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June 2024

Crime Boss: Rockay City

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Publisher: 505 Games
Developer: InGame Studios
Release Date: March 28, 2023

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'Crime Boss: Rockay City' Comes To Steam In June, Development Roadmap Extends Into 2025

by Rainier on May 21, 2024 @ 8:54 a.m. PDT

Crime Boss: Rockay City is a star-studded co-op organized crime game FPS set in the seedy underbelly of '90s Florida.

Rockay City. A thriving metropolis with excitement buzzing from the sandy bay to the towering skyscrapers. But beyond the glamour, there is a fierce turf war raging on…

Crime Boss: Rockay City centers around Travis Baker’s (Michael Madsen’s) attempt to claim the underworld throne of Rockay City through a series of turf wars, robberies and crazy side stories after the demise of the previous crime boss. Carefully pick Baker’s crew based on their skills and expertise and claw your way to the top in a single player campaign or jump into the PVE co-op multiplayer and execute thrilling hits and heists with up to four players. Fail and you leave empty handed, but succeed and you’ll find yourself richly rewarded as the city slowly falls under your control.

Featuring an all-action, all-star cast of 90’s heroes, Michael Madsen is joined by Chuck Norris, Danny Trejo, Kim Basinger, Danny Glover, Michael Rooker, Damion Poiter, and the legendary Vanilla Ice. 

Publisher 505 Games and developer INGAME STUDIOS proudly announce the Steam release date of Crime Boss: Rockay City, the Organized Crime multiplayer shooter combining action set-pieces, turf wars, and brand-new, over-the-top, killer-robot themed Expansion Pack ‘Cagnali’s Order’ (coming to all platforms).

Releasing on Steam June 18th having undergone huge developmental improvements, patches, and eight updates over the past 12 months, Crime Boss: Rockay City, is on a mission to turn the heisting genre around (itself included!), with improvements and feedback taken directly from the ever-growing Crime Boss community and fans. 

Cagnali’s Order features four dystopian missions where the RCPD have been joined by an evil mega-corporation's robotic police squad. Bursting with new enemies, a new boss, playable characters (plus obligatory laser gun!), Cagnali’s Order forms the backbone of the expansion package (which already includes a re-worked gaming system, levels, weapons packs, heists and so much more.)

“We are so thankful to the growing community for sticking with Crime Boss as we work tirelessly to improve and build upon the game,” said Jarek Kolář, Head of Development at INGAME Studios, “Crime Boss: Rockay City coming to Steam is another huge leap forward for the game, and we welcome people to revisit Rockay with fresh eyes. We’re so excited for the future of Crime Boss.”

INGAME Studios is also working on a roadmap of content into 2025, with various new levels, characters and perks in the pipeline, from Halloween themed content later in ‘24, through to Winter Ops heists in ‘25.

Key Features:

  • Make Sure You’re Connected: Rockay City doesn’t just look and feel like the 90s, you’ll find a few familiar faces there too. From the charismatic Travis Baker (Michael Madsen) and his team of planners and handlers (Michael Rooker, Kim Basinger, Danny Glover and Damion Poitier), to rival gang bosses (Danny Trejo and Vanilla Ice) and the righteous Sheriff Norris (Chuck Norris): it’s not what you know, but who you know.
  • Keep Your Friends Close: Stealing everything from cash and drugs, through to priceless artifacts is more fun with accomplices. Jump into the PVE co-op multiplayer and take on thrilling hits and heists with up to four players. Fail and you leave empty handed, but succeed and you’ll find yourself richly rewarded.
  • And Your Enemies Closer: Play as Baker as he builds his empire using strategy, cunning and a little fire power to carry out heists and take territory from rival gangs. Winning the turf war won’t be easy though – between Dollar Dragon, Hielo, Cagnali and Khan trying to take the city for themselves, and Sheriff Norris aiming to stop you all in your tracks, this roguelike campaign will reward and punish in equal measure.
  • The Best Revenge is Massive Success: These aren’t just nameless thugs – these are real people, with real big problems. Explore how Ropes, Jupiter, Runaway and the gang ended up in Rockay City and help them pull off different jobs to get back on top. Each story is made up of multiple missions, which allows you to fully experience their life of crime.

Currently available for PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC (Epic Games Store), Crime Boss: Rockay City is coming to PC (Steam) on June 18, 2024.

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