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June 2024

Fae Farm

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC
Genre: Simulation
Developer: Phoenix Labs
Release Date: Sept. 8, 2023

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'Fae Farm' And 'Dauntless' Developer Phoenix Labs Lays Off 100 Employees And Cancels All New Projects

by Rainier on May 17, 2024 @ 12:52 a.m. PDT

Fae Farm is a cozy-casual farming and life simulation/RPG that invites 1-4 players to escape with friends into an enchanted world filled with wonder.

Built with cooperative experiences in mind, Fae Farm enables seamless drop-in, drop-out play through online and local wireless, so players can easily build farms, take on quests, and adventure together. 

In Fae Farm, players take on the role of an adventurer invited to join a friendly community and create a home, while restoring harmony to the land of Azoria. Alone or with friends, players will build out their homesteads, explore varied environments, gather resources, and plumb the depths of the world to uncover the magic they’ll need to rebuild Azoria. 

As players build up their farm and collect new resources, they will have a wealth of choices in decorating their home, from furniture to wall coverings to flooring, and more. With the ability to expand their  home over time, players can collect up to four total homes across Azoria and enjoy Fae Farm's cozy system. Certain pieces of furniture can confer special bonuses on a character, increasing maximum health, energy, and mana, as well as the speed at which players recharge these characteristics when they are inside their home.

In Fae Farm, players experience a unique combination of crafting, cultivation, and decoration as they grow their own homestead and explore the enchanted island of Azoria. Whether solo or up to four players, Fae Farm allows gamers to foster deep relationships, traverse dungeons, and infuse magic into everything they do.

Today is an incredible difficult day. After a long period of evaluating how to navigate our economic environment, we had to significantly restructure our company to pave a path for a strong future.

We are reorganizing Phoenix Labs tp focus our best-in-class live service titles, Dauntless and Fae Farm, and serving their communities.

This unfortunately means canceling work on all other projects at the studio, which will impact many of our colleagues immediately. We are giving notices to everyone whose roles are affected.

This restructuring has not come easily, and truly has been the last resort to ensure Phoenix Labs can survive, and thrive in the long term. It's impossible to put into words how deeply we value every talented individual who has contributed their hard work and passion to every project at our studio.

We are doing all we can to help our departing team members in this interim period and encourage any studios looking for incredible talent to speak with the one-of-a-king people that have been a part of Phoenix Labs' journey.

Phoenix Labs

Fae Farm is available for Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam / Epic Games Store).

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