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Day of Defeat Beta 3.1 released!

by Thomas on Aug. 7, 2002 @ 9:23 p.m. PDT | Filed under News

The Day of Defeat team is proud to bring you Beta 3.1 at this time. Find out more and download it it from the official site here!

'NFL Fever 2003' Kicks Off New Season on Xbox

by Thomas on Aug. 7, 2002 @ 8:42 p.m. PDT | Filed under News

While pro football players are working up a sweat getting ready for the upcoming season, football video game fans are developing a certain "fever" in anticipation of the newest release for the Xbox video game system from Microsoft Corp. "NFL Fever 2003" hits store shelves this week, and like all great sports franchises, this one made significant improvements during the off-season.

1914 - The Great War Site

by Thomas on Aug. 7, 2002 @ 7:24 p.m. PDT | Filed under News

JoWood Productions today launched the official site for their 3D turn-based strategy game, 1914 - The Great War. Check out screens, artwork and some new trailers on this new site here!

XIII - New Screens

by Rainier on Aug. 7, 2002 @ 7:11 p.m. PDT | Filed under News

XIII is a conspiracy ridden FPS title featuring cel-shaded graphics and unique flashback visuals. XIII is a completely interactive graphic novel that creates a visually stunning effect unique to the action genre. XIII will appear on the PlayStation2, GameCube, the Xbox and PC. Expected Q1 2003. Check these 12 lovely new screens!

Asylum - Exclusive Screens

by Rainier on Aug. 7, 2002 @ 7:07 p.m. PDT | Filed under News

Asylum features stunning graphics, real world physics featuring moveable, breakable scenery and a Ragdoll sytem which makes shotgun blasting your enemies more satisfying than ever before. Our Characters movement uses our New Skeletal Logic System, making them move and react to their surroundings more realistic than ever before seen. Check out 4 brand new screens taken from the area .. Njoy

'US Open 2002' Goes Gold!

by Rainier on Aug. 7, 2002 @ 6:43 p.m. PDT | Filed under News

Strategy First announced today that its upcoming Tennis Simulation game for the PC, US OPEN 2002 has gone gold.

BANDITS site is live!

by Thomas on Aug. 7, 2002 @ 6:19 p.m. PDT | Filed under News

GRIN Inc ( developers of Ballistics "PC/Arcade", BANDITS "PC" & Vultures "Xbox" ) let us know that the official site for their upcoming action game, Bandits, is now live! On this site you can find out all about the BANDITS world, screens, music, character presentations and more.

'New World Order' - Screens

by Thomas on Aug. 7, 2002 @ 4:41 p.m. PDT | Filed under News

Yesterday Project Three announced the release of the New World Order public multiplayer beta-test version 2.0, that is a much-improved version of the original public MP beta-test, which was released at June 1st. Today we installed the game and fired of some screens from the single player mode, just to show you how good looking this game is " i'm looking forward for the final *G* ". (new screens "multiplayer" will be posted as soon we get the DirectPlay 8.2 beta from MS, that will be released later on today) More info about the DirectPlay 8.2 Beta here, grab the demo here and read more below for the screens!

CDV Major Update With Screens And More

by Thomas on Aug. 7, 2002 @ 4:31 p.m. PDT | Filed under News

Today CDV updated several sites from upcoming titles with screens and much more.. Check out the links below!

  • Grom - the Baddies: Having introduced you to the Goodies, Grom's companions, you'll now get to know the Baddies, Grom's enemies! More about it

  • Resist the Breed - brand new screens: The organised, terrestrial resistance against the Breed has been forced to take it's operations underground. More about it.

  • Combat Mission 2 - Preview Screens: The American Developers,, have excelled themselves! Combat Mission 2, CDV's new strategy game, is already at the preview stage. More about it

  • Project Nomads: CDV´s fascinating 3D-action-adventure Project Nomads guides you to a fantastic isle-world, made up from planet-fragments. More about it

  • American Conquest Screens and demo: The self-running demo, which is finally online, offers not only "jaw-dropping" graphics, but also a little foretaste on the next epic RTS title. More about it

  • Divine Divinity, queen of the summer: A sigh of silent admiration, yes adoration goes through the crowd: She's here, Divine Divinity, queen of the summer! More about it

Doom II Soon to Hit Game Boy Advance

by Thomas on Aug. 7, 2002 @ 12:33 p.m. PDT | Filed under News

Confirmation from Id that they are indeed doing a GBA version... The ultimate battle is in the palm of gamers' hands with the development of id Software's DOOM II for the Game Boy Advance. Published by Activision, Inc., the game is a joint development effort by id Software and Torus Games, and follows the epic saga of one marine against the demon hordes of hell with non-stop action, terrifying enemies, fluid graphics, and outstanding multiplayer carnage.

Star Trek - Elite Force 2 New Screens

by Thomas on Aug. 7, 2002 @ 10:39 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

Star Trek Elite Force II marks the return of multiplayer Holomatch. Similar to the original game, Star Trek Elite Force II offers several multiplayer modes including modes found in the Elite Force Expansion Pack, but with new features and weapons like the Klingon Bat’Leth. Multiplayer modes include Holomatch, Capture The Flag, and Team Holomatch.

Blade 2 (PS2/XB) New Screenshots

by Thomas on Aug. 7, 2002 @ 10:22 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

Blade II for the PlayStation2 computer entertainment system and Xbox video game system from Microsoft is the only action/adventure combat-fest that allows players to be Blade, the half-vampire, half-human superhero who lives to rid the world of vampires. Armed with an arsenal of deadly weapons and over-the-top martial arts moves, players must stop the vampire underworld from farming humans for their souls. 8 new screens below!

