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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Vibedy
Developer: Jardar Solli
Release Date: 2025

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'Seablip' Steam Early Access Date Set For Later This Month - Trailer

by Rainier on May 2, 2024 @ 11:25 a.m. PDT

Seablip is an open-world RPG/adventure where you fight as a pirate, upgrade your ship, dig for treasure, fish, or investigate why the polar ice is melting.

Solve mysteries of the sea as you seek revenge for the murder of your grandfather and explore an open world in your ship, taking part in strategic ship battles, crew management, island base building, looting treasure, fishing and much more.

In Seablip, explore a vibrant and dense open world containing a series of islands to discover and enemy pirates to defeat, as you roam the seas during a 100 year war between the Redcoats and the Bluecoats.

Inspired by the likes of Faster Than Light and Sid Meier’s Pirates!Seablip allows you to perform a number of tasks as well as allowing the freedom to explore.

Upgrade your ship with extra cannons and inventory space, hiring new crew to aid you in your adventures as you gather resources from a range of sources. Chop trees, mine minerals and water crops as you make use of the tools at your disposal. Engage in a plethora of minigames and activities as you progress, building bases and making use of your trusty fishing rod. Find gold from treasure or earn it by selling your wares, or even take bounties found around the world and enhance your pirate reputation as you get paid.

Solo developer Jardar Solli is proud to announce that the Early Access launch of Seablip for PC, Mac and Linux will begin on May 17th, as flags are raised for Constitution Day, the national day of Norway.

If Seablip is your type of game it should offer several hours of gameplay. I expect the game to be stable as it is. I don’t know about any critical bugs right now, but I will focus on critical bugs before anything else in the development.

Some of the content available:

  • 7 bosses
  • Sailor Morale System
  • More than 5 enemy factions
  • More than 12 islands to visit (some huge, others small)
  • More than 40 different ships (most of them enemies)
  • More than 48 upgrades for your ship
  • Fish Mini Game (WIP, but working)
  • Lockpick Mini Game (Need polishing and more levels)”

A more detailed roadmap will be provided, but here are the main goals for full release:

  • Customize your flag
  • Captain Battles (mini-game where you solve a sea battle with swords instead)
  • Add more ships (late game)
  • Add more islands
  • Finish Main Story
  • More player decor
  • Work with player feedback
  • Polishing
  • Localization (English is also part of this because I know my spelling and grammar isn't the best)
  • Controller support

Seablip is coming to PC (Steam) in 2025.

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