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Various Game Trailers #432

by Judy on Feb. 9, 2005 @ 6:55 p.m. PST | Filed under News

Another day, another batch of game trailers were released. Instead of giving them all their own posts, we grouped them, and so far there are trailers for :

  • 7 Sins - Trailer
  • The House of the Dead III - Trailer
  • GTR: The Ultimate Racing Game - Trailer #6
  • The Matrix Online - Trailers (3)
  • MX vs. ATV Unleashed - Trailer
  • Sudeki [PC] - Trailer
  • Unreal Championship 2 - Raiden Trailer

Ubisoft Brings 'Lumines' (PSP) To North America - Screens

by Judy on Feb. 9, 2005 @ 6:42 p.m. PST | Filed under News

Ubisoft announced that it has signed an exclusive agreement with Bandai to publish Lumines for the PSP. The critically acclaimed music and luminary action puzzle Lumines is slated for release in the United States in March 2005. Read more for details and screens ...

'The Sims 2 University' - Screens

by Judy on Feb. 9, 2005 @ 6:36 p.m. PST | Filed under News

The Sims 2 University is the first expansion pack for the highly-acclaimed The Sims 2, giving players of The Sims 2 the ability to watch their Sims become young adults and put childhood behind them as they settle into an all-new college town to live out their ultimate college fantasy. The Sims 2 University also celebrate Valentine's Day...

NovaLogic Launches 'Joint Operations' Boot Camp Server

by Judy on Feb. 9, 2005 @ 6:30 p.m. PST | Filed under News

NovaLogic today announced the introduction of ‘Boot Camp’ stat based games on their NovaWorld game servers to further increase the playability of Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising and the expansion pack Joint Ops: Escalation for new gamers to the franchise. Similar to ‘Newbie’ zones in MMORPG’s, ‘Boot Camp’ games will allow new players to gain experience and get familiar with the way the game is played, without being easy targets for more experienced players.

'Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars' - Screens

by Judy on Feb. 9, 2005 @ 3:47 p.m. PST | Filed under News

Cossacks: Napoleonic Wars returns one of the most successful strategy games of the past years to the real-time battlefield - with reinforcements: Meet Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France and probably the most ingenious strategist in European history! Enter the battle on the side of one of 10 great European nations and rewrite European history in six exciting campaigns. In case the 60+ screens from yesterday weren't enough, here is another 13..

'Star Wars: Republic Commando' (Xbox/PC) Goes Gold

by Judy on Feb. 9, 2005 @ 2:58 p.m. PST | Filed under News

Star Wars: Republic Commando is a squad-based first-person shooter that lets you explore the elite world of the Star Wars military. Leading a 3-man squad of Republic Commandos, your missions take you deep behind enemy lines on over 14 intense and challenging levels through three different campaigns where you will face more than ten brutal enemies. LucasArts has announced that Star Wars: Republic Commando has gone gold and is expected in stores March 1, 2005 (and a few days later in Europe).

Atari Shuts Down Studios While 'Dragonshard' And 'Boiling Point' Get Delayed

by Judy on Feb. 9, 2005 @ 1:50 p.m. PST | Filed under News

Right after its financial results last year, Atari shut down Unreal 2 developer Legend Ent., and a few months later Deer Hunter powerhouse WizardWorks was next. This year is not looking any different as Atari revealed its still dropping financial results and to no surprise, decided to close down its publishing studios in Santa Monica, CA and Beverly, MA, and moving the functions handled by those studios to Atari's HQ in New York. On top of that the results also reveal that Liquid's Dragonshard and Deep Shadows' Boiling Point have been delayed until fiscal 2006, anywhere between April 2005, all the way to March 2006. We tried to contact Atari for comments but so far no replies.

'Shining Tears' (PS2) - Screens

by Judy on Feb. 9, 2005 @ 12:48 p.m. PST | Filed under News

Whereas its prequels offered first-person role-playing and strategy role-playing experiences (respectively), Shining Tears is an action role-playing game, featuring real-time battles and cooperative multiplayer game options. Read more to check out 40+ new screens ...

