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June 2024

The Precinct

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Kwalee
Developer: Fallen Tree Games
Release Date: 2024

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'The Precinct' Shows Off Immersive Gameplay In 2 Minutes Of In-Game Footage - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on May 21, 2024 @ 3:36 p.m. PDT

The Precinct immerses players in a captivating experience as they navigate the richly detailed early-1980s Averno City — a single-player, top-down, action sandbox police game.

Within this neon-noir action sandbox, where gangs reign over the streets and corruption taints the very fabric of the city, players will embark on a relentless quest to uncover the truth. Engaging in thrilling vehicle chases through destructible environments, they will attempt to restore order and bring justice to the troubled metropolis.

You are Officer Nick Cordell, Jr. As a rookie beat cop fresh out of the Academy, you're on the front line of defence for Averno's citizens. Dive into a world of thrilling car chases, procedurally-generated crimes, and a healthy dose of 1980s noir as you protect the populace and solve the mystery of your father's murder in the line of duty. 

Take to the Streets 

A love letter to classic cop movies, The Precinct combines police sim detail with action sandbox spectacle. Patrol the streets and respond to callouts to fight criminals petty and powerful. Choose your own tactics in thrilling chases and shootouts. Feel the shifting power struggles of Averno's gangs in a living city full of procedurally generated crimes, from parking infractions to bank heists, street racing to drug deals. 

Hot Pursuit 

Speed through the city in intense car and helicopter chases and pursue your mark through twisting alleyways before bringing them to justice. There's no need to be a lone wolf: You've got Averno's Finest backing you up, with an in-depth support system that allows you to call in squad cars, roadblocks, spike strips, and more. 

A Sleepless City 

Explore the ever-shifting criminal underbelly of Averno City. Deal with yuppies, bums, street vendors and furious taxi drivers from the Projects to the Financial District. Chase perps through neon-lit alleys, rain-soaked streets, and grand, decaying parklands, all subject to a day/night cycle and dynamic weather. This is the 1980s East Coast in all its neon-noir glory. 

Titled "A Day in Averno City," the newly released trailer provides an enthralling glimpse into the immersive experience awaiting players. Narrated by Lewis Boadle, Art Director at Fallen Tree Games, the trailer showcases the daily routine of a beat cop navigating the bustling streets of Averno City. With meticulous attention to detail, Boadle walks viewers through the game's patrol mechanics, offering a tantalising taste of what awaits within this dynamic world.

"The Precinct" sets itself apart by seamlessly blending the nuances of police procedural with the excitement of open-world exploration. Players will step into the shoes of law enforcement officers tasked with maintaining order in Averno City, a sprawling metropolis teeming with life and intrigue. From routine traffic stops to high-stakes criminal investigations, every decision made will shape the fate of the city and its inhabitants.

Ade Lovell Lawton, Head of Marketing at Kwalee Gaming, shared his enthusiasm for "The Precinct," stating, "Fallen Tree Games poured their hearts and souls into creating an experience that captures the essence of both police simulation and sandbox spectacle. 'A Day in Averno City' offers just a glimpse of the rich tapestry of gameplay awaiting players, and we can't wait for them to dive in and experience it for themselves."

The Precinct is coming to PC (Steam / Epic Games Store), PS5, and Xbox Series X|S in 2024.

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