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NDS Review - 'Lunar Knights'

by Rusty Bailey on Feb. 23, 2007 @ 2:01 a.m. PST | Filed under Reviews

Descend into the gothic world of Lunar Knights and take control of two adventurers on a quest to rid their world of evil. One hero is guided by the moon and uses swords to dispatch his opponents, while the other is powered by the sun and takes on the forces of evil using his firearms. Together they must explore their land, improve their skills, solve puzzles, and uncover the mystery of the dark force that opposes them.

Wii Review - 'Metal Slug Anthology'

by Rusty Bailey on Jan. 1, 2007 @ 5:59 a.m. PST | Filed under Reviews

To gamers worldwide, the METAL SLUG franchise is known as one of the greatest action arcade series of all time. First introduced in 1996, METAL SLUG and its sequels have achieved massive popularity with arcade gamers due to the series' highly detailed animations, impressive backdrops, and consistent sense of humor. This will be a full arcade collection including many additional surprises.

PS2 Review - 'Cartoon Network Racing'

by Rusty Bailey on Dec. 26, 2006 @ 5:00 a.m. PST | Filed under Reviews

Cartoon Network Racing pits your favorite characters from Cartoon Network's original shows in a Kart Racing tournament against each other. Race with characters from The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Laboratory, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Cow and Chicken, I.M. Weasel, and Johnny Bravo.

Wii Review - 'Call of Duty 3'

by Rusty Bailey on Dec. 21, 2006 @ 1:13 a.m. PST | Filed under Reviews

Call of Duty 3 is a WWII FPS that, through a seamless narrative, delivers the rush of unrelenting battle and breathtaking action. Assume the roles of four ordinary Allied soldiers—American, British, Canadian and Polish—and are thrust onto an authentic, living battlefield for an unprecedented variety of combat.

PS2 Review - 'Tony Hawk's Project 8'

by Rusty Bailey on Dec. 7, 2006 @ 4:27 a.m. PST | Filed under Reviews

Tony Hawk’s Project 8 immerses players in the definitive skateboarding experience using ultra-realistic graphics, enhanced physics and extremely responsive controls that simulate the feeling of skating with every trick and bail.

PS2 Review - 'Guitar Hero II'

by Rusty Bailey on Nov. 16, 2006 @ 2:32 a.m. PST | Filed under Reviews

Guitar Hero II is the follow-up to 2005's award-winning Guitar Hero and will offer a new track list, new venues, and more features and multiplayer modes.

PS2 Review - 'Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories'

by Rusty Bailey on Sept. 19, 2006 @ 12:53 a.m. PDT | Filed under Reviews

Disgaea 2 incorporates some of the same features it did in the original to retain its "Do anything & try everything" heritage while making radical innovations that include suggestions from game fans.

NGC/PS2 Review - 'One Piece: Grand Adventure'

by Rusty Bailey on Sept. 3, 2006 @ 12:12 a.m. PDT | Filed under Reviews

Join Monkey D. Luffy in the chaotic battles we have come to expect from the Strawhat crew, but this time with even more adventures featuring an additional game-play mode and mini-game filled quests. Create ruthless pirate gangs by teaming up with the likes of Chaser and Buggy the Clown, and search for treasure in over 20 ocean maps.

PS2 Review - 'Barnyard'

by Rusty Bailey on Aug. 29, 2006 @ 3:43 a.m. PDT | Filed under Reviews

The Barnyard video game depicts what life is like for animals once the farmer is away. Players will be able to interact with all of their favorite characters from the movie while trying to prove they have what it takes to be the biggest party animal of them all.

PS2 Review - 'Cars'

by Rusty Bailey on June 29, 2006 @ 12:38 a.m. PDT | Filed under Reviews

Race to the finish line as you live all the fun and excitement of Disney/Pixar Cars. Play as all your favorite characters as you help Lightning McQueen capture the coveted Piston Cup Championship.