'Still Life' (Xbox/PC) - Screens

by Judy on Feb. 9, 2005 @ 12:33 p.m. PST | Filed under News

Still Life lets you play the role of FBI agent Victoria McPherson. Situated in Chicago, you are on the heels of a serial killer, much like your grandfather did 60 years earlier in Prague (Microids' Post Mortem). By means of flashbacks and timewarps, you will travel to locations like Eastern Europe to interrogate suspects, or North America, to scrutinize dead bodies.

'RPM Tuning' - Demo Available NOW

by Judy on Feb. 9, 2005 @ 11:19 a.m. PST | Filed under News

Pointsoft has released a demo for Babylon's street racing game RPM Tuning, giving speed freaks a chance to try out 2 QuickRace tracks (Beach Race and Downtown Cup 3), or try your luck with 2 Adventure mode missions, with 3 available cars. Read more for download links ...

'Hunting Unlimited 3' - v1.2 Update Patch Available NOW

by Judy on Feb. 9, 2005 @ 10:17 a.m. PST | Filed under News

Valusoft has released the first patch for SCS Software's latest hunting game Hunting Unlimited 3. This update brings you retail game to v1.2 and fixes visibility problems. Read more for details and download links ...

Climax Secures Funding For MMOG Engine

by Judy on Feb. 9, 2005 @ 10:08 a.m. PST | Filed under News

As part of its ongoing support for the games industry EM Media is delighted to announce the funding of a substantial development in conjunction with Climax's Online studio based in Nottingham. The development will consist of a slate of games based on Climax's Massive Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) engine Leviathan.

Ubisoft Announces New Nintendo DS Titles

by Judy on Feb. 9, 2005 @ 9:35 a.m. PST | Filed under News

Ubisoft today reveals three additional titles currently in development for the Nintendo DS.

  • Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (spring 2005)
  • King Kong (holiday season 2005)
  • Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory

'Hidden Stroke II' Gets UK Release Date - Screens

by Judy on Feb. 9, 2005 @ 9:21 a.m. PST | Filed under News

With Hidden Stroke II, the Allied Power Team created a rousing sequel of Hidden Stroke. The completely new designed damage system and many new features are waiting for the fan of strategy. Further new units are ready for action in new thrilling campaigns and missions. Cities and coasts aren't safe - The war has begun.

Tecmo Sues Hackers for Violation of Intellectual Property

by Judy on Feb. 9, 2005 @ 9:17 a.m. PST | Filed under News

Tecmo announced today that they have commenced a lawsuit in federal court in Chicago against the members of an Internet message board dedicated to hacking some of the most popular video games available, including Tecmo's Ninja Gaiden, Dead or Alive 3, Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball and Dead or Alive Ultimate.

'Tycoon City: New York' Announced

by Judy on Feb. 9, 2005 @ 9:11 a.m. PST | Filed under News

Atari announced today that Tycoon City: New York, a PC game that challenges players to "make it big" in Manhattan, is in development and scheduled to ship during the Holiday 2005 season. In Tycoon City: New York, players become moguls by constructing and customizing hundreds of businesses and famous landmarks anywhere and anyway they want in a bustling simulation of New York City. Players must create and improve their businesses to outclass the competition, and become rich and famous in New York City.

'NBA Street Vol3' (NGC/PS2/Xbox) Dunks Into Retail

by Judy on Feb. 9, 2005 @ 9:06 a.m. PST | Filed under News

Electronic Arts announced today that NBA Street Vol3 has shipped to retailers nationwide and is available in stores under the EA SPORTS BIG brand. The game was developed in Vancouver, B.C., by EA Canada, the studio that also is home to the industry-leading NBA Live and NCAA March Madness basketball videogame franchises.

'Spellforce: Shadow of the Phoenix' - Screens

by Judy on Feb. 9, 2005 @ 9:04 a.m. PST | Filed under News

Spellforce: Shadow of the Phoenix, scheduled for a February 18 release, will feature two new units and buildings, as well as allowing you to further upgrade your heros to level 50. An all new singleplayer campaign will be added, but also 25 new multiplayer maps, 15 of which are dedicated to coop play (a feature which was added in the previous Breath Of Winter expansion). Read more for new screens ...

'GTR - FIA GT Racing Simulation' Goes Gold and Gets Release Date

by Judy on Feb. 9, 2005 @ 8:54 a.m. PST | Filed under News

The gold master production of GTR's international version is finished and the game will appear on the shelves in Europe in four weeks, March 11, 2005. Publisher 10tacle studios and developer Simbin Development Team are proud to present the additional content of this version in motion pictures and once again demonstrate the outstanding quality of the game and the endeavour to the community needs.

