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June 2024

Maximum Football

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
Genre: Sports
Publisher: Modus Games
Developer: Invictus Games

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'Maximum Football' Kicks Off Beta Playtest Today, Early Access In Q3 2024 - Trailer

by Rainier on June 11, 2024 @ 12:00 a.m. PDT

With rich customization features and a realistic recreation of the sport that makes you feel every hit, Maximum Football lets you build your dream team while playing the game you love the way you love.

Maximum Football allows players to take control of their football destiny. Players will have the choice to take on the league with professional or college rule sets. This is your league now.

Start your college career or play with the pros across varied and dynamic stadiums around the country. As head coach, make all the decisions, from drafting your roster to calling the plays. The Maximum Football universe has been completely overhauled to deliver players an ultrarealistic experience that is entirely free to play.

Fully customize your team, recruit your dream roster, and take it to the gridiron locally or online as you build your legacy. Tight, rewarding moves allow players to feel the true sensation of being on the field and smooth, responsive controls mean every play is performed as planned. Live service content ensures fresh chances to up your game as you rise through the ranks to take your place beside the legends.

Lead your team to victory in the ultimate football simulation. As head coach, make all the decisions, from drafting your roster to calling the plays. The Maximum Football universe has been completely overhauled to deliver players an ultrarealistic experience that is entirely free to play.

Additionally, Maximum Football’s beloved Dynasty Mode is back, allowing players to step in as head coach of their team and build their ideal football program. Draft, recruit and manage the team of your dreams and lead them to greatness. 

Maximum Football is playable for the first time as part of Steam Next Fest from today until June 17.

Developer and publisher Maximum Entertainment released the Beta alongside a new trailer announcing Maximum Football will launch Q3 2024 into Steam Early Access.

For this Beta playtest, we are limiting the scope to an Exhibition Mode with select teams and Customization Mode. Why? Because to make the most realistic simulation football game possible, we need to hear from you about the on-field gameplay and current set of customization features. Because this is a Beta and Maximum Football will change with the help of your feedback, you will not be able to save your results, as well as any team or player created during the Beta period.

Maximum Football’s full release will feature unparalleled team and player customization, allowing fans to alter every aspect of their team from custom plays to the team’s logo and individual pieces of equipment. Joined by College and Pro Football modes, daily and weekly challenges, along with an expansive roadmap of content updates, Maximum Football is a fully realized football sim suited for repeat champions and aspiring rookies alike.

What Will the Beta Contain?

The beta will run from June 10-17 and feature:

  • Two teams to play as
  • One stadium to play in
  • Unlimited play time
  • Ability to create teams and players using the Customization tools

Note: Created teams and players won't be savable or playable during the beta.

How Can You Help

Play the Beta and provide feedback on the following features via this survey.

  • On-Field Gameplay
  • Customization Features
  • Join the Discord and share additional thoughts

As you share feedback, we'll update this Known Issues document with the latest information.

Looking Ahead: What's in the Steam Early Access and 1.0 Versions

  • Dynasty Mode with 130 teams to play
  • Exhibition Mode
  • Competitive Multiplayer
  • Deep Customization
  • Franchise Mode
  • Career Mode
  • And much more!

Ready to go head-to-head in online multiplayer? With the unmatched realism provided by Unreal Engine 5, your battle to the top will feel authentic and exhilarating. Maximum Football also features local competitive and co-op play, allowing football stars to play how they want whenever they want. With brand-new downloadable content to be delivered regularly after launch, there will never be a dull moment. A steady stream of new rule sets, modes, customization options, and features allows Maximum Football to truly be the go-to experience for all football fans.

Key Features

  • Unmatched Realism and Physics: With stunning graphics, authentic gameplay, and realistic physics-based tackling, all powered by Unreal Engine 5, you'll feel like you're on the field with your team. Breathe in the energy from the crowd: it’s go time!
  • Dynasty Mode: Assume the role of a head coach and build your ideal league. Draft, recruit, and manage your dream team to take them all the way to greatness.
  • Pro Season Mode: Play through a professional season against 31 teams, all going head-to-head for the championship. Hit the field and lead your team to glory.
  • Endless customization: Personalize every aspect of a team, from logos, jerseys, and helmets to individual pieces of equipment, and then share your creations with the community.
  • Local and Online Multiplayer: Go player vs. player in online Head-to-Head modes or enjoy cooperative local play with friends.
  • Ongoing Content: The game continues to expand with new downloadable content being rolled out regularly, including fresh new features, new rule sets, new modes, and additional customizations.

Maximum Football is coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S and PC (Steam)

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