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'Syberia II' - Officially Announced

by Rainier on Feb. 13, 2003 @ 7:36 p.m. PST | Filed under News

Everybody knew it. But today, Microïds wanted to make it official. Syberia II, the sequel of the 2002 Adventure Game of The year, is currently in development at the developer/publisher Montreal-based studios. Microïds is also excited to release today the first images, screenshots and artworks, of Syberia II. The game will be released in the Fall of 2003.

'Dynasty Warriors 4' (PS2) Includes New J-POP Single

by Rainier on Feb. 13, 2003 @ 7:20 p.m. PST | Filed under News

KOEI announced today that the Yuki Koyanagi single, “Cross Colors”, would appear in Dynasty Warriors 4. Koyanagi re-recorded the song in English for the game’s closing credits. Current hot commodity on the “J-Pop”, or Japanese pop music scene, Yuki Koyanagi, established herself alongside reigning J-Pop divas Utada Hikaru and Ayumi Hamazaki with a string of top ten hits. The soulful songstress with the powerful and dynamic voice continued her run at the top, in 2002 when she recorded, “intimacy” an album with Nathan Morris and Shawn Stockman of BOYZ II MEN. A sample of the song, “Cross Colors”, can be found in Windows Media and Real Player formats at:

'Blitzkrieg' - English Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on Feb. 13, 2003 @ 6:43 p.m. PST | Filed under News

From the publishers of Sudden Strike, Blitzkrieg is the fine art of strategy, but with more finesse! Dissect your enemy with surgical precision, halt the enemy's advance and maintain your offensive momentum. Prove your tactical skills in the various historical campaigns during WWII commanding German, Soviet or Allied troops."Attack is the best form of defence". Last week we had the german demo and as expected we now have the English version available. Read more for download links ...

'Indiana Jones &he Emperor's Tomb' (Xbox) Goes Gold

by Rainier on Feb. 13, 2003 @ 6:32 p.m. PST | Filed under News

LucasArts is pleased to announce that Indiana Jones® and the Emperor's Tomb for Xbox has been approved for manufacturing and will be in stores February 25th! Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb features The Collective's proprietary 3D engine that supports completely immersive, highly interactive environments. The game will offer 10 levels, all set in unique locales such as a 15th century castle that looms over Prague, an underwater palace in Istanbul, and a mountaintop fortress in China. A sophisticated camera tracking system makes sure that the player always has an optimal view of the third-person action. Stay tuned for reviews soon ...

'Burnout 2: Point of Impact' (Xbox/NGC) - Screens

by Rainier on Feb. 13, 2003 @ 12:57 p.m. PST | Filed under News

The sequel to Burnout, which was originally launched in November 2001 to universal acclaim from media and consumers alike, Burnout 2: Point of Impact delivers an incredibly fast and high-action driving experience, with vastly improved gameplay, new game options and bigger, better and more insane crash carnage. Burnout 2: Point of Impact boasts larger tracks, fully tuned-up custom motors and all-new thrilling crashes. Reckless driving is rewarded with an improved Burnout meter: take to the air, slide through corners or swerve to avoid a near head-on collision to fill the meter before unleashing an adrenalin fuelled speed boost. A new points system allows you to unlock challenges and modes throughout the game. Developed by Criterion Games, Burnout 2: Point of Impact includes modes such as ‘Pursuit’, which allows drivers to race a police car in hot pursuit of opponents whilst attempting to ram them off the road. The brand new “Crash” mode allows drivers to perform the most insane crashes and incredible pile-ups ever seen in a video game. serving up, 30 screens for each platform .. Njoy!

'Tropico 2: Pirate Cove' - Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on Feb. 13, 2003 @ 12:03 p.m. PST | Filed under News

Shiver me timbers! "Tropico 2: Pirate Cove" is the sequel to the publisher's top-selling Caribbean simulation, "Tropico." Set on a hidden pirate island and starring some of history's scurviest sea dogs, the game is scheduled to ship this fall. Strap on your boots, and get ready for the "Tropico 2: Pirate Cove" beta demo. This demo allows you to play through two full scenarios (the previous beta demo only had 1 limited scenario) allowing you will cruise, raid, kidnap, and explore. Read more for details and download links ...

Video Game Pioneer 'Atari' Sinks & Drowns

by Rainier on Feb. 13, 2003 @ 11:46 a.m. PST | Filed under News

The last studio linked to the iconic video game company is winding down its operations this month. More than a hundred employees are losing their jobs. Some of these staffers date back to Atari's heyday in the 1970s. One employee worked on Atari's second game, Tank. Parent company Midway Games, which bought Atari's arcade division in 1996, said the downsizing is necessary to cut costs.

'Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin' - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Feb. 13, 2003 @ 11:43 a.m. PST | Filed under News

A few days after released the v1.02 patch for the US version of Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin, now CDV has released the Euro patch (but its quite a big bigger). This patch includes 17 new and improved vehicle and gun models, refinements to several commands and further tweaks to the fatigue and moral systems. Added Features include a new "pure armor" Quick Battle force type which will only allow "armor" units to be purchased plus dozens of unit and weapon/armor data updates and bug fixes. Read more for download links and detailed fix list ...

'Ultimate Baseball Online' Scores Big with Alpha Testers

by Rainier on Feb. 13, 2003 @ 11:04 a.m. PST | Filed under News

Netamin Corporation reported today that over 1,200 gamers registered and requested to take part in the initial alpha testing for Ultimate Baseball Online. The first pitch of the opening game was thrown February 7, 2003 and the testing will continue through March 1, 2003.

'Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne' - Beta Test Signups Announced

by Rainier on Feb. 13, 2003 @ 10:45 a.m. PST | Filed under News

Beginning Friday morning, February 14th, individuals will have the opportunity to log on to the beta signup page right here, and register for their chance to be one of 10,000 players chosen to play-test Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. These players will be the first to experience the new Expansion to Warcraft® III: Reign of Chaos. Read more for details!

'Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six : Raven Shield' Goes Gold

by Rainier on Feb. 13, 2003 @ 10:30 a.m. PST | Filed under News

Ubi Soft Entertainment announced today that the third installment of it's best-selling Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Series, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield has reached gold master status. The Rainbow Six series is one of the most popular action series on the PC, having sold almost 7 million copies worldwide to date.

'Interstellar Trader 2' Goes Gold - Demo Released!

by Thomas on Feb. 13, 2003 @ 10:28 a.m. PST | Filed under News

Shrapnel Games announced today that Stormcloud Creations' Interstellar Trader 2 has gone Gold. The game should be ready to ship in Early March.. More about it below!

'Black 9' (PC/XB) Announced - Screens

by Thomas on Feb. 13, 2003 @ 9:51 a.m. PST | Filed under News

Intense character development meets tactical action game play, as Majesco today announced Black 9 for the personal computer and Xbox video game system from Microsoft. Scheduled for release in fall 2003, Black9 is being developed by Taldren, the studio behind the award-winning Starfleet Command series.

'Backyard Wrestling' (XB) - Screens

by Thomas on Feb. 13, 2003 @ 9:28 a.m. PST | Filed under News

Earlier today we posted up the announcement and the first 5 screens from the PS2 version of Backyard Wrestling for PlayStation 2 and Xbox. Now we bring you 5 Xbox screens, Njoy!

'Prince of Qin Online' Beta Test

by Thomas on Feb. 13, 2003 @ 8:21 a.m. PST | Filed under News

Prince of Qin Online is set in a time where chaos reigned and injustice prevailed in the almighty Qin Empire. An era where the good suffered while the evil enjoyed tremendous power, where the rightful crown prince was denied of his throne and forced to be on the run. You are empowered to seek justice and right the wrong, to fight the evil, rise above the occasion and emerge as a hero! Sign up for free beta test here!

Infinite Frontiers Brings Old Software To A New Audience

by Thomas on Feb. 13, 2003 @ 8:16 a.m. PST | Filed under News

The non-profit making science fiction and gaming organisation, Infinite Frontiers, is now pleased to announce a major expansion to their software downloads section covering a range of platforms including the PC and Amiga... Dozens of 8- and 16-bit games available for download, with the original authors' blessing. (And, for what it's worth, ours too.)

'Centre Court: Hard Hitter 2' (ALL) - Screens

by Thomas on Feb. 13, 2003 @ 8:12 a.m. PST | Filed under News

Hard Hitter 2 builds on the success of the original with improved ball physics, more stylish animated graphics and a host of new one and two player options. Guide your chosen player through a whole series of world-wide competitions. Earn ranking points and prize money throughout the tournament year, or simply create your own unique character, for a more personal challenge. Add to this a series of crazy mini-games and lots of multi-player options and you can see why this game a must for all tennis fans... 11 smashing screenshots below!