'Painkiller: Black Edition' Announced

by Judy on Feb. 9, 2005 @ 8:51 a.m. PST | Filed under News

DreamCatcher Games today announced that it will launch Painkiller: Black Edition, a limited edition package for its best selling franchise Painkiller on DVD ROM. Available in March 2005, the special DVD set will include both the award winning original version and its expansion pack "Battle out of Hell" in a collector's box. This Special Edition will feature high quality packaging and each copy is uniquely numbered.

'Doom 3' (Xbox) And 'Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil' Set for Early April

by Judy on Feb. 9, 2005 @ 8:47 a.m. PST | Filed under News

id Software and Activision today confirmed the week of April 4 as the worldwide release of never-ending evil, with the arrivals of both Doom 3 for the Xbox and Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil, the official PC expansion pack to one of the scariest games ever created.

'Crime Life: Gang Wars' (PS2/Xbox/PC) Announced - Screens & Trailer

by Judy on Feb. 9, 2005 @ 3:28 a.m. PST | Filed under News

Konami of Europe announced Crime Life: Gang Wars, a free roaming crime based beat em up. Mixing action and strategy elements within a gritty, detailed storyline to explore modern-day urban gang culture, the player is cast as a small-time homie who must work their way through the ranks to become a gang leader. Read more to check out the first screens and ingame trailer...

'Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition' (PS2/Xbox) - Screens

by Judy on Feb. 9, 2005 @ 2:27 a.m. PST | Filed under News

Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition is the quintessential racing game for any true aficionado of the automotive and racing lifestyle. Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition is the only game to offer a full range of street vehicle culture including over 50 fully customizable licensed vehicles. The full spectrum includes import tuners, motorcycles and luxury rides all of which are fully customizable in both style and performance.

'Sudeki' - Screens

by Judy on Feb. 9, 2005 @ 2:16 a.m. PST | Filed under News

ZOO Digital Publishing is pleased to announce signing of the PC version of RPG, Sudeki. Currently undergoing the latter stages of development, the game will be released at the End of March 2005. Already released on Xbox, the PC version of Sudeki remains faithful to the original's acclaimed gameplay, but takes the adventure to an even greater level with improved visuals and richer sound.

A Closer Look at the 'PSP'

by Eric on Feb. 9, 2005 @ 2:11 a.m. PST | Filed under News

March 24 is the day a lot of North American gamers are already looking forward to, as Sony will then unleash its PSP handheld. Of course we did not want to wait that long and decided to import ourselves a PSP so we could put it to the test. Namco's Ridge Racer was a launch title in Japan thus we also took it for some laps. Read more for our in depth report on how well, or not at all, it plays ...

PC Review - 'Scrapland'

by Alanix on Feb. 9, 2005 @ 1:42 a.m. PST | Filed under Reviews

Scrapland is an action game. In third-person, the player controls D-Tritus when he goes on foot and his gunship when he pilots on Chimera streets. The player, by hacking into the GDB, can transform himself into 15 different characters, acquiring then the special ability of every one of them. The player can also drive any gunship he finds and can create his own collection of unique gunships, freely combining pieces he finds aboard the ship.

'Brigade E5: New Jagged Union' - Screens

by Judy on Feb. 9, 2005 @ 12:55 a.m. PST | Filed under News

Brigade E5: New Jagged Union is a tactical turn-based game. The scene of action is a small country called Palinero somewhere in the tropics. Recently a coup d'etat has happened in the country and civil war is about to break out. The main character of the game has to hire a band of mercenaries and take control of the situation. Read more for new screens ...

Daily Dose Of Boring Q&As

by Judy on Feb. 9, 2005 @ 12:52 a.m. PST | Filed under News

'Tomorrow's War' Revealed - Screens

by Judy on Feb. 9, 2005 @ 12:25 a.m. PST | Filed under News

1C announced today that it has signed an agreement with Crioland to develop a new game based on Russian sci-fi writer Alexander Zorich's trilogy. Tomorrow's War is a space simulator set in the 27th century where you play the role of a military space academy cadet. Read more for the first screens...