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Steam Next Fest Is On Now, Hundreds Of Demos Available - Day #2

by Rainier on June 11, 2024 @ 4:23 p.m. PDT

The June 2024 edition of Steam Next Fest is officially underway, with hundreds of free demos just waiting to be played!

Hundreds of free demos await you as Steam Next Fest kicks off a full week of fun, all in celebration of upcoming games on Steam.

Be sure to check out the livestream schedule to see when your favorite devs are in action! And don't forget to wishlist your favorite demos to be notified when they ship.

Steam Next Fest is on now through June 17th at 10am PT!


  • Aerial_Knight's We Never Yield: Discover pulse-pounding stylized parkour action as you run, jump, smash, and slide through an afro-futurist-inspired kingdom. Enjoy a single-player or two-player local cooperative mode and experience the story of two brothers and their unexpected return to their lost kingdom.
  • ASKA: Lay claim to unspoiled lands and pave the way for a fierce Viking tribe. Craft the ultimate settlement solo or together with up to x3 friends. Trust in the Gods and the power of the Eye of Odin and summon intelligent NPC villagers to provide camaraderie and relief from the toils of survival.
  • B-PROJECT RYUSEI*FANTASIA: Become the A&R of the famous B-Project in this unforgettable idol Visual Novel. Support a group of 14 idols from their humble beginnings through to fame. Befriend them, influence their music and help them through turbulent times as they follow their dreams
  • Beyond Galaxyland: Take to the stars in the retro-futuristic adventure-RPG, Beyond Galaxyland! Spanning the very cosmos, join Doug and his plucky, gun-toting guinea pig, Boom Boom, on an exhilarating, planet-hopping journey to save Earth itself.
  • BLADE CHIMERA: Explore Dark Osaka as the Demon Hunter Shin. Battle demons to recollect your lost skills, and to recall the details of your past and your missing wife in this exciting occult-inspired cyberpunk metroidvania game featuring a unique skill tree system.
  • Cave Hikers: A relaxing and humorous 2D interactive cartoon mockumentary that follows three characters through a cavernous world, on a quest to find the mystical 'cave with an infinite ceiling'.
  • Celestia: Chain of Fate: A romance-fantasy visual novel that delivers a captivating player driven narrative. Enrol at Celestia Academy and uncover your heritage. Delve into a fantastical realm and unearth your magical potential as a hybrid. Forge new friendships and build affections based on your love interests.
  • Dark and Deep: A conspiracy podcast drags you into a hauntingly illustrated world of mystery and terror. Reveal secrets and horrors with mystical frames given to you by a strange observer. Dark and Deep is a first person cosmic horror game with a focus on puzzles and exploration.
  • DEATHWATCHERS: DEATHWATCHERS is a 4 player online co-op 'spot the difference' style, psychological horror. Use the equipment at your disposal to locate & log as many events as possible. Build your ritual and try to cleanse the locations of any demonic threats. An incorrect ritual and you may never leave.
  • Debtors' Club: Be the tax collector of a shady city hall in this narrative-driven resource management game. Talk to debtors, manage a team, make difficult choices, and challenge the city's moral decay. It's their money, but it's your job.
  • dev_hell: Join the tech industry and contribute to the downfall of society in this first-person roguelike deckbuilder.
  • Drill Core: Corporate greed meets strategic planet-mining in Drill Core! Drill to the heart of planets while managing workers, researching cutting-edge tech, and fortifying against alien attacks. Will you prioritize efficiency and risk your workers' safety, or focus on defense for survival?
  • Dustborn: Ragtag crew? Check. Musical gear? Check. Tour bus and robot driver? Check. Stolen package? Check! Embark on a perilous road-trip across a Divided States of America. Use the power of words to shape relationships with your crew, get out of trouble and reach your final destination.
  • Echoes in the Deep - A Fateforge Tale: It’s time for one last heist. How you achieve it is down to you. Explore the Free City, prepare and equip your crew, keep them loyal and navigate the difficult choices you’ll need to take to succeed.
