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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Toplitz Productions
Developer: SpaceRocket Games
Release Date: 2025

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'Permafrost' Is An open-world Survival Game, Coming To PC Early Access In 2025 - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on May 21, 2024 @ 6:20 p.m. PDT

Permafrost is a survival game with a chilling narrative that thrusts players into a bleak, open-world urban landscape where survival is not just a choice—it's a necessity.

Embark on a brutal journey of survival in a perpetual winter. Hunt and gather resources for building and utilize deep survival mechanics to craft your way through a harsh, unforgiving landscape. Forge alliances or dominate the remnants of humanity in this chilling open world saga.

In the year 2035, an apocalyptic cataclysm reshaped our world, leaving behind a chilling wasteland known only as the Permafrost. In this frozen realm, humanity's very existence hangs by a thread. Communication crumbled, society fractured, and survival became paramount. Whether human or beast, solitary or united, all face the same relentless struggle.

The game reveals the collapse of existing political and economic structures and the deadly winter cold that has resulted in the deaths of billions of people. As a survivor, adaptability is key. Brave the bone-chilling sub-zero temperatures which will have an effect on character capabilities, hunt elusive prey, and repurpose salvaged machinery to craft the tools needed for survival. But beware, for in this frozen wasteland, danger lurks at every turn—from hostile factions vying for control to the ever-present threat of natural predators.

Players of Permafrost have the opportunity to prevent the further extinction of humanity by building a shelter and establishing peace for the scattered communities that survive.

They will have the freedom to forge their own path, whether it's banding together to rebuild society or carving out a place for themselves in the unforgiving wilderness. Construct intricate shelters from scrap, cultivate crops to stave off hunger, and harness the power of technology to fend off threats both human and environmental. Navigating the frozen remnants of civilization with vehicles and on foot plays a huge part in exploration and discovery as players strive for survival.

It’s not just the brutal elements that are a threat, in Permafrost players will use deadly combat to defend against threats using primitive weapons or firearms, whether facing hostile enemies or natural predators in this relentless battle for survival.  

“At Toplitz Productions, we are increasing our presence in the survival genre with both, crossover titles like Medieval Dynasty and Sengoku Dynasty as well as hardcore titles like Serum. Teaming up with the skilled developers at SpaceRocket Games is the next step in this journey. Together we are  thrilled to unveil „Permafrost“ - our newest venture in the survival segment - a title that combines a modern post-apocalyptic setting with intricate resource management and deep survival mechanics, promising players an immersive and dynamic gaming experience.” said Matthias Wuensche, CEO of Toplitz Productions.

Key Features:

  • Survival in a Harsh Environment: Adapt to the perpetual winter by scavenging for resources, hunting rare animals, and crafting essential tools for survival amidst the unforgiving elements. Adapt to the conditions and learn to adapt to ensure survival.
  • Manage resources: In the harsh environment resources are scarce and managing them is critical. Wood is not the only resource to build with and use for warmth, batteries of the time before the Permafrost are also amongst the most valuable things one can find.
  • Base Building and Crafting: Construct shelters, cultivate areas to grow food, and develop technology with upcycled materials to thrive in the icy expanse, utilizing blueprints and engineering skills to create essential structures and equipment to make destroyed buildings accessible and useful.
  • Preserve life: Maintain your character's capabilities and vitality to avoid hypothermia, manage your equipment and resources to cope with the demanding climate.
  • Dog Companion: A rescued dog serves as a canine early warning and faithful companion, utilizing its keen sense of smell and awareness when roaming the wilderness. Your canine companion also helps carry items.
  • Dynamic Decision Making: Navigate moral dilemmas as you decide between rebuilding society or seizing power, shaping the fate of humanity amidst the frozen wasteland. Forge alliances or stay isolated, defending what you have built.
  • Exploration and Discovery: Uncover the secrets of the 'shattering' as you explore the frozen remnants of civilization by land and sea, seeking out valuable resources and unraveling the mysteries of the past. Traverse the harsh open world landscape by vehicle or on foot.
  • Cold Zones: Explore cold zones that will test your resolve and skill for additional resources and other valuable loot, scout and restore buildings and even create new living space for you and others.
  • Deadly Combat: Defend against threats using primitive weapons or firearms, whether facing hostile enemies or natural predators in this relentless battle for survival. Use your sense of surroundings to sneak up on them or to safely avoid the fight.
  • Multiplayer Co-op: Go alone or join forces with friends in online co-op to scavenge, craft, build and survive a brutal world utilizing resources to forge an existence in a sub zero climate.

Permafrost is scheduled to launch on PC (Steam Early Access) in 2025.

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