'The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker' (NGC) 250,000 US Pre-Orders

by Thomas on Feb. 13, 2003 @ 8:04 a.m. PST | Filed under News

On Feb. 16th, Nintendo of America Inc. kicks off the official pre-sell program for the eagerly awaited Nintendo GameCube game, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.. Already, more than 250,000 gamers have reserved their copy of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker before the official pre-sell program has even started.

'Mr. Golf' (PS2) - Features & Screens

by Thomas on Feb. 13, 2003 @ 8:01 a.m. PST | Filed under News

Mr. Golf brings all the intricacies and challenges of golf to the Playstation 2 format and through a revolutionary swing control method can rightly claim to be as realistic an experience as you can get. Read more for features and screens!

'Project Entropia' Version Update Golden

by Thomas on Feb. 13, 2003 @ 6:42 a.m. PST | Filed under News

The virtual universe of Project Entropia has gone gold with the release of its latest version update 4.2. The implementation has brought exciting new features into the ever-evolving universe of PE as well as several technical updates. Read more for the highlights.

'Dark Age of Camelot: Shrouded Isles' - Updated Press Release

by Thomas on Feb. 13, 2003 @ 6:39 a.m. PST | Filed under News

The first official add-on for the massively multiplayer game Dark Age of Camelot, titled Dark Age of Camelot: Shrouded Isles.. This add-on, developed by Mythic Entertainment, will be published and operated by Wanadoo, and will allow European players to log-on the English, French or German servers of Dark Age of Camelot (2 servers for England, 3 for France and 4 for Germany).

'Pro Beach Soccer' (PC/CONSOLE) - Story & Features

by Thomas on Feb. 13, 2003 @ 6:32 a.m. PST | Filed under News

Pro Beach Soccer is a fun, arcade game featuring cool-looking players, spectacular moves, laser shows and DJs playing hot tunes, set in the unique and exotic atmosphere of stadiums from Rio to Dubai. Beach soccer originated in Brazil and is a spectacular sport played on sand - which gives it a different dimension to standard football. Aimed at both football and arcade game fans, Pro Beach Soccer combines a wide variety of acrobatic feats with a light and sound extravaganza. In Pro Beach Soccer, the athletes and spectators create a unique vibe packed with action, sun and music.

'American Conquest' Goodies Up For Grabs This Friday

by Thomas on Feb. 13, 2003 @ 6:27 a.m. PST | Filed under News

CDV Software Entertainment is asking gamers to make love AND war this Valentine's Day, through a series of radio competitions in which listeners can win replica antique duelling pistols. The competitions will be held on Friday 14th February and have been placed to celebrate the day's release of American Conquest – the latest real-time strategy epic from Cossacks developer GSC Game World. Listeners will have the opportunity to win a duelling pistol and a copy of the game on across the country local radio stations from Forth FM in the north to BBC Radio Devon in the South West. These competitions will be broadcast throughout the day, so gamers keen to get their hands on the game and replica pistols will need to keep their ears 'peeled'.

'IGI 2: Covert Strike' - New Single Player Demo Available NOW

by Thomas on Feb. 13, 2003 @ 6:24 a.m. PST | Filed under News

Launching next Friday, February 21, IGI 2: Covert Strike's dramatic and deadly action can be experienced today with the launch of all-new and explosive playable demo. This standalone PC demo is now available for download.. Find out more below!

MindArk And Telia Strike A Deal For 'Project Entropia'

by Thomas on Feb. 13, 2003 @ 6:20 a.m. PST | Filed under News

Telia, one of Europe's largest telecom and Internet providers, and MindArk, the creators of Project Entropia, have entered into an agreement where Telia provides MindArk with access to the Internet backbone at various locations around the world. In addition to Internet backbone access, Telia provides server-hosting services for servers to be used for Project Entropia. Project Entropia is a three dimensional virtual universe available to download free of charge..

'Piglet's BIG Game' Coming To PS2 & NGC

by Thomas on Feb. 13, 2003 @ 6:13 a.m. PST | Filed under News

Gotham Games, a publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. announced today that it has signed an agreement with Disney Interactive to publish Piglet's BIG Game. The agreement with Disney Interactive will bring some of Disney's most beloved characters, including Winnie the Pooh, Piglet and Tigger, onto the PlayStation2 computer entertainment system and Nintendo GameCube this Spring.

