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May 2024

The Ancients

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Camlann Games
Developer: GorillaSoftWorks
Release Date: 2025

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'The Ancients' Is A Turn-Based Survival Strategy Game, Coming to Early Access In June - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on May 14, 2024 @ 2:22 p.m. PDT

The Ancients is a turn-based survival strategy game where you lead a prehistoric hunter-gatherer tribe through the last ice age.

Explore Earth in prehistoric times. The continents are shifting, the last ice age is coming. Fierce predators prowl the land.

Survive the elements, hunt fierce animals, migrate to new continents, advance your technology, make social and political tribe decisions, and evolve your civilization.

The Ancients takes the core mechanics of real-time prehistorical survival strategy, Dawn of Man, and brings it to a unique turn-based experience, complete with deep skill tree, diverse wildlife, real Ice Age biomes and increasingly challenging migration routes to keep your survival skills honed.

You are in full control of how you shape your tribe, and ultimately humanity. Will you be able to survive and thrive?

 The Ancients will be releasing via Early Access (Steam, Epic & GOG) on June 5, 2024  at $19.99 (w/10% launch discount), and will remain so for 8 - 12 months.

“The game mechanics are complete. Bugs exist and the game is not fully polished. Content is not fully finished. AS mentioned, we plan to add new research tech, biomes, maps, craftables, resources, and animals”

“We plan to add new research tech, biomes, maps, craftables, resources, and animals. We will also be adding and removing content according to player feedback.”

Some highlights:
  • A complete tutorial, campaign mode and procedurally generated sandbox mode for infinite replayability are available from Day 1 in the Early Access release
  • 60+ historically accurate resources & animals to discover, gather & hunt
  • 75+ research nodes and society paths to boost replayability and diversify your approach to managing your tribe & surviving the harsh Ice Age environments
  • Needs management mechanics will be familiar to survival fans 
  • Society management mechanics are new and unique to the genre

Key Features:

  • Survive An Unforgiving Planet
    • Survive through the seasons in the harsh conditions of prehistoric earth.
    • Protect your tribe from wild animals, cold winters, drought, and ensure they feel safe.
    • Forage for food and resources to keep your clans healthy and fed.
  • Eat Or Be Eaten
    • Hunt historic wild creatures, and discover new ones as you migrate.
    • Hexagon map tiles for strategic tactical battles with multiple clans.
    • Learn about prehistoric animals with tooltips that are native to each region.
  • Advance Your Tribe
    • Advance your tribe into a civilized society with tools, weapons, and shelter to usher in the new age.
    • Research primitive technology, and craft new tools according to your geographical needs.
    • Witness the historical development of humanity or create your own history.
  • Evolve Your Civilization
    • Discover your own language and build an identity for your tribe so your people will feel united.
    • Create fundamental religious ideas and combine them to create your own spiritual beliefs.
    • Build your own culture, make your tribe patriarchal or matriarchal, polygamous or monogamous, and more.
  • Migrate To New Regions
    • Migrate to different nodes on Earth, even the most challenging climates, and try to survive in whatever biome you travel through.
    • Lose or gain additional clans and members, and strategize how to effectively use each one.

The Ancients is in development for PC, scheduled for 2025.

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