and with enough improvement, Paleofolk will start to take up residence on the island permanently.  
  • Meet the Neighbours: Ambler Isle is home to 48 different Paleofolk to befriend, including Ice Age mammals, Permian amphibians, marine life, invertebrates, and more.
  • Paleo-you: Express your penchant for the prehistoric and design your very own Paleofolk – change your clothes, crests, and colours, to create your perfect paleo-persona.

Amber Isle is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam) in 2024.

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