'The Sims Superstar' Announced - Screens

by Thomas on Feb. 13, 2003 @ 6:11 a.m. PST | Filed under News

Electronic Arts today announced plans to release this May The Sims Superstar, a new expansion pack to the top-selling PC game of all time, The Sims. Players can now realize their fantasies of fame and fortune as they pursue the dream of being a Rock Star, Movie Star or a Supermodel and live the lifestyle of a celebrity. All new gameplay, new social interactions and a whole new in-game destination offer players an all access pass to the world of superstardom. In The Sims Superstar, The Sims are ready for their close up.

'Backyard Wrestling' (PS2/XB) Announced - Screens

by Thomas on Feb. 13, 2003 @ 3:25 a.m. PST | Filed under News

Eidos Interactive, one of the world's leading publishers and developers of entertainment software, announces Backyard Wrestling for PlayStation 2 and Xbox. Backyard Wrestling is being developed by Paradox and will be released this summer. The game is based on the best-selling Backyard Wrestling video series that has become a worldwide phenomenon selling millions of copies of VHS tapes and DVDs in addition to successful pay per view events...

'Mistmare' Release Scheduled For March 2003

by Thomas on Feb. 13, 2003 @ 3:08 a.m. PST | Filed under News

ARXEL TRIBE is proud to announce that the upcoming adventure RPG MISTMARE has reached Release Candidate status. The game is now entering the last phase of tests and shall reach final manufacturing green light before the end of February. Release of MISTMARE throughout the world is therefore scheduled for the end of March 2003. Developed on Lithtech's JUPITER engine (NOLF2) by Sinister Systems and Arxel Tribe, MISTMARE features a solid scenario, splendid graphics and more than 60 hours of gameplay.

'Platoon' - Walkthrough

by Thomas on Feb. 13, 2003 @ 1:48 a.m. PST | Filed under News

If you want to make your trip into the Vietnam jungle a little easier, then you should check out this Platoon walkthrough. It is divided into three sections: Walkthrough, General Tips and Tricks, and Tips on Using Your Heroes/Units. It also includes a screenshot pack "5.47mb" that contains images for every mission of the game, to help guide you as you read the walkthrough. Contains 83 screenshots, including full-screen maps of each level.

The GOLD Master

by Thomas on Feb. 13, 2003 @ 1:03 a.m. PST | Filed under News

During the development process a game goes through several steps from initial design to alpha, beta and then finally to the Gold Master stage. Strategy First tossed up some nice reading about how a CD gets from their computers onto the retail shelves and hopefully onto your computers. Go check it out!

'Nexagon: Deathmatch' A Look Behind The Scenes

by Thomas on Feb. 13, 2003 @ 12:53 a.m. PST | Filed under News

Nexagon: Deathmatch is a fast paced action packed game of mortal arena combat emphasizing small unit tactics and featuring character and fortress building in a high stakes blood sport... Now Strategy First posted up a sneak peek at their upcoming Real-Time Tactical hit, Nexagon: Deathmatch, from the developers’ eyes. Take a look inside Producer Jay Podilchuk’s diary.

FaitH’s Era III Gets 'Suprising' New Game Features

by Thomas on Feb. 13, 2003 @ 12:48 a.m. PST | Filed under News

So, you’ve been playing the Dragon Claw Studio’s innovative and highly graphic web-based role-playing and strategy game for the past 6 months? You’ve had fun but felt that something was missing? All your soul-searching hasn’t led to any clear path? Rest your weary eyes and look no further...FaitH’s Era III has implemented changes and new features that will rock your world..! Read more for full pressrelease!

Daily Dose Of Boring Q&As

by Thomas on Feb. 13, 2003 @ 12:39 a.m. PST | Filed under News

'Backyard Baseball' (NGC) - Screens

by Rainier on Feb. 13, 2003 @ 12:34 a.m. PST | Filed under News

The roar of the crowd. The warm summer air. The dirt on your pants. Backyard Baseball brings the excitement of summer ball games to the GameCube – with all new 3D graphics! Catch all the great baseball excitement with the Backyard Kids and real pro baseball players as kids. Pick your team, position players and choose a field to play on for single games or an entire season. Choose from all 30 MLB teams or create your own winning line-up with custom team names and uniforms. It’s the chance of a lifetime to play with the pros right in your own backyard!

'Empire of Magic' - Game Story & Key Features

by Thomas on Feb. 13, 2003 @ 12:19 a.m. PST | Filed under News

Turn-based magic moments from the life of Artemian, a budding mage... Sharpen your swords and gather up enough magic power because in the end of this summer a strategic delicacy arrives - Empire of Magic... Read more for game story and key features!