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Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X
Genre: RPG/Action
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
Developer: Archetype Entertainment

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'Exodus' Reveals Details About Silicates, A Game-Changing Symbiotic Alien Life Form

by Rainier on May 21, 2024 @ 8:00 a.m. PDT

Exodus is a sci-fi action/adventure RPG, a narrative-driven experience that marries cinematic storytelling and broad player agency with modern AAA gameplay.

The debut game from legendary RPG creator James Ohlen’s new studio is a next-generation, story-driven RPG that marries cinematic storytelling with deep emotional impact featuring broad player agency and modern AAA gameplay. The story is fueled by the consequences of player choices due to the impact of Time Dilation, and how they change the lives of those we love most. 

In Exodus, humanity has fled a dying Earth, finding a new home in a hostile galaxy – here, we are the underdogs fighting for survival. As The Traveler, you are humanity’s last hope. Your job is to steal alien weapons and technology from the most powerful beings in the universe, the Celestials – humanity’s greatest enemy. But there’s a catch - Time Dilation. As Travelers on interstellar missions, days for you are decades back home. The sacrifices you make to protect your loved ones create unpredictable consequences that change your world -- reshaping the future. Returning home, you confront the consequences of your choices. In Exodus, the outcome of those choices manifests at a massive level, compounding over generations. 

Developer Archetype shared a new in-universe story on Silicates – a mysterious alien life form completely unknown to the Celestials, which forms a game-changing symbiotic relationship with humankind.

When touched, the Silicates transform the host into powerful Daemons capable of fighting against the Celestials as living weapons. However, becoming a Daemon isn’t all positive, as intrusive, violent thoughts take over their minds; for beings with incredible power, only the strongest and most resistant can flourish.

Is the risk worth the reward for the Travelers in their ongoing battle for survival against the Celestials?

Only time will tell.


To say the arrival of humanity in the Centauri Cluster was not easy is a dramatic understatement. We faced unknown challenges and deadly enemies, spread across thousands of planets in hundreds of systems. Against these overwhelming odds, humanity’s focus was on survival.
Fortunately, our ancestors who made it to Centauri were experts in survival. After travelling for generations across thousands of light years aboard the ark ships fleeing a dying Earth, they were not about to back down from any fight.

In Centauri, we encountered harsh, uninhabitable landscapes or regions controlled by creatures that had no intention of sharing their living space with humans. Many of these “aliens” were recognizable as distant relatives of terrestrial animals that had evolved and adapted to their new surroundings. Others were beings genetically engineered to thrive in the most extreme conditions; monsters resembling the things that crawl through the dark corners of our worst cryosleep nightmares.

However, the greatest threat to our survival was – and always will be – the Celestials themselves. Descended from the first settlers from Earth to reach Centauri, these ancient beings have shed the last vestiges of their humanity and evolved into something unrecognizable and terrifying. With technological advancements far eclipsing our own, we found ourselves exposed and at their mercy.

This vulnerability gave rise to The Travelers - heroic explorers who dare to stand as champions of humanity across the Cluster. In their journeys to distant stars, they seek out relics and remnants from lost Celestial civilizations to use in our never-ending battle for survival. But they also found something else. Something even the Celestials hadn’t discovered – Silicates.

Nobody knows exactly what ancient culture gave rise to the Silicates.  The true origins of the Silicates remain a mystery even to this day. We do not know if they were created by a long-forgotten civilization, or if they are true alien “life” that evolved independently in Centauri… or perhaps somewhere else.

For Celestials, Silicate “eggs” appear as rare but simple crystals or gems with no power or significance. Only with the touch of a human does the symbiotic bond awaken, allowing the Silicate to “hatch” and merge with human flesh. For most, this merger is fatal. But for a precious few, it is transcendent. Once a human bonds with a silicate their transformation is radical… and permanent. As the saying goes, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

The symbiotic union of humans and Silicate creates a new being, known as a Daemon. The individual’s skin changes, becoming translucent but virtually impervious. Their musculature evolves, giving them incredible speed, strength, and other physical abilities. They become something greater – something even the Celestials fear.

Silicates are humanity’s leverage. Daemons don’t need weapons – they are weapons. They give humanity a fighting chance against the Celestials; they even the playing field. Because Silicates will only bond with humans, there are some who see them in a religious light. They believe human-silicate coexistence was preordained; it was meant to be and brought to fruition by some higher power. Others just see it as a fortunate break for humanity – a piece of good luck to offset all the hardships that we have endured.

However, Silicates are not without their drawbacks. Daemons are prone to intrusive, violent thoughts and urges. Some theorize the silicates are “speaking” to their hosts through these dark musings, influencing and changing their behavior to suit their own dark purpose. Others feel the silicates merely allow Daemons to tap into the primal shadow that exists within all humanity, buried beneath a veneer of civilization and manners.

But whatever reservations humanity may have about Silicates and Daemons, one thing is certain – the Celestials fear them far more than we do. That alone validates their true value to our cause.

Key Features:

  • Experience the Emotional Impact of Time Dilation - Time Dilation escalates the emotional impact of your story-driven choices like never before. Traveling on interstellar missions at the edge of lightspeed, time moves differently — days for you can be years, decades or even centuries for those back home. The world you fight so hard to save moves on without you, changing and evolving while you are left behind. In your absence, friends and family will grow old and change, while you remain the same, forcing you to exist outside of time.
  • Explore A Universe of Possibilites - As the Traveler, you navigate the stars on missions to steal alien weapons and technology from the most powerful beings in the universe and humanity’s greatest enemy, the Celestials. These remnants are used to fight a destructive force that threatens the entire galaxy, including your homeworld. Through exploration, you gain an understanding of your universe, the Celestials, and how you are connected to the fate of humanity.
  • Lead A Diverse Cast of Companions - As humanity's savior you will lead a diverse set of companions in your fight for humanity, many of whom have their own quest and romance paths. Willing to brave unfathomable danger, and to stare into the abyss at your side, they are ready to join you in facing whatever arises. These are not just brave soldiers – they are genetically engineered savants, punk mech pilots, geniuses cursed with alien viruses and more.
  • Own Your Journey – In EXODUS, you have the agency to customize your experience, from your character to your progression, combat style and the companions you choose. With each mission you grow more powerful as you progress from a lowly salvager to humanity’s last hope. As you infiltrate dangerous alien strongholds, you’ll need to decide which combat tactics and strategies you’ll use to exploit your enemy’s weakness.

Fans interested in joining by becoming Founders can sign up now to earn exclusive in-game items.

Exodus is in development for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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