  • Eden Crafters: Embark on a journey of survival, crafting, and automation in Eden Crafters, a co-op, open-world game that challenges you to turn a hostile planet into a habitable haven for humanity. Temper the climate, create a breathable atmosphere, and turn toxic lakes into water: shape a new world!
  • Endzone 2: Endzone 2 is a post-apocalyptic survival colony builder, where you embark to secure humanity's survival after a cataclysmic disaster. Discover and repopulate the last habitable grounds, while the survival of your people hinges on your wits, foresight, and resilience in a harsh and unforgiving world.
  • Fading Skies: Explore a vivid fantasy world full of mystery, memorable characters, and heartfelt narrative. Unlock the powerful abilities of Ryn and her dragon companion, as you join her quest to stop the planet’s collapse. Only by confronting the shadows of her forgotten past can the future be saved.
  • Fantastic Haven: Restore the equilibrium of magic by saving endangered fantasy creatures. Build your shelter to welcome and protect them, explore unique regions, rally neighboring populations to your cause and rehabilitate creatures in their natural environment.
  • Fera: The Sundered Tribes: Fera: The Sundered Tribes is an enthralling mixture of monster hunting survival action RPG with village building and tribe management in a unique post-apocalyptic fantastical world of untamed magic and ancient secrets.
  • Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn: From games studio A44, makers of Ashen, comes an explosive Souls-lite, where Gods and guns collide in a battle for the future of humanity.
  • Forgotten Mines: Wreak vengeance and retake lost mines from goblins, orcs, skeletons, and demons in this small-scale tactical roguelite RPG. Build the perfect expedition team and turn the underworld red with each challenging, fast-paced run.
  • Freeride: Freeride is a game about YOU. Board a train to the Spirit World in our oddball RPG where you make friends, use telekinesis, find secrets, consume ice cream and chart your own path. Each character is uniquely troubled, and in helping them find their way, you might just find yourself, too.
  • G.I. Joe: Wrath of Cobra: Yo Joe! Cobra returns once again with its most fiendish plot yet and it's up to G.I. JOE to defeat them once more! Pick one of the real American heroes, gear up, and get straight into the fight in this retro side-scrolling beat 'em up - and make Cobra RETREAT yet again!
  • Global Farmer: Farm the world in an immersive top-down management game that lets you choose your farm's location anywhere on the real-world map! Want to experience a rich strawberry harvest in the French countryside? Or challenge the hot sun in South America? The choice is yours!
  • Golden Lap: Step into the polished shoes of a racing team manager in the heart-stirring Golden Era of motorsport where every decision can lead to glory or gravel. With sleek minimalist charm and deep strategic gameplay, Golden Lap offers a unique experience in the motorsport management genre.
  • Gourdlets: An easygoing sandbox game about building towns for cute vegetable folks. Create your perfect community then watch as the gourdlets make themselves at home. No objectives, no points, just good vibes. Play in full screen, or let your gourdlets hang out at the bottom of your screen!
  • Grunn: A gardener gets hired for maintenance work over the weekend. A simple task, but strangely some tools are missing…The owner of the garden isn't around, and their house is off-limits. Perhaps new tools can be found in the mysterious town, or maybe some of the reserved townsfolk have seen them?
  • Haunted Bloodlines: Haunted Bloodlines is a first person survival, psychological horror game. In the dark rooms of an expanding mansion, a terrifying story unfolds. As the mansion breathes, hidden secrets lay within its walls. Survival depends on your own sanity. Always remember time can either be a friend or an enemy.
  • Heavy Cargo - The Truck Simulator: Transport oversized cargo in a variety of diverse missions in Heavy Cargo. Thanks to the 175 Km² open world and the officially licensed vehicles, you get an authentic experience from the perspective of heavy cargo transport!
  • I’ll Be Brave Tomorrow: A first-person narrative adventure game, telling the story of a sick child playing a 2D platformer. This game is in support of Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity!
  • Lost In The Open: An unexpected assassination plot leaves you wounded and fleeing across no man's land. To survive in this roguelike, low-fantasy tactical RPG, you must recruit strategically, fight desperately and repent sincerely.
