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July 2024

Visions Of Mana

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X
Genre: RPG/Action
Publisher: Square Enix
Release Date: Summer 2024

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'Visions Of Mana' Comes To PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S And PC In August, Pre-Orders Available Now - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on June 12, 2024 @ 9:15 a.m. PDT

Visions Of Mana is the first mainline installment in the Mana series in over 15 years and returns to its action-RPG roots for an expansive, vibrant adventure across a semi-open field.

Visions of Mana will return to the series action-RPG roots and take players on a new adventure with protagonist Val, a soul guard assigned to protect his childhood friend, who has been chosen by the Faerie as the Alm of Fire to travel to the Tree of Mana and rejuvenate the mana flow.

Once every four years, the Faerie visits regions of the world to choose alms - people who are fated to travel to the Tree of Mana, which presides over the world’s vital flow of mana. Val invites his childhood friend to a festival to welcome the visitor, but as the night falls, the sky lights up with sparkling lights and the Faerie chooses her as the alm.

With the blessings of his village, Val sets out on a journey to accompany his friend to the Tree of Mana as her soul guard.

Your journey in Visions of Mana will take you across an expansive semi-open field that you can explore smoothly. The series’ themes of nature and the elemental aspects of mana are captured through the stunningly detailed environments and vibrant, colorful graphics.

These vast areas are packed with secrets to discover and enemies to battle, from fan-favorite staples like Rabites to brand-new monsters. As is tradition for the Mana series, the party-based combat is real-time and fast-paced, with lots of strategic depth - you’ll have to watch your enemies and your environment to prevail in these thrilling skirmishes.

The new trailer reveals new playable characters and gameplay features that players will encounter on their exciting journey.

The new trailer introduces new characters Palamena and Julei who Val and Hinna befriend on their journey through the vast world to reach the Tree of Mana. In Visions of Mana, players will be able to build their own three-person dream team while in battle, switching between the five playable characters, Val, Careena, Morley, Palamena, and Julei with supporting companions, Ramcoh, Aesh and Hinna assisting from the side. 

The new trailer provides a closer look at some of the latest gameplay features, including the Elemental Vessels, the mystical artifacts that house the power of the elements within them. Players can use the Elemental Vessels to change classes and gain new abilities during battles. With each character possessing their own specific class for each Elemental Vessel, players can customise their team line up to enjoy a flexible, fast-paced fighting style. Visions of Mana also sees the return of the series staple in-battle Ring Menu, allowing players to pause combat and plan out their next move. Elemental triggers can also be found throughout the vibrant world and used to unlock new places to explore and find hidden items on the map. 

SQUARE ENIX® also shared details for the digital Standard Edition and Digital Deluxe Edition of Visions of Mana which are available to pre-order* now for the PlayStation®5 (PS5®) and PlayStation®4 (PS4®), Xbox Series X|S, Microsoft Store and PC via STEAM ®. Players who pre-order either the digital Standard Edition or the Digital Deluxe Edition will receive in-game item “Brave Blade” weapon for Val as a pre-order bonus**. Additionally, players who purchase either the digital Standard Edition or the Digital Deluxe Edition before Sept. 30, 2024 will also receive the following in-game items as early purchase bonuses***: “Guardian Garment” outfit for Val, as well as a “Starter Pack”, a set of items that can be used to boost the amount of experience points and lucre earned for a fixed amount of time.   

  • Digital:  

    • Standard Edition 
    • Digital Deluxe Edition – Includes Mana Superstars Costume Set, Mana Series BGM Bundle and 24 hours Early Access**** 
      • Digital Deluxe Upgrade – Can be purchased to upgrade previously purchased digital Standard Edition, adding Digital Deluxe Edition contents 
      • Players who purchased Physical Standard Edition can obtain the same content as the “Digital Deluxe Upgrade” by purchasing the “Mana Superstars Costume Set” and “Mana Series BGM Bundle,” sold separately. 

A physical Standard  Edition is also available to pre-order now for PS5, PS4***** and Xbox Series X|S. Players can also look forward to a physical Collector’s Edition, available to pre-order now exclusively from the Square Enix Store for PS5, PS4*****, Xbox Series X|S. Players who pre-order*** either the physical Standard Edition or the Collector’s Edition will receive the “Guardian Garment” outfit and “Starter Pack” as a pre-order bonus.  

  • Physical:  

    • Standard Edition 
    • Collector’s Edition – Includes Ramcoh Plush, ART of MANA SPECIAL ISSUE (Art Book), Visions of Mana Original Soundtrack Collector’s Edition Special Box

Since the series’ debut in 1991 as Final Fantasy Adventure, a spin-off of the Final Fantasy seriesMana games have immersed players in bright vibrant worlds, breathtaking environments, heartwarming characters and high fantasy storylines across many genres and platforms. Fans of the series can expect new designs of the series’ beloved creatures from Mana series Illustrator Airi Yoshioka and a new captivating musical score composed by Mana series composers Hiroki Kikuta, Tsuyoshi Sekito and Ryo Yamazaki.

Visions Of Mana is coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC (Steam) on August 29, 2024.

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