QuakeCon 2002 Countdown!

by Thomas on Aug. 7, 2002 @ 9:55 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

The countdown has started for the World's Premier Multiplayer Gaming Event. On August 15 QuakeCon invades Mesquite, TX, home of id Software, and unleashes 4 days of pure gaming bliss including: - ATI's $100,000 Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Quake III Arena Championships.. - Special presentation of DOOM III in the unbelievable DOOM III theater from E3.. - Trick jumping exhibitions and competitions from VIA Mainboard.. - Over 5,500 square feet of exhibits including ATI's "Chill Lounge," Activision's latest game demonstrations, Aspyr's Apple Computer display and VIA's cutting edge hardware, and much more.. For the latest news, information, and announcements, please visit the official website at!

Grendel's Revenge Goes Gold

by Thomas on Aug. 7, 2002 @ 9:49 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

Skotos Tech Inc. and Worlds Apart Productions, developers of innovative prose-based computer games, have officially released their newest game, Grendel's Revenge, after several months of beta testing. Now you can join the world of Uthgol as a regular player, taking the role of one of dozens of different races of monsters in the fight against the scourge of humanity.

Nintendo GameCube Mega Screen Gallery

by Thomas on Aug. 7, 2002 @ 9:05 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

Morning folks.. I'll start my shift today with a bunch of GameCube screens (82) from following games.. Five pucka new NHL 2003 shots. 11 Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse screens. Be the life and soul of any party with these 12 Mario Party 4 screens. Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet 19 furry screenshots. A Sonic Mega Collection of 16 nostaliga-tinged grabs. The Legend of Zelda 19 screens. Njoy!

IronStorm - New Screens

by Rainier on Aug. 7, 2002 @ 7:53 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

The gameplay in IronStorm combines shoot’em-up, action and reflection.The player undertakes an infiltration mission and must possess combat skills as well as stealth if he is to survive as he penetrates behind enemy lines.Depending on the circumstances, the player can choose between first and third person views.The player must pass through 6 worlds in a Germany ripped apart by the front line: the Friedrich line (the Western front), the Anton Denikin line (the Russo-Mongol front), the “Tzar Ivan” armoured train, Wolfenburg (an enemy-occupied town), the Mad Baron’s heavy water factory and the Reichstag in Berlin.

'Dungeon Siege' Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Aug. 7, 2002 @ 7:28 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

After an extensive beta testing period, Gas Powered Games has now released the official version 1.1 patch for Dungeon Siege, their 3D action role-playing game. The v1.1 mainly has some game improvements, bug fixes and a few other things .. read more for links and detailed fixed list.

BioWare Corp. To Develop Two New Original Games

by Rainier on Aug. 7, 2002 @ 7:08 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

BioWare Corp. today announced that they are working on two new games, both roleplaying games based on two new intellectual properties, created and owned by BioWare. The first of the two un-named titles in production is being developed for the Xbox, the second for the PC.

Hercules Presents 'Gamesurround Fortissimo III 7.1'

by Rainier on Aug. 7, 2002 @ 7:01 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

The Gamesurround Fortissimo III is Hercules's latest soundcard especially aimed at gamers and DVD fans. It sports various and significant changes over the Fortissimo III. Read more for technical details and more interesting news ....

'EverQuest' On Mac Homepage Goes Live!!

by Rainier on Aug. 7, 2002 @ 5:42 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

Sony Online Entertainment announced on July 17th, 2002, that the world's most successful massively multiplayer online role playing game, EverQuest, will be coming to the Mac in Spring 2003. In anticipation of this landmark event, EQ on Mac will have a dedicated web presence with development updates, FAQs, and interviews. You can reach the 'EverQuest' Macintosh site HERE.

Thrustmaster Presents The 'Scuderia Ferrari Gamepad' (PS2)

by Rainier on Aug. 7, 2002 @ 5:41 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

Especially for the victories of Michael Schumacher in his Ferrari, Thrustmaster comes out with a special Scuderia Gamepad for PS2. "We don't do it for the thrill of the danger. We do it for the thrill of speed sensation, being with the limit." Michael Schumacher on race-car driving. Check out how it will look!

The Thing - Screens Gallery

by Rainier on Aug. 7, 2002 @ 5:18 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

"A sequel to Universal Studios' and John Carpenter's 1982 cult-classic horror film "The Thing," the video game picks up where the movie left off and features an all-new cast of characters. The player becomes Blake, a military squad captain sent into the frozen Antarctic to investigate the mysterious disappearance of an American scientific expedition. As fast as scuttling alien beasts, the questions arise: Is Blake a trustworthy leader? Are his fellow soldiers on his side? Or have they been infected by The Thing?" Today we snapped an odd 50 or so screens for you to enjoy. Stay tuned for more!

Colin Mcrea Rally 3 'Service Area' - Screens

by Rainier on Aug. 7, 2002 @ 4:55 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

At the heart of Colin McRae Rally 3 is its championship gameplay and the gritty reality of rally racing. Between the adrenaline of driving the world’s toughest courses, the game seamlessly blends stage starts, checkpoints and the checkered flag, but no race would be complete without the service areas.

'Chessmaster 9000' Goes Gold

by Rainier on Aug. 7, 2002 @ 4:18 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

Ubi Soft Entertainment's Chessmaster 9000 for the PC, the newest installment of the world-renowned Chessmaster franchise has gone gold.