  • Maid Cafe on Electric Street: Maid Cafe on Electric Street is a leisurely maid cafe adventure set in the otaku haven of Nipponbashi, Osaka.
  • Mini Settlers: Mini Settlers is a minimalistic city builder! Settle islands, construct cities, and design efficient logistic networks to fulfill your buildings' needs and fuel population growth to adventure into new worlds.
  • Mira and the Legend of the Djinns: An epic 2D pixel art style Metroidvania, inspired by Moroccan culture and spiritual traditions. Wield powerful ancient weapons and forge your way through unrelenting deserts, crumbling necropoli, floating islands and dangerous mountains as you try to uncover the secret of the last Djinn.
  • Moon Mystery: Moon's haunted. Really. Figure out what happened there, unravel its mysteries, and uncover why we really raced to land on its surface in 1969. Fill up on oxygen, load up your guns, and set out on a celestial FPS investigation that starts on the Moon and leads across the universe.
  • Mythwrecked: Ambrosia Island: You’re shipwrecked on a lost mythical island. As backpacker Alex, you must befriend the forgotten gods of Greek mythology and restore their memories. Explore the dynamic island and its story sandbox to build new friendships, solve the mystery and save the gods.
  • NanoApostle: NanoApostle is a dark sci-fi boss rush action game featuring intense reaction-based combat and the unique "Destruction Point" system. Play as Anita, a child augmented with lethal nanomachines, as she battles against twisted cybernetic experiments to escape a top-secret facility.
  • Night Slashers: Remake: Night Slashers is a pulse-pounding, horror-themed beat 'em up game, in a nightmarish world filled with bloodthirsty creatures and unspeakable horrors.
  • Ova Magica: Stardew Valley meets Pokémon! Experience a wholesome JRPG-farm game inspired by the classics! Train cute blob creatures, take care of your farm and make friends with the people of Clover Town.
  • Over The Top WWI: Over The Top: WWI brings brutal real-time third and first-person combat set in the First World War. Arm yourself with a diverse arsenal, including rifles, artillery, and even tanks, as you navigate the mud-soaked battlefields of the Great War.
  • Pinball Spire: Action adventure meets pinball in this one-of-a-kind pinballvania adventure. When a mysterious spire appears from thin air, it's up to an intrepid pinball to bump, spin, shoot, and flip its way to the top and solve the tower’s mysteries!
  • Rune Bender VR: Rune Bender is a fast-paced single player rogue-like VR Wave-Shooter in which players fight against monster waves from Slavic mythology to protect the shrine of the god “Veles”. Draw runes to cast spells of different elements and shoot them wisely against "Perun" the mad god of thunder.
  • Sacre Bleu: A bullet-time action-platformer with revolutionary flair. Hack n’ slash your way out of la Bastille, blasting yourself through the air in graceful bullet-time aerial battles on a quest to save all of France!
  • Screw Drivers: Crazy physics and high-speed races! Craft vehicles cleverly by combining building blocks and mechanical parts to create powerful drivetrains. Unlock new parts, race for the gold, and challenge your friends in multiplayer.
  • Shell Runner: 2045. Life's never been cheaper. Shells mean you can come back if you have money. You used to. Now you're on the bottom in a cyberpunk sprawl. Claw your way back up through wet work as a Shell Runner, in a PvE extraction looter shooter, where a gig can make you rich - or broke.
  • Sol Cesto (UPDATED Demo): Sol Cesto is a tactical and frenetic roguelite in which you have to master your luck. Choose a hero and reach the bottom of a random dungeon. In this grim world, every action has consequences...
  • Soulkin: In Soulkin, the fate of the world rests in your hands. Play as Nadia, a heroine summoned by the planet’s soul to rescue Ankiril from impending corruption. Use her unique ability to collect and empower the soulkins to engage in strategic, turn-based battles on a hex grid in this roguelite adventure.
  • SUPER BATTLE POLYCARS: Hop into the driver's seat in this modern old-school vehicle combat game! Fight for victory alongside your teammates in our Massive Online Vehicle Arena to put your driving skills to the test or spawn into Arena Deathmatch! DRIVE the fastest, DESTROY the competition, and DOMINATE.
