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Farthest Frontier

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Developer: Crate Entertainment
Release Date: 2023

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'Farthest Frontier' In Final Stages Of Early Access Development, Details v1.0 Roadmap

by Rainier on June 25, 2024 @ 9:58 a.m. PDT

Farthest Frontier is a town-builder/strategy game where you protect and guide your people as you forge a town from untamed wilderness at the edge of the known world.

invites players to protect and guide a small band of settlers to forge a town at the edge of the known world.

From harvesting raw materials to hunting, fishing and farming to survive, building a thriving homestead will be fraught with challenge. Players will need to produce crafted items to trade, consume, equip and fight as you battle for survival against the elements and outside threats.

With a vast array of materials and crops to harvest, dozens of unique buildings to expand your town with and a deep farming system - right down to soil fertility and seasonal rotations - the depth of Farthest Frontier is vast. Whether you choose to play on pacifist and avoid combat altogether or engage with varying levels of raider difficulty to raise the stakes for your town’s survival, enemies you'll face aren't always from raiders and foreign armies seeking plunder.

Ensuring your villagers have clean water to stop outbreaks of dysentery and cholera while making sure they are properly clothed to reduce chances of contracting tetanus, rabies or frostbite is key to survival. Failure to manage their needs and secure food properly will see disease creep into your settlement.

Offering beautiful fully customizable maps with randomized terrain generation and resource distribution, players are free to control the amount of water or mountains they desire for extreme maps, leading to unique challenges.

Farthest Frontier has shared a roadmap leading up to its full release.

Since launching into Steam Early Access, the game has sold over 1 million copies, amassed over 1.5 million wishlists, and garnered thousands of Very Positive reviews on Steam. This roadmap outlines the exciting major features players can expect on the path to its 1.0 launch. During the Steam Summer Sale, there will be a 20% discount on Farthest Frontier, so there’s never been a better time to jump into the game before it heads out of Early Access.

Farthest Frontier is currently in Early Access, and the developers have revealed a brand new roadmap to give players an idea of the major features and improvements still planned for the game’s 1.0 launch. These updates include significant performance gains, new mechanics, balance adjustments, and quality-of-life enhancements.

Roadmap Notes:

v0.9.3: Expect significantly improved performance in the game's first (but not last) optimization update!

  • Major optimization improvements, with internal tests showing up to 100% improved framerates in settlements with over 2,000 villagers 
  • Rebalanced the pace of the game for a more relaxed experience at 1x speed.
  • Increased desirability and entertainment radius for more flexible town planning
  • New combat controls, including easier military company selection, improved archer AI, and a new Retreat to Garrison button.

v0.9.4: Reach new heights in the tier 5 housing update!

  • Upgrade your Shelters to awe-inspiring manors and elevate your town's grandeur.
  • Upgrade the bakery to a prestigious pastry shop and fulfill your people's desires for new luxuries.

v0.9.5: Expand your horizons in the gameplay and quality-of-life update!

  • Navigate your settlement and the surrounding wilderness as you prepare for incoming raiders with the new minimap.
  • Expertly manage your farms with a dedicated Crop Summary window.
  • Be rewarded for exploration by exploiting lost salvage sites.

v0.9.6: Take control of the game and bring your town to life in the simulation update!

  • Villagers will have voice lines and spend their well-deserved downtime relaxing and interacting with your town, making it feel more alive. Say goodbye to mindless wandering!
  • Craft your ideal gameplay experience with an overhauled custom game mode, where you get to decide exactly how you want to play!

v1.0: Achieve ultimate victory in the Tech Tree update!

  • The Tech Tree will vastly expand your options when tailoring your settlement however you desire, allowing you to optimize your production, agriculture, and military as you see fit. 
  • Become the victor with new (optional) victory conditions. Leave your mark on the frontier with magnificent monuments!

Key Features

  • Harvest, Grow, Craft - Harvest 14 different raw materials from wood, stone and clay, to metal ores, wild herbs, and honey. Grow 17 types of food, including forage items, fish and game, plus 10 food crops, each with different characteristics. Produce 32 crafted items and materials in a multi—tiered economy.
  • Build and Advance - Construct 50 different types of buildings as you grow your town from a fledgling settlement to a bustling city. Your town center and housing will advance through multiple building tiers as the prosperity and desirability of your town increases. Upgrade production buildings to increase efficiency and enable production of more advanced items.
  • Most Detailed Farming System Ever - Strategically select from 10 crops with unique growing characteristics and configure crop rotations to maintain soil fertility, avoid heat and frost damage, and prevent the accumulation of diseases. Cultivate your fields over time, removing weeds and rocks, raising fertility and adjusting soil mixture to achieve maximum crop production to keep your growing population fed.
  • Advanced Town Simulation - Villagers actively live their lives and perform their jobs in real time. Watch as villagers carry goods across town from remote work-sites to be processed into materials and crafted into items. See foods and goods delivered to homes, the trade post or stored for later use. Develop roads, transport wagons and improve storage methods to facilitate the efficient movement of goods through your town and prevent spoilage.
  • Randomly Generated Maps - Farthest Frontier is highly replayable and no game is ever quite the same with beautiful, completely randomized terrain generation and resource distribution. Controls allow players to specify the amount of water or mountains they desire, with extreme maps leading to unique challenges.
  • Idyllic to Brutal - Customizable difficulty options allow players to turn off features like invaders and disease, for a more tranquil experience or max out difficulty to truly test their town-builder prowess.
  • Environmental Interaction - Develop your economy based on which resources are locally abundant and produce items for trade to acquire that which you lack. Erect fencing to keep deer away from crop fields and stop bears from raiding food storage. Manage tree cover to prevent underground water supplies from drying up. Balance the need to clear land for agriculture around vital natural resources like wild growing medicinal plants and forage items.
  • All Them Old-Timey Diseases! - Ensure your villagers have clean water to stop outbreaks of dysentery and cholera. Collect berries and plant greens to avoid scurvy and ensure a healthy diet. Make sure villagers are properly shoed and clothed to reduce chances of contracting tetanus, rabies or frostbite. Build a healer’s house to quarantine the infected and provide herbs and medicine for treatment. Manage rodent populations by collecting waste, securely storing food and employing rat catchers to ward off the feared bubonic plague.
  • Fend Off Would-Be Invaders - Choose to play on pacifist and avoid combat altogether or engage with varying levels of raider difficulty to raise the stakes for your town’s survival. Progress from wood palisades to stone walls, build towers and barracks, recruit and equip soldiers in the defense of your town as rising prosperity attracts the attention of raiders and foreign armies seeking plunder.

Farthest Frontier is in development for PC (Steam), scheduled for 2023.

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