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June 2024

Frozen Flame

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Ravenage Games
Developer: Dreamside Interactive
Release Date: 2023

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'Frozen Flame' Open Alpha Adds New Biome, Monsters, Updated Combat System And More

by Rainier on May 29, 2024 @ 8:26 a.m. PDT

Frozen Flame is a multiplayer survival action/RPG that offers a fresh take on the survival genre by enhancing it with deep role-playing experience.

Embark on an epic fantasy adventure in this dying world of dragons. Choose a path, amass power and gather allies to make a stand against the cursed forces of the Citadel, and the destructive influence of the Frozen Flame. Decide the fate of the world through your actions in this open-world survival online RPG.

Calamity has befallen the mythical world of Arkana. The curse of the Frozen Flame has set the world’s death in motion. Its hope of survival lies in the hands of heroes who have slept for untold ages.

In Frozen Flame players will shape Arkana’s destiny with their actions. Players can choose their path and seek out power and allies to stop the destruction caused by the Frozen Flame or keep the resources and power they’ve found for themselves, competing against other players to amass more. Whether players decide to lend their power to the world around them or to increase their own, they’ll be able to hoard their powerful resources in the houses they build.

The lands of Arkana are vast and varied and players will face a multitude of environmental conditions and creatures twisted by the land’s curse as well as colossal guardians. As players explore they’ll shape the environment around them, etching their memory into the lands and affecting the realm’s conditions not only for themselves but for other players on the server.

Players will be able to defend the world of Arkana solo or with friends on locally hosted games or join official online realms for a chance to play with (or against) other players from around the world. For those looking to fully customize their experience in Frozen Flame, server rentals will be available.

Frozen Flame returns with an Open Alpha for a new update!

 While it's still in development, we don't want to keep you waiting any longer. To give you a sneak peek, we're opening access to the alpha for everyone.

Alpha Version Access

First and foremost, we want to show our current progress to those who are concerned about the future of the Frozen Flame. In the alpha version, you can explore the foundation of the new biome.

  • New portal and biome (no quests or activities yet)
  • New monsters
  • New armor
  • Updated combat system
  • Reworked ability tree
  • Flying adjustments

Keep in mind that it's still missing balance, optimization, and localization. We've already conducted closed testing and are now actively working on the beta version, which will include quests, rebalancing, and all core activities.

To access, switch to the Alpha branch in the game settings on Steam.

IMPORTANT: Backup your game save before testing, as many aspects will change in the final version.

To make backups you should navigate to your save files location. The path should look like this: C:\Users\%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\FrozenFlame\Saved\SaveGames

Copy the “SaveGame00” - “SaveGame04” folders to a different location. If something unfortunate happens to the files during your Alpha experience, you can place the copies back and overwrite the broken saves.

We have reduced the game's price to make it more accessible. All existing purchasers will receive a premium pack (sold separately)

Future Plans

The beta version update and release date will depend on open alpha test results.

After releasing this update, we plan to transition to developing the final part of the game, which will include the Ice Citadel area and end-game activities. Some of the content for this update is already prepared and waiting to be unveiled, so we hope this will expedite the process. Rest assured, we are committed to bringing the story to its grand conclusion.

Frozen Flame is now available on Steam Early Access for $29.99.

Key Features:

  • Shape the Destiny of the World: Looming over the horizon, with its massive silhouette dominating the landscape, stands the Ice Citadel. It now captured by the Faceless – a being of immense power, blighting the lands of Arсana. His power grows ever stronger, sending waves of destruction across the lands which will freeze the world in eternal ice if it is not stopped.
  • Rediscover the Knowledge of the Ancients: Your ancestors were once beings of great power, who shaped these lands with unbending wills of iron and the skills of great masters. Gather their knowledge, absorb their essence to obtain their powers and choose your own path in this fully-developed RPG world.
  • Reimagined survival experience: Build a fortress capable of protecting your party and the possessions you’ve amassed along the way. While keeping the destructive powers of eternal winter at bay, it provides you with much-needed means of production to overcome the harsh conditions of the cursed lands and rest when the breath of ancient Dragons brings the destructive powers of winter to your doorstep.
  • Change the rules: Host a server with custom rules to bring an additional challenge for your party or create a custom game that works the way you want to play it. The procedural generation of the landscape provides the ability to create an experience unique in every way possible.

Frozen Flame is coming to PC (Steam) in 2024.

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