  • Super Farming Boy: Your farm is under attack! Fly, harvest, grow crops & whack enemies with your shape-shifting one-button superpowers as you seek revenge from your evil nemesis, Korpo, who has captured your mom & friends! An action-puzzle farming sim featuring chain reactions and combos.
  • Tails of Iron 2: Whiskers of Winter: Embark upon a vast, snow-ravaged kingdom in Tails of Iron 2, sequel to the critically acclaimed action-RPG. As Arlo, heir to the Warden of the Wastes, adventure through harsh northern lands, home to giant beasts and ragtag bandits, in an epic quest to overcome an ancient, blood-starved evil.
  • Tavern Talk: A cozy visual novel about running a tavern in a D&D-inspired fantasy! Gather rumors, serve magical drinks, and meet adventurers on a life-changing quest.
  • Terrorformer TD : Terrorformer TD is a tower defense roguelite with a procedurally generated map that YOU shape! Raise or lower tiles, divert enemy paths and funnel monsters into perfectly designed killzones. Randomly drawn cards result in plenty of run variety, as you seek to survive against the terrors of the void.
  • The Alters: Explore an emotional sci-fi game that features a unique blend of adventure, survival, and base-building elements. Play as Jan Dolski, a simple worker who creates alternative versions of himself in a desperate attempt to escape from a planet where even sun rays can prove deadly.
  • The Crimson Diamond: Follow amateur geologist and reluctant detective Nancy Maple to the ghost town of Crimson, Ontario to investigate the discovery of a massive diamond in this retro-inspired, EGA text parser mystery adventure!
  • The Land of the Magnates: An epic adventure of love, betrayal, and sacrifice awaits, rooted in Middle Eastern myths and legends! As Shahbaz, a disgraced prince, travel across magical realms, defeat minions of darkness with the magic of your sitar, and reclaim your throne, bringing the light back to the Land of the Sun.
  • The Spell Brigade: The Spell Brigade is an online co-op survivors-like for 1-4 players. Team up with your wizard friends to slay hordes of dark creatures. Complete team-based objectives, unlock new upgrades and create overpowered spell synergies. Friend nor foe is safe in this friendly fire bullet hell!
  • Tiny Bookshop: Leave everything behind and open a tiny bookshop by the sea in this cozy narrative management game. Stock your tiny bookshop with different books and items, set up shop in scenic locations, and run your cozy second-hand bookshop while getting to know the locals.
  • To Pixelia: Meet the Pixelians and discover the ultimate life simulator in To Pixelia. As you climb your career ladder of choice, step into the world of politics, art, sports, music, and even crime. Live your dream life in pixels!
  • Tormenture: A disturbing, pixelated game inspired by classic games. Solve puzzles, explore surreal worlds and escape from ghosts to avoid being trapped in the game - be careful, some creatures may break out of the game and lurk in the shadows!
  • Uncle Chop's Rocket Shop: Come on down to Uncle Chop’s Rocket Shop, for all your roguelite spaceship repair simulation needs! WARNING: Untested genre not suitable for people with tentacles for arms or an aversion to dying horrifically. Side effects include improved reading comprehension under pressure and a furry fetish.
  • WHAT THE CAR?: An absurdly silly adventure full of racing, laughs, and unexpected surprises. Roll, sprint, jump, fly and sneeze your way to victory on the racetrack and beyond!
  • Weyrdlets: Weyrdlets is a virtual pet game that harmonizes relaxation with productivity. Collect adorable items, customize your pet and its home, and bring your loving companion to your desktop to boost real-life tasks, enriching your daily routine with a touch of joy and motivation!
  • Yaoling: Mythical Journey: Yaoling: Mythical Journey is a creature collecting Eastern fantasy RPG featuring an world filled with rich stories and unique Yaolings. Tasked to uncover a mysterious evil, you embark on a journey with your Yaolings, forming new friendships, engage in intense battles, and face countless challenges!
  • Yars Rising: From the renowned development studio WayForward Technologies, Inc. (Shantae, River City Girls, Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp) comes Yars Rising, a 2D action adventure exploration of one of Atari’s richest, and best known classic titles.
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